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I was quoting EXACTLY what he said about me.  If you notice, I haven't made any of this personal.  I have stated my arguments in a manner that at least I believe are accurate, logical and correct.   What I have gotten back is name calling and asked to have my opinion squashed.  Hey this is your site, if you want me to leave say so.  But at least recognize, I believe I am correct just as much as you believe you are correct.  My proof is my experience.  The fact that many...
You see Jimmy, that is the entire point.  What would it cost you by doing that?  You punish the people behind, including yourself instead of addressing the issue which is the group in front not letting people play through.
Jeez Jimmy, what is it you don't comprehend or is it that you just want to be argumentative?   The rule, suggestion or just the decent thing to do is let faster players play through, been that way for a hundred years, still works.  If that makes me a troll so be it.  It works 100% of the time as long as everybody follows the rule, that is a fact. 
It is not cumulative is cost you 5 minutes, nothing else. You will wait 5 minutes on me and never be held up any longer
I disagree.  Sorry.  The rule states faster players to play through.  Doesn't state anything about keeping pace with the group in front of you.  Speed is relative and if left to someone else to judge, it doesn't work.  To me a 4 hour round might be way off pace and slow, to you it might be extremely fast or comfortable  So if I come upon your group, your thought is hey we are playing fast, no reason to let him play through.  That's not the intent of the rule. 
No you aren't  5 of us are on the tee box.  We can all 5 hit or just let me hit.  So just I hit.  Assume I am a decent player, how long does it take me to get to my ball?  2 minutes?  Now I wait for the group to clear the green.  Another 3 minutes??  I hit, I am gone you never see me again.  By the time you hit your tees shots and clear that hole you will come up to the next tee in time to tee off.  No or little waiting and I am long gone.
And that is fine, I don't have any problem agreeing to disagree.  But from experience, I can tell you the time does not accumulate, as you can see in another one of my posts.  I zip right through and only cost each group a couple of minutes. 
NO, they do not, the time does not accumulate.  I am a single and meet up with your foursome on a tee box.  The foursome in front of you just hit their approach shots and are heading to the green.  You let me go through.  I hit go to my ball, wait for the foursome to clear the green and I am gone, you will never see me again. (assuming all groups ahead follow the rule)  By the time you get to your tee shots, you have lost 5 minutes.  In the mean time, I am on the next...
You have the nerve to call me smug.  How many courses have I worked at?  How many have I managed?  You do not know, do you.
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