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I just try to draw as main stock stock now.  I know Trevino said "you can talk to a fade but a hook wouldnt listen" however my fades just turns to slices and "slices dont listen neither"    I find hooking is  easier to cure as its more of tempo issue for me then a mechanical swing plane problem
Deekay . Great thread I haven't thought about distance from the ball for a while. When I started I had problems being too close to the ball and position the ball too much like my wedges and putter Consequently I would feel "jammed " at contact with the ball Whenever I feel I might be too close I tend to hinge my wrist up then position my feet then bring my club head down and club head will fall behind the ball. For tee ball with driver when I tend to "pull out" more and...
Watson wasn't all that bad compared to Sutton. And I don't remember Phil M opening his mouth to critic Sutton after the loss. Maybe Phil should have taken some blame for that Ryder Cup loss . Phil How can you loss twice playing with Tiger?
I like open clubface look of my woods at address, but for the irons I like to have a shut face. Dont ask me why. 
If you could give us 6 strokes that Matt could have improved on his round to make the playoff , what would it be? missed putts? better chipping/pitching? Better tee ball? Approach shot? what combination of strokes?
If I can chip without the wedge I will do it. Remember PGA champ M Kaymer when he was Texas wedging with his putter from 30+ yards from the green.
I'm in transition from long putter to short putter I been trying reverse overlap to cack hand grip Currently I like feeling the weight of the putter with my left thumb no mater which method I like having the shaft line up with the back of my right hand and/or right forearm
It's interesting . I had my best round last year when I had sex with my GF then rushed to the golf course and tee off 30 mins later I tried the sex the night before but it doesn't seem to work as well
I wanted to bump this cause all year I was having trouble with my driver. I decided to go back to 430 cc driver and felt way more comfortable with the ball located of my left heel. I usually dont think about ball position all that much and play what i feel comfortable with but my driver was giving me fits this year  and i decided to go back to a smaller head driver and play the ball more like my 3w ball position which is off my left instep.
Been thinking why I do this. I like to align the putter shaft to my right forearm for longer putts but for shorter putts I tend to "bounce" the putter on the ground so I lose the alignment to the forearm and line up the putter face to the back of my hand and thumb
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