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I use to have my right thumb on the side like that when I started playing as a teenager. It's to difficult to play like that and try to swing 36 times with the right thumb on the side for an entire day, eventually almost everyone will move the hand over so the palm right hand turns more to the left. and can swing 144 times over 4 days
Why cant this style be called right hand high putting? Also calling this left hand low this doesn't make any sense to lefty players.
The trait all good putters have is the ability to get the ball to drop/dive/roll into the hole.I seen all styles of putting work really well. I have been paying more attention to the reading of the putt.Taking an aimpoint express seem to help me most recently.I think stroke mechanics depend on how you read the green.for example on a downhill/sidehill breaking putt there is more "art " involved in that many paths to the hole depending on the speed, that will affect stroke...
What s interlace? Is it like Greg Nogman intermesh grip? Picture of interlace please
Never really thought about it. When I hitting a good ball by the time I turn my head and look at my ball flight it's already near the apex and I only see the descending part of the flight. It's when I get to anxious and turn to quickly to look that I mess up my shot.When I'm lobbing around the green I make sure I visualize my entire shotChipping and uphill putts I just look for a spot.For shorter putts I make sure my eyes are down the target line. Sometime that means I...
Just an update the wrap around left thumb doesn't feel comfortable for me. the habit of tight short left thumb happens more when I use hybrid or choke up 5 wood and tap the ground behind be the ball to prepare for hi cut. Tight left thumb Doesn't work well with the irons to cut the ball for me Feel like I need to relax my left thumb and apply pressure over my right middle fingers on the grip
I was thinking that my chipping around the green I take the shaft up to parallel to the ground at the most Up to p2 in morad position For longer pitch shots take my arm up to p3 in morad position Arm parallel to ground. How does that sound ?
For all shots off the turf I don't really think about my lower body, they move with my swing. Out of green side bunkers and intentional fat shots around the green I will deliberate preset my hips so I can hit fat and I do have to think about my lower body at set upWith the tee ball, I initiate my hips from the top of my backswing as a conscious thought so my hips are moving forward as I complete my backswing with my upper body
I use a LW to PW for under 30 yards and its a lob-chip motion. 30-80 yards I use LW to PW use either a knockdown punch or pitch motion depending on the lie and green conditions The main difference is inside 30 yards the shaft moves more "linear". Outside 30 yards I "torque" the shaft
Congrats to Bryson for winning the U S amateur. He does have a unique set of same length irons Also he uses Jumbo Max grips with those single length irons. Unconventional but seems to work for him
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