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Every year I go from a handicap of 6 in summer time to a 9 handicap in winter I'm currently off 9 and I'm starting to feel good bout my swing again, and surprise Its starting to warm up. I don't if its the weather or more than likely, my head and what's going on in there:-\
What is FAI?
It's pretty simple He is the pro He hit the shot
I used to work in a pros hop and I loved refurbishing golf clubs It all depends on the head composition as to what extent of work your clubs can handle, forged - very little, just a cloth buffing wheel and some polishing soap worked very lightly on the buffing wheel. If they are are stainless you can use a redibrite wheel to cut out the main scratches and then the polishing wheel to bring them up,to a shine Not sure where you can the stuff over there, maybe if you know...
If your hitting them well, keep them It's great having uniformity in your set, that way it's just another club
I have read an article before about a chappie who spat it with his 3 iron. He had smashed it against a garden edging. Part of the shaft shattered, flew back hitting him in the chest puncturing his heart and killing him. After this I just throw them these days.... :)
Golf is a great game. It can show a persons true character without them even knowing. It is good to play by the rules but it is still a genteel game and one where common sense should prevail
Sure you can give it a belt, but very little control in my opinion. I use to use it permanently for a long time but I could never get my grip to feel tight and snug. Then again if it gives you confidence you're half way there already :)
Thanks everyone Hey what a cool incentive for everyone to get involved I always say I'm too busy, work, family blah blah but bugger it, I'm going to have some me time! Are there other options that open up after extended use Ps Glad I'm not putting on those Muirfield greens, they're diabolical!!
Hello Very new and very perplexed I've looked everywhere for the section to put my clubs and stuff in like everyone else It's probably right in front of me! Help. Please!
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