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I recommend Firefox with the Ad-Block Plus add-on.
Looking forward to it guys.  
I was over at my Dad's last weekend and he had the 2002 DVD sitting in a drawer that he gave me. I've watched it through once and repeated the first and second lessons a couple of times. I haven't really studied McLean's method as he presents it, I'm more on the Ben Hogan 5 Lessons plan right now, but there is alot of crossover. The biggest difference that stood out to me is McLean's very relaxed attitude towards the straight left arm, he seems to feel that it is much...
For me I picked up alot of new things when I first read through the book, but I will often discover when I read it through again I will pick up on something that I missed or something that I thought I understood but Hogan meant another way.
Hilarious! The men's mustache pattern, ohhh yes! I love the maximum stereotypical goodness.
Welcome! Hmm, there may be more men that play gold than ladies by my unscientific calculations, but forbidden..?   Sounds like the majority of my tee offs!   That's solid.
  Sand shots are one of the most tricky in golf and you are new to the game. Don't feel embarrassed, do some reading and watch some videos about methods for handling bunker shots and then practice.
As for bunker shots, the advise that I've heard that makes the most sense is to blast the sand behind the ball. I have had the most success in bunkers when I hit the sand just behind the ball and the ball goes for the ride.  
Welcome from another newbie!  
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