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ha ha so true
i am well aware of what a unfair pin is. I typed it kind of as a joke because people complain about unfair pins that are not really unfair just fast.
This ^^  You know how people post here about unfair pin placements. Imagine those placement 3 to 4 feet faster and those bad ones you complain about at your course are flat for Augusta
I have been to Augusta, as others here have. my take is anyone a 10 or above has no chance breaking 110. a 5-9 might break 100 if they play out of there butt. 4 or below might break 90. This would be playing the same set up as the pros. normal member set up is a different story.
Just some FYI If you play on a weekend in june shining rock will cost around $80 including cart which is mandatory. week ends get pretty busy there and play can be awful slow.
not sure where you are going with this
they own another course so they are making the other superintendent ( he has been with the company from the start) try to do both. the owners and gm have been cutting budgets alot . shity part is niether one of them need the money.
its not my club anymore owners wanted my salary for themselves. but they are opening this weekend not sure what the rate will be.
just snow cover isnt usually a problem. bent usually can survive winter. turf under ice for 90 days can reek havoc due to no gas exchange. poa is pron to this. all turf can be damaged by crown hydration (ie rain hydrates the crown then it freezes)
Fact is sometimes you need to use " bad" positions to let the good ones heal. many factors go into pin selection ie slope, size speed of green. It gets hard especiallly on old greens that are not ment to be stimping at 10+. my first course was built in 1925. green speeds then were 5 or 6 max. with todays speed some of those greens have only 3 good spots.
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