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 Not focusing as much as I should. I play regularly with the same group and I'm typically lowest scorer. I need to put myself in situations where I get my ass kicked more often to get the competitive juices going. 
Bandon Dunes       Old Macdonald    Torrey Pines South Prince Course    Chambers Bay   Prospector (Suncadia Resort)  Cle Ellum, WA
 I would encourage people to call the course after you see a tee time you might be interested in just to see if it is the same rate. If so, avoid the processing fee and just set up a tee time direct.
My best score is a 72. Guess what? It's never good enough. It's like a cat chasing his tail. Now I just want to break 70. When is your score ever good enough? Just enjoy your round of golf, appreciate the good shots of the day, have fun and don't take yourself too seriously. Unless you think your the next Tiger Woods or something.
Freddie Couples. The smoothest swing ever.
I do this all the time. In fact just about every time I'm on vacation in Hawaii or California. My wife doesn't like golf so I get used to being paired up with other groups as a single. 
It's difficult to give feedback without actually seeing the full swing in motion. Perhaps you can see a golf professional. They can take a video of your swing and really break it down for you. Money well spent in my opinion.
Over the years I've tried emulate the swings of different golf pros to help with the mechanics of my own swing. Have you ever hit a really bad shot then tossed a ball on the ground and just stroked a perfect shot. Why couldn't I just do that the first time? It happens all too often for me. I've adopted the Brandt Snedeker routine lately. Just step up and hit the ball before your brain gets too involved and screws it all up. It's doing wonders for my game. How about...
    The Prince Course on Kauai
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