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LOL that Curb Your Enthusiasm was pretty funny. Wally your story is pretty similar to the story in the animated short I posted.  I did not realize you could link videos in the post here is that animated short again.    
I was wondering about that too, if any one has ever accidentally hit a goose on a stroke.  RayG thanks for that story, that must of been a little mortifying at the time.  I can't believe the head just "poped" off! Haha!  
LOL wow, I knew there would be some great storys!  I am not sure of any one can top that story geauxforbroke! That is hilarious and crazy.
One time had the problem where a goose was on the green at my local course. It would just not leave the green!  Eventually it flew away.  But then today I saw this animated short about a Golfer fighting a Goose haha check it out ( https://vimeo.com/44005383 )   It got me wondering if any one has any real goose horror storys? I mean they are always annoyting(mid-westerners know) and they do get protective over there young.  
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