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If you could give us 6 strokes that Matt could have improved on his round to make the playoff , what would it be? missed putts? better chipping/pitching? Better tee ball? Approach shot? what combination of strokes?
If I can chip without the wedge I will do it. Remember PGA champ M Kaymer when he was Texas wedging with his putter from 30+ yards from the green.
I'm in transition from long putter to short putter I been trying reverse overlap to cack hand grip Currently I like feeling the weight of the putter with my left thumb no mater which method I like having the shaft line up with the back of my right hand and/or right forearm
It's interesting . I had my best round last year when I had sex with my GF then rushed to the golf course and tee off 30 mins later I tried the sex the night before but it doesn't seem to work as well
I wanted to bump this cause all year I was having trouble with my driver. I decided to go back to 430 cc driver and felt way more comfortable with the ball located of my left heel. I usually dont think about ball position all that much and play what i feel comfortable with but my driver was giving me fits this year  and i decided to go back to a smaller head driver and play the ball more like my 3w ball position which is off my left instep.
Been thinking why I do this. I like to align the putter shaft to my right forearm for longer putts but for shorter putts I tend to "bounce" the putter on the ground so I lose the alignment to the forearm and line up the putter face to the back of my hand and thumb
Yes sometimes I heard wrist hinge meaning flexion as well. Wrist hinge can be like the term "release" specific to the player himself
been practicing putting mostly and also aware that I like to walk around with the putter like it's a walking cane holding with more of an arched wrist. I notice some guys holding the putter up like they know how to plumb bob might be hanging the putter to feel gravity?
Want to discuss some common used terms in golf instruction. And distinguish what difference ?   1)wrist set- my interpretation is the 90* angle form by the wrist and forearm. Can be early or late set during the takeaway. Once the wrist are set, will be released subconsciously through CF .   2)wrist cock- my interpretation is that it is downward pressure of the wrists and forearms much like hammering, different from wrist set in that energy is released...
Was practicing my putting and notice that I like to bounce the putter as I'm walking to my ball For certain draw biasis breaking putts I tend to tap the toe of the putter Not sure why.
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