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I think it's the bigger headed one can't remember which, right now if I mishit it it is low and way off the heel. What would be the optimal height to hit the ball, not with numbers but just looking at it, maybe I'm launching it correctly and I just don't know. Ill test what you were saying out today, usually it just makes a high spinning pull slice, but I am also fixing my swing plane today because it is probably as flat as you've ever seen, so maybe that will give me a...
I play the ball back to hit it lower, it depends on the wetness of the ground, but if it's dry it runs out.
It launches high with a flat trajectory. It's not spinning up as far as I can tell. I have no idea why either. 8.5 degree titleist 910 driver set to the low hook setting. It has an adila rip alpha shaft stiff, cut down one inch. And I play it middle of my stance teed up so that the topic the ball is in line with the top of the driver. Still launches high
I definantly do deloft my irons and wedges as I like to hit a lowball 7 iron and down, and the lofts are strong 45 pw. I don't however hot down on it very much, a divot is something I struggle with often and with 3 wood I almost never make a divot. And the kids I was playing with take large divots an hit down on it with driver. Also, with my driver I have been working on delofting it significantly so it is straight, but when I take a normal swing, it is a suuuuper high...
Why might one hit their irons and wedges far but not their woods. I've lost quite a bit of distance on my woods, ( 260 driver, 230 3 wood) but I seem to be hitting my other clubs much farther, especially when I play my tournament balls. I played in a tournament yesterday where I was consistently 20+ yards behind my playing partners but almost hitting the same clubs in. I also seem to be always gaining distance with my irons. I come on here and always hear about people...
What would happen if you kept playing on it?
I thought that is what happened, but i now see that it wasnt. Like you were saying, energy conservation laws. However I still have an image in my head of when it happened to me and i was sure it did. Maybe it is possible on a severely downhill putt.
Its a titleist 712u. I just got it and dont really have a use for it yet. When struck well it carries as far as my 4 iron i think, but its so wet right now it dosn't roll at all. If I decide to keep it I will cut it down and get it bent weaker, then wait till it dries up out there.
In the junior ranks we (or atleast I) say " 'shot" immediately if you hit it in play and we don't have to wait for you to hit another.
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