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My goal for this summer was to drop 5 strokes off my handicap. I keep track of all my differentials and hope to get the average to 0.0 by the end of August. My handicap up to about 3 right now so taking 5 off would be a +2 which would get me set to try and play college golf. I'm starting lessons tommarow, and spending much more time on my shortgame. I also am going to start playing more big name open tournaments like AJGA and HJGT
I used to have a cool "custom shop 911" headcover from ebay...they have a catalogue on their website
I've been keeping track of my differentials for every round I've played since 2013. The front 9 on my course is fairly easy something like 36.3 cr from the tips (short front 9 like 3400) and its 34 from the blues. From playing back I hit driver on every hole to about the designed landing area. Usually shooting 36-38. The fact that I'm hitting driver doesn't make it harder because I know where to miss and usually never take penalty drops. When I practice from the blues, the...
Can't make a full shoulder turn or make swing any longer. My swing looks abreviated and disgusting. I tried changing my grip but didn't stick with it because I have a tournament every week and it ruined my scores. Any advice on how to get fuller turn? Thx
I love to carry my pull cart... Only drawback is when the wheels hit the back of your knees
I like his thinking, but as a competitive golfer I like to see forced carries and greens surrounded by high rough and deep bunkers...weeds out the people who can't get the ball up and get lucky just running it up... Like the wing foot massacre, the best players will emerge supreme and the spacing get bigger for a more accurate representation of ability...maybe there could be a way to make a course fun for recreational golfers but difficult enough for club champs, or junior...
Are those a new model or counterfeits or something...and I don't see any wear marks.. I've played the full cord for quite some time and never see any wear marks... I do tend to see high variance in sizes colors and shapes between the cross lines though
My grip is traditional on the left and strong on the right...I just got back from a college golf academy and they were telling me to weaken the right hand...after feeling it, I feel like that would be better because I can barely manipulate the club when I do...which may be more stable and the same every time ...is that on the right track? Will I start hitting blocks? How long until I don't have to think about it anymore?
I think gps is made less accurate by the government...although places like airports have satellites that can make them more accurate
I agree with 3+ being long and 8 down being short but as far as confidence goes I consider 9 and pw short scoring irons and anything else a just get it on the green if you can iron
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