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Confubation. possible symptom of alcoholism I believe he was making up a story to fit in the gaps in his memory. Sad.
Yea. Why wait. Turn pro nowYou don't have school in the summerSchool of hard knocks is the best way to learn
I find the swinging vs hitting debate is like comparing oranges vs apples. They are not opposites The closest motion that is opposite to hitting is pushing And the closest motion opposite to striking is stroking. Swinging always exists
When I was young I use to hit the ball really hard. This seem to limit my swing thought the ball. I just think hit no more than 85% force with my bigger muscles and this make me swing fully
I'm proficient with a PW from 40-80 yard away. I' use the LW more inside 40 yards.
Everyone is different to what it feels. For me I thinki swing first then hitting will take of itself. I don't separate hitting from swingingThe only time I really consider hitting only without swing is chipping the ball. The swing is replaced by a stroking motion
Bumped this back, as I been borrowing some lefty clubs and swinging lefty this past two months.  Feels weird but Im decent enough to hit the ball , but my swing speed is only half of the right sided swing. I think my sequence is grooved in  turning right and turning my body the counter clockwise feels akward and not as smooth as my righty swing. It was fun, but I will stick to my right swing.
What I find helpful is to focus hitting a spot in front of the ball, this way I get thru the ball. I often lose my follow through and stop premature when I stare at the back of the ball. Even the top ridge edge or bottom ridge edge is better to stare at then the back of ball.
I like Brewer, he had a 51 point explosion game last year against the Rockets. Schved seems like a smart player too. I hope Daniels gets some playing time, he has a one of the smoothest jump shot I seen.Dont feel to sorry for him, he still earning close to one million a season as minimal contract player. Team sports like baskeball, hockey and football seems to be where all the money is, not golf
Looks like Rockets and Mavs have improved themselves with the trades. Lakers suck this year. Kobe should just retire.
New Posts  All Forums: