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I am a Federal Corrections officer at a maximum penitentiary in Canada.
Looks like a good idea, thanks . I did injure my right hand just before my game went to shit. I couldn't lift weights but it did not hurt when I swung a club at all. Maybe it weakened my grip some. Having said that , I do think that even without an injury I could use more forgiving irons than blades given that when I am prefectly healthy I am still shooting high eighties - low nineties. My best last year was 82 and best ever was 78 (which I shot with a herniated disc in...
Hello ladies and gents, glad to have found this forum ! I am at the end of my rope with my game , particularly my irons. I have always been a very good putter and although not a long hitter , quite accurate off the tee for an eighteeen handicapper. It's the irons that consistently kill me. I may hit nearly every fairway in a round and hit maybe two or three GIR. Miss the green , chip it on and two putt for bogey - round after round , year after year. Earlier this year I...
New Posts  All Forums: