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I'm going into my sophomore year of high school and I'm going to be trying out for my high school golf team. Try outs are in 3 days and I'm really nervous about them, I don't want to go out there and tense up and just play bad. Do you guys/girls have any good tips to calm nerves?
I'm looking for a some new wedges since mine are getting worn out. What's the nicest wedges that are out right now for a decent price? Which ones have good control? Thanks
Since you have been only golfing for a few months I would get the Adams set until your game gets to be really good. Then, you should start upgrading piece by piece.
I don't think he will die. I know this is the last season, but there is going some crazy ending that will most certainly shock some people.
I have the Stage two 3-wood and I haven't tried the original, so there could be a difference or there could not. I would test the clubs and hit them side by side.
I have golfed with a guy who used this bag with a push cart. From my knowledge it should fit just fine on a push cart. You could always ask Callaway if it is a reasonable size for a push cart.
Will you be buying a complete set? Irons, Drivers, woods, wedges? You can buy a complete set at dicks sporting goods for around $350.
Not that much. It depends if you have the grouped really close. It's a nice bag.
I have that same exact bag and its really nice. It's lite and has good room to put all your clubs, balls, tee's, etc.... I highly recommend the bag.
Most reasons people slice the ball with their driver is that they are not squaring the club face at impact. If you hit a draw with your irons and hybrids ( I do that same thing ) and if you want to cure it you could place your back right foot a little more forward in your stance. Good luck!
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