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That how I would do it from hard lie from 15 yards Use the toe of the wedge like a putting stroke. However if I have dried up fairway to the green and it fast downhill I think the percentage shot would be putter or belly the wedge and just stroke the ball above the hole and let the ball roll the rest of the way
Gary Player says that when he won tournaments without ever looking at the ball go into the ball. He purposely kept in eyes from following the ball , just listen for the ball drop into the cup.   Some PGA players have played a whole round putting with their eyes closed.   How important is it to look at the hole after setting up?
I have used Fatso and I like it It makes me want to use the putter like a forehand I used to putt using more of a backhand block. Now it's more of a forehand push motion
I hate putting. Especially the big breaking putts. Seems like I'm at the mercy of the putting Gods. Give me flat or straight uphill and its intuitive to aim at the hole , but  I hate playing R to L, missing 5 foot by,  then L to R (opposing break) , just plays with my mind.
I use Line on the ball on the tee ball on occasions it helps me I find it distracting for lining up for putting If anything I occasionally use the line on the puttethead to help especially short uphill putt
I agree. I putt great when I have a brand new putter or putter grip but the magic only last for that single round. I tired of buying new putters. What I been doing is switching between a superstroke fatso with conventional reverse overlap grip and I regular pistol grip that I hold cack hand. Both are newports. This seems to bring back some magic back.
I have putting problems too. I been working on my shorter putts inside 15 feet. My confidence on longer ones are fine. Been working on reading those better. i would just putt quickly without looking for any possible breaks. Usually left-rights would be fine but for right to left I would shove/push my putts and miss right. Very inconsistent.
Im sure there are students of the golf swing that love that sort of thing.  I personally choose a lesson from playing pros and spend last 3 lessons on putting and chipping as that's where the bulk of my scoring is lost. I like asking questions and learn from that, and if the teaching doesnt know that okay, as maybe its not an important question. I dislike a teaching pro trying to teach a swing that is his way or the highway.  I see a lot of different looking swings...
I find one of my problems is there is too much time in between shots in golf, In tennis   , if  think too often between points  I start getting these mechanical thought and play poorly. same thing happen in golf, so routine is important for me in golf so I can stop thinking too much on technique.   I still think too much in tennis , especially after a missed serve,  I try  S+V  if I miss too many serve as it reduces conscious mechanical tennis thoughts for me. 
I practice 20-30 yard range from the sand all summer and it become my 'standard' sand shot, but lost the ability to do the short 5-10 yard sand shot that spins and dies. i notice for 20-30 yarder, have to play for a bit of release and roll and I been playing with more square clubface and setup.
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