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welcome to TV golf and keeping up with the jones' Pretty much every superintendents nightmare ^^^^^^
Labor day has come and gone cool nights ahead!!
maybe the syringed the greens earlier who knows
If the person is using it as a spray indicator the chemical being sprayed dictates what you do with it. say your were spraying a fungicide that has to dry on the plant like daconile. you wouldnt be able to "hose it off". usually the dye dries pretty quick unless there is a heavy dew or the alike
yeah it could be this. also many new chemicals civitas is one that has a pigment dye that is a activator. there are also turf sunsceens that are colored as well. I have used the above in the past and they work great.
Yeah the only thing that has a chance is if some poa seeds ended up in there. I would consider the nursurey green it wouldnt cost that much. you only need 6 inches of top mix since you are not putting in any cups.   
those plugs really spread and healed great! you guys building a big nursery yet?
I cant begin to tell you how many members have tried this. when they actually do it they didnt realize the cost and time to maintain it. After a year they all gave up. not to sound like a negative nelly but do yourself a favour and go synthetic. Pencross has been a stand by for along time but there are many better varieties out there like T-1, L-93 or any of the A series 
not 100% positive but I think your homeowners insurance will cover it. samr thing happened to a friend of mine and his covered it.
mother nature can be a fickle bitch sometimes thats for sure
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