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It sounds really scary!  So you hit it left instead of right, right?
how are the shanks fixed in just a few days?
Thanks for the insight.  Appreciate your help, really.  My husband is really upset about the whole thing, but we both think you posted a great picture:) LOL
But how do you swing through the fear?
My husband has the shanks.  He is miserable.  He can go to the range and hit them straight, but as soon as he goes to the course, the dreaded shanks reappear.  It's all he thinks about--especially since he has his annual golf tournament coming up in August.  I know it's mental, but I don't know what to say or do to help him through this.  (I play golf too, so I know what a difficult, demanding, frustrating game it can be).  Any suggestions on how to fix your mind to get...
New Posts  All Forums: