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a lot of times designers use bunkering to frame a hole and provide visual interest and sometimes they use them for aiming points. as for ponds and no mow areas in front of tees it is what it is. 
I am well aware of this. I have been a golf course supt. for 25 years. here is the article where that quote Mr Davis made. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-courses/golf-travel/2012-05/golf-in-australia-geoff-shackelford.
yeah different agronomic conditions play a huge role for sure. fond it interesting when Mr Davis said "They're a little bit like golfers in the U.K. in the sense that they just don't overdo their maintenance, and the expectations of golfers aren't quite as high in terms of having perfect wall-to-wall conditions, which directly is reflected in the cost to play the game,"
interesting read Erik. good find
keep em off the collars and tee boxs
repeate after me.. fungicides and fans are my friends lol. Good job they look really good.
welcome to TV golf and keeping up with the jones' Pretty much every superintendents nightmare ^^^^^^
Labor day has come and gone cool nights ahead!!
maybe the syringed the greens earlier who knows
If the person is using it as a spray indicator the chemical being sprayed dictates what you do with it. say your were spraying a fungicide that has to dry on the plant like daconile. you wouldnt be able to "hose it off". usually the dye dries pretty quick unless there is a heavy dew or the alike
New Posts  All Forums: