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  Absolutely man!  A toboggin has saved my ass (and my ears) on many occasions.  I can think back on 2 or 3 times when it turned cold and I didn't have on the proper clothes...  a toboggin saves you from losing heat and saves your ears from cold winds.  It's hard to play golf when you're miserable. 
  Your's is obviously a politically correct stance to take...  and one that has much support because it lets the people who don't "sit on their hands" in life feel good about doing something instead of nothing.  But, the truth still remains that unless you can monitor these idiots, you'll never speed them up. 
Aside from the obvious things in a bag (balls, tees, gloves, range-finder, etc), here are the top 10 "must haves" that everyone should keep:   1)   neoprene koozies 2)   extra 9V batteries for the Bushnell 3)   band-aids 4)   benadryl & ibuprophin 5)   toboggin 6)   sunscreen 7)   chap-stick 8)   sharpie 9)   $20 or blank check (in case you leave your wallet in the truck or have no cash for side-bets/beer cart) 10) business cards (if that appys to...
The only way to pick up pace-of-play on a round of golf is to employ course marshals that maintain a strict time limit on each group that goes out...  PERIOD. They have to baby-sit that golf course like a teacher in a pre-school, and keep the "unruly" ones from log-jamming the whole thing.   There is no need to spend thousands of $$ on commercials to inform people that golf is being played too slow...  we already know that.  Watching Arnold Palmer & Carlie Rymer act...
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