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I found an online trajectory optimizer and with a 160 mph ball speed and 1000rpm, i could get a carry of 298 with 28 degrees of launch
I see about 5 women every time I play. Its rare to find one under 50 though.
what do you mean?
I took a lesson and we worked on turning more than sliding and that solved it partially but he said that I was coming up as a form of taking power from my legs. Like a lot of the pros do. He said that it wasn't a top priority
Does anyone know how to turn the driver head over more? Usually second half of the round I start to leave the face open which can be intimidating coming down the stretch. The only way I can do it with out hooking it is by swinging hard at it. Which can be scary even though I never really mess it up.
all I know is the back tees I shoot lower scores and gives me a better differentials. CR ranges from 70-73
Why are they different? That's not fair?
What is the difference between men's and women's cr
What do you mean?I personally find faster greens easier because they tend to be smoother and I make more. It's also easier to be accurate. I also don't think they are that much faster. My middle school used to play on a Palmer course where the LPGA played a few times and they weren't all that fast
That's what I thought but it wasn't sure if that was the case.I also think the course rating or slope, can't remember the difference, is about 72 so wouldn't be difficult for a scratch golfer.Thanks
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