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the new bridge stone is red
I am not a member at a private club but a semi private club. The dues are extremely cheap. It is the second nicest course in the area behind the 50,000 dollar private club and I play a ton. I used to just play sometimes on the weekend but now I usually play 63 holes a week with no extra fee. I usually play after school so I practice for an hour or two basically alone then go play 9 holes walking in an hour if I play 1 ball because it is empty. My Highschool golf team plays...
I will be there this weekend
To play well I have to warm up for at least an hour before.
You have to be confident to be good...and many people see that as arrogance and cockyness.
Somewhat related, do you have any affiliation with the pangloss in candide?
What division is your school and how good do you have to be to play golf and get accepted to a team at that level
77. Bogeyed first 2 and birdied next...couldn't get any birdies after that but 10 pars in a row then 4 bogeys in a row. Wind started blowing like crazy...hit 2 200 yard 7 irons (on one I was reluctant to hit 8 and ended up going long into water) and on 17 par 3 hit 2 iron when it was 160 to the pin(went long but regardless that's 40 yards of wind)...hit the ball much better couldn't convert any approaches to birdie...still a good round
I looked at the scorecard the other day on my home course and was surprised it was actually farther than I expected. The front 9 is 3400 and with a well struck drive on every par 4 I have 3 holes with a wedge and 1 hole with a long iron. 1 par 3 is a long iron and one is a wedge. The back is 3700 and there are 0 par 4s with wedges and 2 par 4s with long irons and both par 3s are long or long mid. I can actually see me playing up to 7400 yards now but my scores on the front...
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