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Are you saying that breaking 3' foot putts are  made 30% more often than 3' foot uphill putts?That is not from my experience, straight uphill putts are easier to make.The club I belong to , the greenskeeper will have trouble keeping his job if he places the pin location on a breaking ridge.There's usually an unwritten rule that the hole location should have a flat portion 2-3 feet surrounding the hole, otherwise putting will become a joke,
I given up curing the slice. I actually like hitting slices and big blocks with my long irons. I just have to wait for dogleg right holes and align left and plan hit my slices and blocks at those moments
 thanks for the stats. but I go with how confident my putting is that day.I know I will have an easier putting day if I have 18 straight uphill eight footers than try to hole out 18  six inches to one foot breaking putts from 4-7 feet of varying R-->L and L--->R  breakers
I think there are posters here that would say a 8 foot straight uphill putt might be easier than a 5 foot sidehiller that breaks 1 foot
In scrambles there is always a debate in my group with either taking the shorter sidehill putt or longer straighter uphill putt. It's not always the shorter putt that is the easiest
I like the pure "hit" concept for the short game. I had the same "ah ha moments " early this season, but one can't just swing without solid contact with the ball Swinging goes hand in hand with hitting for me now however it's not the same concept of hitting I had earlier in the season. Hitting with swinging involves proper release of the club so it feels effortless
I find that "releasing" the club inside 100 yards is a conscious, manual effort that requires some form of pushing, rolling or pronation etc of my forearms  However in the long game. the 'release" is automatic, I feel no conscious effort to 'release' the club at the hitting zone which for me starts at hip high.  How Im going to release the club for my longer shots is thought out at address and setup. Isnt that the whole point for a backswing is to create a 'release...
been using the extreme fatso 5.0 and it prevents my forearm and wrist from hinging.  seems to work for me I feel like I got a no hinge putting stroke(SBST) instead of my conventional toe release type stroke.
it is not much trouble at all, it is a slight slide, it keeps my in rhythm. I dont like lower body square , it does not feel like I can putt toward the hole. I prefer open, everyone has their style.
I feel like my hips slide when putting. Also when hit flop shots around the greens I tend to slide my hips. I trying to get away from sliding hips in putting as it seems to unreliable An open hip stance and forward press eliminates the hip slide in putting for me
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