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Actually, if you think about it, he wasn't making fun of te little girls he was doing the opposite. Bringing them up by comparing them to a million dollar athlete compared to their stereotypical state, of nothing
The republic will end us. (Admittedly I don't know what the PGA of America runs on)
Democracy will end us
Why is there no option for crazy distance gain. I hit the ball 1300% what I used to
I got fitted 2 or 3 years ago when I was 5 feet tall for 1 inch shorter shafts. Today I cut them all down another inch and am 5 foot 3. They feel way better at adress but haven't hit them yet. I have a feeling that I am going to have to get them bent to around 1 degree upright because I was pretty neutral before. I also just checked and have a 28.5 WTF measurement which isn't even on any charts go figure. Lol My 60 is 30.5 inches
I have Wilson Staff Ci9 irons that I just cut down 2 inches short (1 inch from where they were) and the lofts are 44-23 pw-4 iron. I am looking to make them more accurate rather than long, thus the shorting, and was wondering how I should edit the lofts. Im thinking maybe weakening them 1 or 2 degrees, how would that affect distance and playability?
Bump What are the affects of painting grooves? I Regripped all my clubs, cut them down, reshafted one, and am looking to redo the paint fill. If I decide paint on the grooves looks good would it affect spin, and how often would I have to reapply?
I think metal has been the biggest improvement. It's hard to hit it very far when your hitting plastic clubs.
I used to have a wicked hook, and was told if I put my thumb down the shaft I would never hit a hook again. Turned out to be true but switched it back when I started to slice it.
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