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Dont be suprised! Have fun! 
I said the other thing this shows, someone else already pointed out the fact of how consistent they are! Chill out keyboard cowboy!
The other thing this shows is how many balls they hit, they hit balls just about every day of the week. 
  Yeah they usually are not worried about the rules either!
I dont think a little spit is gonna mess up a tee box, I dont care if it is Augusta. Its funny seeing how some freak out about someone dipping, he lives in AL over half the population dips. They dont show it on the TV anymore but a lot of the guys still smoke cigs as well! 
I voted for slow play but the other one that really gets on my nerves. These guys with these high dollar adjustable drivers who have to make an adjustment on every hole and then cant hit it out of their shadow! Just pick a loft and lie and play with it! 
That sounds like the colors the staff at the Greenbrier wear, I was just there last week and everyone in the proshop had on the same color.
New Posts  All Forums: