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I think gps is made less accurate by the government...although places like airports have satellites that can make them more accurate
I agree with 3+ being long and 8 down being short but as far as confidence goes I consider 9 and pw short scoring irons and anything else a just get it on the green if you can iron
I'd rather be 275 and in the rough than 250 and in the fairway or 300 and in the woods...but the last 2 might be equal
Way easier to hole out from a bunker. I would say for most people bunker hole outs come first because they have so many opportunities when they start. I can't remember the last time I holed out...but I'm also in a bunker less than 1nce per round usually...had 5 eagles simce
The ball doesn't go where I want
Probably like 5 yards with an equal strike maybe more...you want to swing as hard as you can while keeping perfect balance...and that may change day to day. When I swing hard it spins more and goes more left and vica versa for when I don't. Into the wind if I swing hard it usually balloons. I've been clubbing up when in doubt recently cause I'm in doubt as far as my distances with new clubs and I can say I thoroughly donot recommend this...I can get up and down more often...
My dumbass forgot to look at the spin and AoA and stuff because I was in a rush but if I remember on ones that I looked at ball speed was 165 or so. I hit the r15 9.5 stiff and it was launching super super high and carrying 260 or so. I then set it to low loft and it was a little lower but still too high and 265-270 carry. That was the lowest loft in that model they had to demo. I hit a few of the 915 and the face felt like it was super hot but I didn't get a chance to...
I went to the PGA superstore today and tried out the r15. With a 114 average club head speed and a 9.5 driver set to low carrying 270-265. With my current driver I carry it 260-265. If I get custom fit how much distance could I pick up?
the new bridge stone is red
I am not a member at a private club but a semi private club. The dues are extremely cheap. It is the second nicest course in the area behind the 50,000 dollar private club and I play a ton. I used to just play sometimes on the weekend but now I usually play 63 holes a week with no extra fee. I usually play after school so I practice for an hour or two basically alone then go play 9 holes walking in an hour if I play 1 ball because it is empty. My Highschool golf team plays...
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