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Jessie Ortiz has developed a new driver for the bobby jones company. It follows the same cues as the players series, but has more of a triangular shape. It comes out in about 2 weeks. Also, he developed 2 new hybrids (17*, 35*) to go along with the already award winning set of hybrids (19, 21, 25, 30). In addition, there will be a BJ wedge set coming out as well, and let me tell you, having hit one of these bad boys, BJ might be giving the vokey a run for its money.
neudi did you play at the publinx at stone ridge? or did they have a site down nearer to dayton?
For about 5 years I played without a single wood in my bag. Im a decently long hitter, but totally inaccurate with a wood in my hand. I dropped the wood, picked up a driving iron and some hybrids and begun to really work on my long irons, approach, short game and especially skilled shots (under trees, long bunker shots, buried lies). I got my handicap down near single digits and decided to pick the woods back up. Now that I have become semi-consistant with a wood, and...
no way no how... those of you who dont swear by the new nxt extremes, or for lower handicappers the nxt tours... you dont know what your missing. The solidness and yardage of a rock, with an extremely soft shell and spin comparable to the pro V... for half the cost? you guys are out of your minds if you dont play these.
pretty similar for me as well. Short 98 yard par 3 down hill. Off the tee the ball hit the side of the cup leaving a pitch mark actually around the brim of the cup. My friend wouldnt give me the 1.5 footer for birdie, and then I missed it.
In my personal experience: Callaway: Much less forgiving, a tournament player club, very low handicap. Workable, VERY playable for fades and draws. More advance of a driver while... Taylormade: Overal better. Not as long, but much, much more forgiving. Harder to work, but the ball just goes straight. I used to spray my callaway 315 yds, left right backward... everywhere. Switched to the superquad, and although I may only get it out there 300 on a good...
The company I work for represents the super stroke too (we represent momentus, bobby jones, skycaddie, medicus, f2, never compromise, super stroke... basically all the comercials you see on the golf channel). Although I have heard wonders about it, i never really had a whole lot of wrist action to begin with so I never found a use for it. I go for the softer the better, thats why I love the rife grips. Im thinking about putting a red rife grip on my odyseey, but that...
I work for guerin rife as a part time job right now, and the island putters are amazing. They are so light, and the grips... oh the grips... they feel so good. Definitely gets the ball rolling forward faster than any putter I have seen... they cant get me to switch though I love my Dfx no 2 way too much.
I currently swing a superquad (not a TP, im cheap), but im thinking about moving to the CGB4, that thing looks amazing. Has anyone seen the new burner Irons? i had a chance to swing them at dicks the other day and they might be my next investment.
I played the wannamaker in august and thought it was just a brilliant course. Comparable to kiawah island course, just a little more swampy.
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