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I seen players hit there "smaller head " 3wood further than their "bigger head" driver
I agree you probably weren't using a putting stroke When I use a putting stroke with a PW the ball goes several feet not yards Maybe you are using a pitching swing for your putting swing
I been noticing if I turn my left hand over so Im gripping with left thumb wrapped around the handle, like what Tommy Gainey does, I can get a bit more torque on the club,  makes it easier for me to turn and hit a lower stinging draw-hook flight with my irons.
I think if its part of the natural enviroment sand /soft lies are fine. But there are courses where its just overdone.  Whistling straits is just a ridiculous, I never played there, but watching on tournaments on tv its seems like that course has too many bunkers and its not clearly marked off.
I know this is a given, but who decided in the first place there needs to be sand at a golf course? If the game wasn't invented in Scotland where there are natural waste bunkers I am sure sand wouldn't be part of the game
I think Holly's boobies are too big for her short stature. Seems like she's going to tilt over .  But that's just me. It worked out for her to get noticed and new the contract.  Im sure if Pam Anderson got smaller breast implants she wouldnt have been noticed either.
I'm currently having the same problem and really the only time I need a lower ball flight is narrow fairways and against the the wind. I keep my ball position the same , inside my left heel, but I close my stance slightly fractionally with my hips, I tend to swing more 3/4 up and notice I grip a bit more firm pressure with the last three fingers of my left hand. My ball flight is low draw , whereas the normally its a high with slight fade bias.
What 's up with the players in the tournament who carried their own bags and had no caddies?
I was in the rough near a pin cut at the edge of the free only 6-7 feet from the hole and greenskeeper seem to allow the grass to grow thicker than usual in the fringe so the entire ball is covered by grass I also did not get up and down. What is frustrating is that seems like an easy shot but it easy to hit to hard and scoot the ball way pass or get too cute chipping and totally mishitting and leaving in the rough Lifting the heel and just popping it out with the toe of...
The lob is definitely an option, but there's a few greens at my home course with a graded incline to the hole that lob roll out will stop short of the hole most of the time. I seen other players chip/run the ball up to the hole for a better chance to get closer/or in. I am speaking of 20-50 foot run ups. Longer greenside shots , flatter greens and shorter downhiller, I tend to use the LW more.
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