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  I like the move by Phil.  Driver can often get him in trouble and Muirfield is not a place where you can easily recover.  That fescue can be nasty.   FWIW, Rory said he would be using driver quite a bit.   Going to be interesting to watch since these two are paired together.
3/4 sand wedge roughly.  I have a pretty good touch and dont mind taking a little off the sand wedge.
I'll be up also to catch as much coverage as possbile before heading to work.  There's a good chance I'll also be following along at work.
It was 2001 and I was a young fella.  I grew up on a golf course my whole life so I was familiar with the sport.  My dad had asked me if I wanted to go to the Compaq Classic of New Orleans.  FWIW, it is now known as the Zurich Classic.  We ended up going on that Friday and following David Toms (home town fav. from LSU) and Phil Mickelson (biggest name in tourney).  Somewhere on the back nine, we were around the green and watched Phil tap in and proceed to walk to the...
I like a mid-October round down here in South Louisiana becasue temperatures are good and a cool breeze helps.  Also, I like an early spring round in March-April when the air is still a little crisp.
I've been a fan of the PGA Tour for about 12 years now.  As of this past year/season, I've found my interest in the professional side of golf growing more and more.  Whether it be following shot tracker at work or watching every second it is aired on television, I've been knee deep in constant coverage.   As most of the PGA Tour faithful know, the third, and oldest, major of the year is right around the corner.  Most of you that follow the tour like to pull for one...
Nicely Done.  I've witnessed one, but never had the pleasure of holing one myself.  The shot didn't bounce or roll at all, dunked it straight into the cup.
I've had a fade for my entire life.  Grew up playing baseball and I think that's the reason for it.  I've learned to accept it over the years and actually use it to my advantage now.  It was more severe back in my early days of golf but has eased up over the past year or so.  I'm comfortable with that swing and, hey, if you can be consistent with it, more power to ya.
Appreciate the initiative. Should be fun
New Posts  All Forums: