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That's why we have the LPGAJust wait till shorty gets ahold of you lol!
Back in the day why did they play with a 1-3 iron and 1-3 wood? Was it because you couldn't hit a wood off the deck very well. And if so that kinda explains why they aren't used. And I think today's players would rather have more wedges
I don't see how quarters of an inch really make a difference. My clubs are an inch shorter and I could go another if I wanted. I hack almost 5 inches off my wedges
Wassup. Welcome to the sandtrap! I'm the guy who posts comments that make no sense and annoys everyone. So yeah I got that going for me, which is nice.
What about 1 iron
Driving the ball is the most important part of golf. And most of the guys who hit the ball far have better swings and better bodies. Golf is about getting the ball in the hole the fastest, and it's easier to do with shorter clubs. Especially as courses get harder. I'll bet you 100 dollars I can hit my pw closer to the hole than you can hit your 3 wood. A lot of guys think that they are just as good shooting par from the whites as the blacks but it's simply not the case....
Went to the range and change my swing plane from flat to normal and tried out what you said with the driver, worked better but still need to work on it before my tournament, however I was absolutely pummeling my irons. On the 2 holes I hit an iron approach I had 145 into a gentle breeze and carried the first 150 and the second 155 with a pw. Perfect strikes granted
I think it's the bigger headed one can't remember which, right now if I mishit it it is low and way off the heel. What would be the optimal height to hit the ball, not with numbers but just looking at it, maybe I'm launching it correctly and I just don't know. Ill test what you were saying out today, usually it just makes a high spinning pull slice, but I am also fixing my swing plane today because it is probably as flat as you've ever seen, so maybe that will give me a...
I play the ball back to hit it lower, it depends on the wetness of the ground, but if it's dry it runs out.
It launches high with a flat trajectory. It's not spinning up as far as I can tell. I have no idea why either. 8.5 degree titleist 910 driver set to the low hook setting. It has an adila rip alpha shaft stiff, cut down one inch. And I play it middle of my stance teed up so that the topic the ball is in line with the top of the driver. Still launches high
New Posts  All Forums: