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I been finding that putting grip resembles the serve grip More continental with Vs on the top bevelI been finding I still prefer lining up the grip with my knuckles as that more normal for ground strokes and my golf swing
Interesting thread. I have seen Lisa longball and some long drive specialist "leap" off the ground with feet off the ground Some long drivers "push" off the ground with feet still touching the ground
I been trying to improve with my driver this winter. Using the launch monitor numbers , and been able to getting my spin rates under 3000 and swing speed to max out at 105. Thats the best i can do currently. matching up. The feel I get is. ball position of the left foot. hitting up and around for more a draw pattern. lateral tilt. try to accelerate on the upswing
http://deadspin.com/ryan-leaf-is-out-of-prison-and-he-looks-terrible-1666817956  I remember the debate about whether  Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning should be taken #1 in the 1998 draft.Talk about totally divergent path in life.Peyton is a future HOF and Ryan Leaf is a sad case of how to ruin your life.
So many different grips. Split hand , claw, left hand low etc that work The other thread there's variations of the convention reverse overlap Of all the different grips I tried I feel more confident when the grip is more along the fingers of my right hand I feel more "touch " sensitive there.
Isn't chunking a ground problem ? Maybe working with Como in the full swing has infected his chipping Too much ground force. Practice Chipping while jumping off a diving board might stop the fat chips Lol
Arnie's putting grip isnt interlocking. The right pinkie is overlap the middle finger of the left hand. The left forefinger is in reverse overlap position. Because both hands overlap====> double overlap, and because  one hand is reverse overlap====>reverse double overlap.   Im sure this is a common putting grip. I recall reading something in golf digest Ian Baker Finch showing his putting grip was like this after winning the British Open Also Ernie Els short game...
Maybe you can call Mike's putting grip double reverse overlap And Arnies reverse double overlap I never tried the grip that Mike is showing for putting. But I have used what Arnie shows, however I prefer the regular reverse overlap for putting. If I do modified this grip I tend to also overlap my left thumb as well
I think you are mistaken iacas In Joe Kelly's post Hogan's putting grip is called reverse double overlap and the description matches what Arnie is showing Also golf digest from which that picture of Arnie is from calls it double reverse overlap
Good presentation Two question 1) Hogan's downswing swing plane shifted and different from initial startup plane . Why? 2) Where does Hardy's one plane fit into the assortment of plane theories?
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