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if they are trying to restore the layout to original then cut the trees that were added. it can be a tough sell as many people have a love affair with any and all trees.
ya i would say bent must be struggling this time of year
those rollers are wacky to drive lol
If you are getting good recovery from what you have done so far. I wouldnt sprig yet
so are you going to try some in house spriging
trust me when I say economics have caused all superintendents to do and not do what they want or think is right
I am not to familar with southern turf. Is it hot enough to germinate bermuda yet?
I am not positive but I remember seeing somewhere a bushel for every 100 sqft
Dont they have a machine you could run over the putting green that would produce sprigs? I wonder if you could do a deep verti-cut to get sprigs
lol blame the superintendent. First of we dont know what strain of bermuda they had to begin with. Older strains can be less hardy than the new ones. I am guessing the went with bent to get fast germination because it wasnt warm enough for bermuda. Correct me if I am wrong ms256. Mother nature is a fickle bitch at time and no superintendent of the amount of money will change that just look at all the damage up here in the Northeast.
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