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I'm pretty sure those numbers are skewed. Even they say they hit it closer to 290. It's in their WITB with golf digest. Granted there are many factors. It's like me hitting one 260 then 100 and saying I hit the ball 180
No not that many. Atleast at my highschool last year, we had 1 6 foot 10 kid who easily hit it 300, one 6 foot 6 kid who hit it 300 fairly regularly and 1 200 plus pound kid who could get 300 if he wanted. The other 12 of us were nowhere near there. We lost all of those kids this year and I dont see anybody replacing them distance wise. We will only have 1 senior next year. I think for juniors, you pretty much have to be physically capable, which only really happens at age...
A lot of people don't know what they are talking about. Plenty of people hit it 300
And I would presume most of the pros actually in contention, the ones you hear about, hit it much farther than the average. Guys like johnson, Donald, etc each hit it 290 as the short players
I didn't like some of watsons decisions. But phil has to understand he is not one of the better players. Yes he was playing well but he could win well in the morning and get annihilated later, I didn't watch much, I feel like some weaker players could have rested, but I don't know any logistics cause I didn't watch but you get it. I do think though that Watson being phils superior, he needs to understand watson is expected to make the decisions and it's not up phil to have...
If you get there you will be the first
I'm sorry I mispoke, I was trying say that well over half of scratch golfers hit it under 270 whilst well over half of pros it it past that
all of them.
Not remotely, I beleive that most other balls that spin more like the rzn and such create spin mainly by perimeter weighting, which creates too much spin with the long clubs. While high quality balls like the prov1 create spin by a soft cover, which creates spin around the greens when you want it.
There is a huge difference between the pro v1 and other balls. I bought some pd long balls for a scramble and off the tee they were just as good, but I couldn't get them to check whatsoever. The ball would run 15 feet from 60 yards and my prov1s less than 5. And 10 dollars is cheap for 3, I had to pay a staggering 16 dollars last time I bought a sleeve new, I usually buy a specific brand refurbished prov1
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