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To the original question...Yes I'm tired of hearing about it! Pace of play on most of the courses I play is fine..under 4 hours..most of time under 3 1/2 hours. I also don't really get bothered by how long it takes the pro's to play..meh! Doesn't really effect me too much. There are always gonna be weekends that get backed up..it's gonna happen sometimes. With daylight savings time it's easier than ever to play weekday evening golf. I'm also tired of hearing about "grow...
Playing partners who don't buy enough/any beer and drink mine...lol Paul
OK...back to the waitress being the best way to judge character... While on vacation with my mom, dad and sister. We stopped at a diner to order food and waitress brought our drinks. Mine had a piece of lettuce inside the glass, about half way down. We told the waitress about it and she preceded to stick her finger down the drink and fished out the lettuce....Wasn't going to bring a new drink or glass???  What do ya do....lol Paul
Two things... I average the same distances that the LPGA bracket showed a few posts ago... I'm an 9.6 hdc?? I should watch/listen to them. We have a lot more in common than me and any PGA pro...lol Any LPGA pro would not be able to keep/earn a tour card on the PGA. Thats not a put down, just a veiw/fact until proven different. Paul
I've used myscorecard.com for 3 or 4 years. I think it was a one time 30$ payment. It is a certified hdcp and I just enter my scores and slope/ratings for the courses and it does the rest. I use eqs. on my own but it calculates my eqs for every course I play. Paul
Wow! Good memory, I had forgotten about the sudden death play off after the 18 hole play off. To the OP, I can hit both but notice I score better with a fade. After trying really hard to hit a draw, I developed a hook as my miss. I went back and had to start hitting a fade again, to get rid of it...lol Paul
Golf.....olympics...no thanks.??? I agree if they must include it..amateurs should be included. The pros have enough international competition already..no big deal. paul
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