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Didn't know that range balls dropped quicker, that really explains to me why I'm hitting to around the 150 flag on the range with the same club I use for 160-170 on the course.   I've noticed on the range that the longer my clubs go, the distances get a lot closer with the range balls--on the range it feels like a flushed 4 iron goes roughly the same distance as my 2 hybrid and 4 wood--something I never feel on the course. Anyone else get that problem?
  Didn't emb the video, so reposting... I do notice I still retain some of the old flaws but I'm on the road to fixing them!
So many great suggestions! I just wanted to let you guys all know I took all of your collective advice and it's worked wonders--I shot under 90 twice these past 2 weeks because of my new accuracy, a big milestone for me! While I still have a wider stance, still cock the wrist a bit and I do not feel comfortable without a 90* left foot (all things I am still trying to work on) I have reduced my swing length to go to parallel and reduced hip turn and usage of the lower...
It's all about swinging fast and following through for me
Thanks res, I've noticed that I have a big backswing but it's hard for me to change it sometimes because I subconsciously I feel like I'm not going to put any power on the ball without it. I'll be sure to the half backswing but still swing aggressively, I should fix it before it gets further ingrained in me.   Also I'll be sure to put up a video of my swing from the other angle too
Thanks for pointing these things out to me Tom! Very very very helpful   I think the power coming from the legs and hips, as well as the wide stance and even foot position, comes from my background as a hockey player but I should do my best to keep my hockey shot and golf swing separate. I see what you mean about the stance, leg movement and over swing all contributing to the knee issue.   I'm going to spend time on the range tomorrow to work on the angles and...
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 Months My current handicap index or average score is: Mid-90s My typical ball flight is: Low Fade/Slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: My fierce slice right   2 things: 1- Recently experienced left knee pain on inside (right side of knee), how do I stop that from happening? 2- Is this a swing I can really grow into a good player with?   Videos:
Hey Jaap, I just started too and I had the same dilemma. I ended up switching from Wilson HyperTi's to Noodles about a month ago simply because I noticed a favorable difference. Before then when I found a nice ball in the trees and I hit it I didn't notice a difference that I felt would really affect me. A month ago I switched to noodles because I felt the difference--they were more responsive, softer and more fun to hit.   Plus Noodles aren't that expensive so I'm...
Thanks guys, I'll get it checked out this afternoon.   About the swing though, should I post a video of my swing to identify what I can tweak to keep this injury from happening again?
First thread! So I started golfing 3 months ago and I have developed a fierce addiction--I've been golfing 4 times a week for the past several weeks and after playing a round of 18 yesterday I noticed some soreness in my left knee, on a ligament on the right (inside) of the knee. I didn't think it was that bad but now I'm even limping around a bit. So my (many) questions:   Has this ever happened to you? Is this common/normal? Will I continue to experience this...
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