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Hit some slices until they slice. Then go back to your old swing thoughts
It's only gonna get worse, much worse. It's a pretty big epidemic at the highschool level. Or a god sent, depending on which end your on.
60s if it was rory and 90s if it was tiger
I would make his driver swing look like his iron swing. He would lose some distance but it would be easier to repeat and really just give him something to focus on. I don't think no coach is good, but maybe not make a whole lot of changes.
46 at east lake from the reds.
I'm not sure but I don't think that is a metaphor.
I didn't know the rule. Granted there is only 1 green on my course where that could even happen. Maybe he though the had an option, like a cart path, And that was the best position
I want the club and my hands to look like they are traveling on the swing plane, getting my hands high and delivering back on a similar line
Here's the swing. I had a couple new swing thoughts that made it look a lot better but it's still not there. Had a bad day that day too. Any good swing thoughts to try and make it look very good.
Just wondering how I can fix my backswing to get the takeaway correct and the swing on plane. It got really flat and laid off. The video below is after I fixed it a little bit. I think I got the takeaway but I want to find a Better position between the top and when the club is parallel as pictured. Also, what are some tendencies and problems of super short golfers that I should be careful of or try not to fix, especially heavier short people such as myself.
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