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You demonstrated it beautifully mvmac In the full swing only angled hinge exist either 45deg open or closed for draw/fade. Anything else is just an manipulation of angled hinge. HH and VH do not exist in the long game. And VH can exist only in the short game with lobbing, flopping or putting as shown on your earlier excellent video
Your are right .TgM is BS. Full of crap there is no horizontal hinge Just vertical and angle hinge exist What people were lead to believe horizontal hinging is separate entity were fools HH is just angle hinge with full release roll and not really a true golf hinge like angle or vertical
That's the difference between tour pros and average joes. With pros can see it happen once a year With average joes see at least once per round or once every 3-4 rounds but definitely more than once a year
Been trying ten fingered grip this past two weeks and feel when my right little finger is touching the shaft it's easier to intentional slice the ball. I think that why I prefer interlock or overlap.
Too bad. Greg Norman was ahead of his time. He was using two piece ball when everyone was still using balatas and driving the ball much further and straighter than anyone of his time. He had the game of today's modern day player
"hips clear" - finally able to feel this concept this past week.  working on my PW swings inside 50 yards and mostly all arm swing. As I got progressively more outside 50 yards, I could envision my pelvis as weight like a catapult and  having my hips cleared to power the swing a bit more. Then as I got further away to max 90 yards I felt very easy for the first time in my life to pitch it as specific distances 50,60,70 80, 90 yards with accuracy and minimal effort The...
I been finding early this season to try to aim for flags from inside 150 yards out and sometimes I would be very close and sometimes way off. Since then I started to zone in to the pin from 90 yards and in and 100 yards and further out I just try for a landing spot on the green and I been much more consistent.  
Posted before, but I like Salma Hayek. Good actress, also very  funny. made me laugh in her interviews.  
Im not surprised anymore after the OJ trial.  Justice might be served later.  Oscar should go to Vegas and sell some olympic memorbilia
I been finding that his hinge and hold technique for chipping is very similar to his forward press of his hands when putting, Im fairly certain its the same motion. Im not a fan of just forward pressing the hands, but if it works for you then good. I do however forward press my at my elbow sometimes , that would be my "hinge".
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