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if resting is using its own weight, what about letting the club drop behind the ball?
Her ability now really means nothing, especially for a girl. She will have to improve a lot of strokes and get much bigger to compete on lpga. And for women where the game is based on hitting it short and strait like everybody does, it's going to come more down to her shortgame. There are just too many other girls better than her for anything to be certain. It's different for boys where the big hitters are wild cards and the short hitters can be ruled out completely.
1) be able to work my shots all 9 ways when necessary. 2) become a very accurate driver of the ball 3) become a consistent 1.4 HDCP 4) get a top 5 In a major HJGT event 5) win 4 tournaments of any size 6) get low medal in 5 Highschool matches or tournaments 7) shoot 66 8) make an ace 9) make short game my strength with my long game not being a weakness
It may seem that way but I know from other websites and chats that it is most definantly not
It would defiantly be better for new posts to go on the top not the bottom. Also maybe sign in with the fingerprint scanner if possible.
Just started again after a 4 week hiatus. Played the crossings in CA for thanksgiving shot like 118. I have a major hook now with the long clubs and was hitting the short clubs well but slightly left.This video is me closing the shoulders (still open for some reason) and trying to turn them all the way as I noticed they weren't. I think the grip may be partially to blame for the pull. What could I change? And why does the follow through look so steep?
Women in general rely on their emotions. This works great for a woman teaching a women but not so much between genders or a man teaching a women. Emotions also extremely handicap your golf game which is partially why women aren't good and are not playing very much on any tours or in general
They are popular amongst the women
I've been taking an ap European history class and it's made me realize just how unstable our govornment is. Granted it's more stable than the absolute monarchies, but I still think we need to strengthen our military and exploration endeavors, and cut welfare, and govornment insurance. I also think our resession must be treated differently than the Great Depression. Where the govornment had tons of money to blow and a very liberal approach can be taken.It's the opposite now...
New Posts  All Forums: