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I was "popping" my putts early in the season somewhat like Snedecker style but I didnt feel comfortable later on, maybe greens faster?  I like to feel more a "tapping" motion like Rory style putting now. For inside 8 feet I like to feel no tapping or popping. I like to hold the putter with my thumb muscles only and move  like a pendulum stroking action . 
Happens to me when I get to steep on the upswing and , topping the woods and sculling the irons feels like I trying to hit to much up than normal, lose balance.
I like the video. Winn has a nice set of melons. Lucky Phelps. Envy. Micheal Phelps doesnt need any help practicing with his breaststroke.
Shin (Sharon) Ae Ahn.  
played from the back tees at my friends course 6800 yards and it just exposed the weakness of my driving ability. My home course is short from the tees at 6100 yards and I really dont have to use the driver from the par 5 so this year I been going with 3w and sometimes driver when my swing feel solid. Got really frustrated with my driver as i had to take almost every tee that day. Last two weeks I think I figured why I slice , (among other things with my driver)  I...
What's your definition of "thin" then?When I hit the ball on the screws it goes farther than one that I hit "thin". There no standard definition for "thin" shots
From what I read it appears more like a "thin" shot than a "fat" shot. Where is the start of the divot? I define it fat if divot starts before the ball. The divot can extend and be shallow or deep.
Bump this topic back, as I find that I do both, most of the time I ground my putter and sometimes tap the toe of my putter on the ground during my pre putt routine. Sometime when I have a short putt  especially one that might have a significant break, I will hover my putter at the equator of my ball and and gentle push the ball to the hole.     aside note I tend to ground my SW outside the bunker and then take my grip with my left hand then enter the bunker, then I...
I grew up playing at a poor muni course with no sand bunkers and now I been playing at a club with sand bunkers on almost every hole Had to make an adjustment to my short game Starting to love hitting out of the sand this year and prefer now to lob out of sand bunkers than hard ground
This is my least favorite lie/stance for my irons. Seems like I tend to blade/thin it sometimes..... Balance is crucial, I find I have to line up more  left than usual and bend more at the knees than at the waist than usual , I find that it's very possible to either pull left but ideally I like to play to fade back toward the target. I make a special adjustment in that I grip with nine finger grip with my left forefinger off the handle, this allows to me release later and...
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