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Thanks for the share. First time i seem Mac speak about the golf swing. Really dont know why he was so parnoid of his teaching philosphy going to the masses. He's got a lot of natural talent that really cant be duplicated. Im sure he would be more popular today if he let more people videotape his clinics.
Hey Micheal , dont know if you are still interested in this topic, but something I never thought about until I started to videotape my swing with a local instructor and found my swing does go past parallel and across the line much like John Daly's. If you stop at Daly's swing when his club is parallel to the ground it's " still across the line." I think for guys that have such a late set of their wrist (the only other player I can think about who does this is Sadlowski)...
I just try to draw as main stock stock now.  I know Trevino said "you can talk to a fade but a hook wouldnt listen" however my fades just turns to slices and "slices dont listen neither"    I find hooking is  easier to cure as its more of tempo issue for me then a mechanical swing plane problem
Deekay . Great thread I haven't thought about distance from the ball for a while. When I started I had problems being too close to the ball and position the ball too much like my wedges and putter Consequently I would feel "jammed " at contact with the ball Whenever I feel I might be too close I tend to hinge my wrist up then position my feet then bring my club head down and club head will fall behind the ball. For tee ball with driver when I tend to "pull out" more and...
Watson wasn't all that bad compared to Sutton. And I don't remember Phil M opening his mouth to critic Sutton after the loss. Maybe Phil should have taken some blame for that Ryder Cup loss . Phil How can you loss twice playing with Tiger?
I like open clubface look of my woods at address, but for the irons I like to have a shut face. Dont ask me why. 
If you could give us 6 strokes that Matt could have improved on his round to make the playoff , what would it be? missed putts? better chipping/pitching? Better tee ball? Approach shot? what combination of strokes?
If I can chip without the wedge I will do it. Remember PGA champ M Kaymer when he was Texas wedging with his putter from 30+ yards from the green.
I'm in transition from long putter to short putter I been trying reverse overlap to cack hand grip Currently I like feeling the weight of the putter with my left thumb no mater which method I like having the shaft line up with the back of my right hand and/or right forearm
It's interesting . I had my best round last year when I had sex with my GF then rushed to the golf course and tee off 30 mins later I tried the sex the night before but it doesn't seem to work as well
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