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Another update. I putted better without thinking where my eyes have to be. Sometimes they feel like they are several inside the ball sometimes right on top of the ball I usually trace a line to the front of the ball(left to right uphill) or look inside ball ( right to left uphill) However never outside the ball. I'm now convinced looking outside the ball leads to bad misses
I am left eye dominant and have tried to putt lefty and righty style. I feel that if the dominant eye is in the front then I feel more confident with offset style putter like anser /Newport putter with a bit of shaft lean.   When I try to putt left and my dominant eye is at the rear and I prefer the look of a bullseye/seemore FGP center shafted putter and  more of a perpendicular shaft at address. I do lean the shaft forward for some fast breaking putts, but feel...
I like that term. thumbs up for reverse shank.
No its not.Heeling is a general term to describe the ball being hit at the heel.It can go right (shank) which is more common.It can go left like in this video which I rarely see When most players hit of the heel of the iron it usually shoots off the inside part of the hosel and shoot right called it a shank.Its very hard to hit dead smack in the middle of the hosel and go straight as hosel is  rounded, so ball has to go either right or left.More often right and called a...
Thanks for the video. I didn't think shanking was possible with a wood. When I shank it goes off the inside of the hosel of an iron and shoots off about 45deg away from me and almost hits my pp to my immediate right
I havent thought about this topic after a tour pro told me that where ever you the torque of the clubshaft in the hands at impact is essential your pressure points. So they are passive in nature. However Though lately I been swinigng really well and notice that I will "anticipate" the pressure point.  The ones I feel are right forefinger which seems to correspond to PP3 especially with my irons. However I also feel it at my right ring finger and right little finger too...
For me its not an alignment issues, it too fast of tempo and./or  snapping my hands rather than using the natural kick point of the shaft , which for me is mid shaft.
Brought this topic back as I been missing some semi easy short putts like DJ in his final round during Us open week.   I haven thought eye position all year until I was missing some easy putts. I been finding that my eyes need to over the target line either over the ball or slightly behind the ball but remain on the target line for breaking putts that move left to right or straight putts.   If I have right to left breaker my eyes naturally move inside the ball without...
The easiest clubs to shank are the wedges and short irons as the hosel sticks out a lot of those clubs and I had some playing partners duck unexpectantly for those hosel rockets that shoot out sideways Long irons aren't as wayward as I hit some that manage to be long and straightish I guess cause the ball catches a lot of the face with long irons. It's impossible to shank a wood or a putter. So shank away those clubs without fear!
Been finding that eyes over the ball for uphill putts with little break helps me. I tend to read left to right breaks accurately and I think I pull my putts enough to "hold the line" to the cup. I been really poor on right to left putts Sometimes if I have a line on the ball it keeps my eyes on top of the ball rather than wandering to the edges of the ball
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