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DDoes anybody think the bald guy looks like Mike Davis?Inconceivable
When I first learned about the iPhone 6 back in June i was pretty pumped. My 2 year old iPhone 4 was beginning to get annoying and when you start thinking about the phone you realize just how small yours is. I plan on getting one of them in 3 weeks. And I have to say I was very impressed with the new ios8 update. It's extremely user friendly for a small update. Especially the imessage app.
I think ball speeds are much higher on large cavity backs then wedges. Considering I have a 3 degree gap with 15 yard difference
yeah I hav the app and use the homescreen app thing. The mobile version is just kinda finecky when it takes a while to load. Everything keeps shifting and it takes a while. How do I change the settings to get the notifications when I'm quoted. I don't see it under preferences.
My 56 I bent to 55, my 52 got bent to a 49 ( weak tip or something so it was mainly to get the trajectory down, and that works ok. I considered getting a more bladed pw or get mine bent but it works out fine with a 10-15 yard gap.
An app so it's easier to get on when not at the computer. Most young people only use their computer for word, which is being replaced with some apps. Also, if you got a notification when your response is quoted, so you can keep up with your posts a lot easier. Also maybe 2 ratings attached to your name, voted on my members when you post. 1 is a percentage that shows how accurate and relevant your posts are. And 2 is a growing number based on how much you post. Like eBay,...
Not sure if this is the right place for this. I started working out a week ago, let's see if it will last, I will reward myself after a month without missing a day. But I know really nothing about excercise. But yesterday was a leg day and I went to the course today and couldn't swing very well because I was so sore. Squatting to line up putts and syncing everything up was a struggle. And my armpit area was still sore from a few days before. So how do you golf when you are...
Not sure if it's mentioned or effective. But maybe you could invest in more carts. Then when people sign up and are a 20+ handicap, you make them ride their own. I've noticed that a lot of slower people in carts come from either around te greens, or very ineffective ways of sharing carts.
Yep, I've even been denied service to my old range for having one of those fake collars. I've only played 1 fully public course if that makes any difference.
New Posts  All Forums: