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I want the club and my hands to look like they are traveling on the swing plane, getting my hands high and delivering back on a similar line
Here's the swing. I had a couple new swing thoughts that made it look a lot better but it's still not there. Had a bad day that day too. Any good swing thoughts to try and make it look very good.
Just wondering how I can fix my backswing to get the takeaway correct and the swing on plane. It got really flat and laid off. The video below is after I fixed it a little bit. I think I got the takeaway but I want to find a Better position between the top and when the club is parallel as pictured. Also, what are some tendencies and problems of super short golfers that I should be careful of or try not to fix, especially heavier short people such as myself.
I used to wear a rain suit, but now in the summer I'm soaked to the bone in sweat before the round and the rain is warm so I just pop on some rain gloves and keep playing
2 years ago when I was shooting 50 maybe, I went bogey, triple, triple, then played 1 under other than a drive that I bombed and it hit a sprinkler head and went in the water. And a year ago I shot +10 on the front then -1 on the back with a double, in a tournament
I play new prov1s in tournaments, old prov1s when practicing and bridges tones when there is a real chance I could lose one. I definantly can tell a difference in the good balls, but only that they spin a little more around the green. I think bridge stones are the best for their money but I wouldn't really reccomend anything below that because try really don't spin very much.
Here I am, almost down to a 3...
I don't know anything about racing but wouldn't a caution let the cars close all the gaps, so maybe they don't want to slow down cause it kinda restarts the race,
Ours has a gross division from the back tees but there is also a net division from the blue/ white. They are different competitions
I don't know anything about the sport, but from the video it looked like an accident, if I was the driver and I am going that fast in a turn and there is half a track because a car is in the way and all of a sudden you see a guy walking in front of you then I don't think I would be able to react successfully. And it didn't really look like he turned toward the guy.
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