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Women in general rely on their emotions. This works great for a woman teaching a women but not so much between genders or a man teaching a women. Emotions also extremely handicap your golf game which is partially why women aren't good and are not playing very much on any tours or in general
They are popular amongst the women
I've been taking an ap European history class and it's made me realize just how unstable our govornment is. Granted it's more stable than the absolute monarchies, but I still think we need to strengthen our military and exploration endeavors, and cut welfare, and govornment insurance. I also think our resession must be treated differently than the Great Depression. Where the govornment had tons of money to blow and a very liberal approach can be taken.It's the opposite now...
Well I was talking about the grip being ahead of the ball but I looked at a picture and there is some deflection shown in b, couldn't tell if there was any a because it was dtl. What do those cause, and are caused by what
I don't know what that means
#12 at rivertowne country club, my home course. always plays into the wind. It's a fairway shaped like a 7 with a 240 yard Carry of a large bunkering the pocket of the 7. It's 210 yards from the bunker to the middle of the green. There is room right but you are blocked out by trees if you go there and long straight or left is lateral hazard. The green is raised severely, long and skinny, has water on all sides. The only way to play it is hit driver into a 30 circular...
Does anybody know how to launch irons high while hitting down on it. I love to hit down on it but recently have had trouble with too much shaft press.
Definantly possible. It could go very slowly or just shoot down to where you want it. 5 years ago I was probably shooting 150 or so. Now I'm a 2.4
Actually, if you think about it, he wasn't making fun of te little girls he was doing the opposite. Bringing them up by comparing them to a million dollar athlete compared to their stereotypical state, of nothing
The republic will end us. (Admittedly I don't know what the PGA of America runs on)
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