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 I'm still fairly new to the game - just not sure if it's something a lot of people do or not. I hardly ever see anyone golfing alone around here although our season is short - so that could explain a few things. 
 Totally agree on the eating alone. I write on the side and I've written some of my best chapters / stories in restaurants over a dish and a glass of wine. It's something I try to do often. 
I actually really enjoy getting paired up with random people! I've made some great golf buddies this way! 
Thanks!    I was thinking I may go first thing in the morning - my course is quiet then this time of year, so I won't feel as self-conscious alone! 
Hey Guys -   Question!   Lately, now that summer is over and everyone is back to normal work hours (read: holidays are over sadly!) I've been having a harder time finding people to play golf with. I've been starting to think about braving the course and playing a solo round. I am totally one of those people who goes to the movies alone all the time and I am used to eating alone in restaurants while travelling for work - that said, I've never golfed alone.   It's kind...
Love it! Thanks for sharing. It's definitely going on the list! 
Hey Guys -   I'm trying to round up a list of the best golf commercials (example of what I'm trying to do) - you know, the ones that give you chills every time you see them (or fits of laughter like this one!)   Anyone have some great ones that I can add to my list?    Thanks! Crystal
Thanks TJ!   I'll definitely check that post out!    And I agree - that is a good addition to the list! I've definitely seen a few of those cases on the course before. 
I was watching a golf show with my boyfriend last night and it got me thinking, what are some of the most annoying golfers out there? For me personally, it's the cheater or the distracter that is worse, but my boyfriend disagreed. He totally thinks its the slow pokes or those that just don't respect the club rules.    What do you think? And I promise to give my boyfriend credit if you all agree with him    -C
New Posts  All Forums: