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Been finding that I like to hit slightly down on the descending arc on my putts with ball closer to my back foot producing more of a " rap "stroke . On fast greens if the break is more than a ball 's width I will play more toward the middle of stance and hit off the toe
Holy Cow! If I had that much chicken wing, my ball would slice or fade for miles!   Jordan Spieth has bent left elbow, not as much as Westwood. Just shows that lead elbow doesnt have to be straight at impact. I dont think about this in my full swing, but I do notice that  I keep my lead elbow straight when I pitch the ball.
the only torque that makes any sense to the meaning of the word torque is what he refers as "gamma torque" torque is the twisting of the the clubshaft. the other two torque he calls 'alpha' and 'beta" are really not a twisting force . would be better communicated if he substitutes those word with 'leverage' and 'hinge'
Went cold turkey without the long putter last year. This season started using the broomstick Figure I way to use it without anchoring. I hold it a few inches away from my chest and make a forward press Works well so far. Only problem is more difficult to make a fade putt without anchoring. I will switch back and forth with my short putter this season. You can "anchor" the short putter to the lead forearm to make fade putts easier.
Confubation. possible symptom of alcoholism I believe he was making up a story to fit in the gaps in his memory. Sad.
Yea. Why wait. Turn pro nowYou don't have school in the summerSchool of hard knocks is the best way to learn
I find the swinging vs hitting debate is like comparing oranges vs apples. They are not opposites The closest motion that is opposite to hitting is pushing And the closest motion opposite to striking is stroking. Swinging always exists
When I was young I use to hit the ball really hard. This seem to limit my swing thought the ball. I just think hit no more than 85% force with my bigger muscles and this make me swing fully
I'm proficient with a PW from 40-80 yard away. I' use the LW more inside 40 yards.
Everyone is different to what it feels. For me I thinki swing first then hitting will take of itself. I don't separate hitting from swingingThe only time I really consider hitting only without swing is chipping the ball. The swing is replaced by a stroking motion
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