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that's cool.  I didn't realize the first letter was an A.  I appreciate the response!
Anyone know what the SS (actually the first S is backwards, but can't type that) logo on the back of Adam's shirt is for?   I know his shirt is made by Uniqlo, and his other major sponsors are Mercedes, Titleist and Rolex, but I am intrigued with that logo and can't find any info on it. Thanks, Mike
I know for a fact that none of the Bandon courses require you to take a caddie.  In fact, if you wish to take a caddie, they recommend reserving one well in advance, or you might get stuck walking the course without one, and we all know you can't take a cart there!     Pebble Beach is the same, not required, but they do at least have carts if you don't get a caddie!
  I just booked a trip for the end of September, first time ever going, and taking my Dad who hasn't been there either.  Right now we are playing Pacific at around 10 am on a Monday, Old Mac at about 8 on Tuesday and Pacific again that day at about 2.  Finally we play Bandon at about 8:30 on Wednesday.  I might be able to switch the second round at Pacific for Trails, but with everything I've heard about Pacific, I am leaning toward playing there twice.  Plus, my Dad is...
Hard to rank these, so in no particular order, my favorites:   Pebble Beach Spyglass Hill San Francisco CC Poppy Hills Spanish Bay Pasatiempo Kapalua Plantation Princeville Prince Course Caladonia Golf & Fish Club Chambers Bay Edgewood Tahoe Grizzly Ranch (Nor CA) Whitehawk Ranch (Nor CA) Kananaskis (Canada)   Just made reservations for a trip to Bandon Dunes at end of September.  Playing Pacific Dunes twice, Bandon Dunes once and Old...
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