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I am a retired teaching pro. The balls made today no matter what the MFG. claims they will do doesn't make a lot of difference off the tee as far as distance is concerned. If you are looking for 10 extra yards then maybe. If you are looking for 40 to 50 extra yards, probably not. The new balls are made for a higher lauch angle than the old balata balls. 20 years ago, most hitters would hit 8,9 or even 10 degree loft drivers because they wanted the ball to bouce and roll....
I use both styles. The hinge and hold is used by every pro for pitch shots. The putting style is used for chip shots. I use the putting style for any shot from the fringe to about 3 yds. off the green. Hinge and hold anything over that. Most guys that have trouble withe the hinge and hold have a tendency to hold the club to firm and causing a shank or they try to scoop it up and catch the ball to thin. I was taught to have very loose wrist and imagine a dime on the...
Hey All Around the first of July, I ask which ball was best of the tee with a 88 mph swing speed and I appreciate the reponses from all. I went back to a pro and got refitted with a new driver. Increased my speed to an average of 95 mph and about 40 more yards of distance and carry. Didn't have to change brand of balls either!!! Happy Camper Now!!! Thanks again to everyone and their suggestions. Wayne
Many years ago, My teaching pro gave me a video of Ken Venturi's golf lessons. The one thing that has stayed with me was you should always improve you lie where the rules allow it. Use a tee with your irons off the tee box to keep any grass from coming into contact between the ball and club. A lot of people think because irons are mainly used from the fairway where no tee is used that they shouldn't use one from the tee box.
Thanks everyone for all the help. I was able to locate a teaching pro close by. He said he could work it out in a couple visits. He watched me hit several shots this morning and said my mechanics are still good. He thinks it's still more of an equipment issue. Thanks again everyone!!!
Thanks for the help! I'll give those a try. I have used the old age and treachery business with my youngest son for some time now. He is a long ball hitter and I always tell him the most important shot in golf is always the next one!
Being 64 yrs.old, 5'7'' and 135 lbs. are my limitations. lol. I have been playing a Pro v1  mainly because I have a pretty good short game. Yes I have been fitted to my clubs and swing speed tested with several drivers. The Adams was the best of all. Maybe I'm just getting to old. 
I need more distance off the tee. My swing speed is at consistent 88 to 90. I can still work the ball left or right and get the spin I need around the greens. I am willing to give some of this up for more distance. Off the tee I'm only getting around 210 yards total. I'm driving with an Adams Speedline 10.5 degree loft. Any suggestions?
Hey everyone, Wayne here. I come here often just to see what everyone is doing out on the grass. I'm an oldie, 64 and have been playing for over 40 yrs. now. I'm retired and love every minute of it. I retired as a Pedorthist but was for a long time a golf course super and golf course manager before med school. Anyway, thanks for having me and maybe someone out there can help me with my game.
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