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  This.  This by far is the most annoying thing about golf.  I can deal with players throwing clubs and acting like fools on the course but listening to these idiots yell 'Get it in the hole' on a 500 yrd+ par 5 is just flat stupid...shut the hell up, please and thank you :)   As for who I dislike...I really don't like Sergio.  This has nothing to do with his comments about/to Tiger...I just cannot stand his whining and complaining or anything else for that matter. 
I agree.  I've never hit back at anyone...but I'll gladly accept a free ball (if its of quality)!
Courses here are far too busy in the afternoon for someone to stop for longer than about 5 minutes.  I play in the mornings and usually stop for water at the turn and have time for food if I wanted.   
Playing at 6:30am...got the tourney set up on the DVR for later!
I feel your pain...I always seem to have my best rounds when I am alone.  Luckily for me I rarely get paired with others.  I seem to be more in that 'zone' if you will.  But when I play with my dad (no one my age enjoys playing golf at the hour I do) I seem to fall off big time...Personally, a lot of it has to do with the side conversations, competition, pressure.  I do find it rather *convenient* that my best rounds are when I am alone :)
This thread intrigued me to post...I am just under a 20 handicap but have only been playing for about 3 years. I felt my drives (when straight) were very close to if not over 300 yrds. I never really put much thought into how far I actually hit the ball on average until this thread so I went to my home course's range to see. I was surprised to see that I average about 230-240 (not sure where I am with roll etc factored in). I know for sure I have put some out there at...
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