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You mean the war they are fighting with north korea and probably elsewhere idk, why else would they need mandatory service.thank you for comparing me to the wisest most sucessful class of americans. It really makes me feel good. I guess i am just better than you
Hes not above the law but the law should either be a good law or no law at all. I can garuntee 500,000 USD would go alot farther towards their war efforts than one scrawny little asian dude
He should be allowed to buy himself out of it
If you have 6 irons into greens playing up you obviously dont average 275
I dont know trumps views but i like him as a person
Not sure if its my largest but i shot 36 2 or 3 years ago which should have been much better (4 over on the only 2 easy holes, 4 under on the hard holes) then shot 48 the next day in tryouts.
It used to be minimal but with my new irons it can be quite significant. I think i swing more level and take some spin off
I custom fit myself.
I've spent 850 ish on all my current gamers. All used on eBay except my 60 degree.
My last round I was more accurate than I expected after a long layoff and played well other than 5 holes on a course I've never played before
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