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Perfect. Never thought about just giving myself a clean fairway lie with a tee and hitting down normally. Makes so much more sense . Thanks I'll try it out and post an update.
I can't for the life of me figure out how to tee off a par 3.... I try putting the tee almost all the way down to give it some height but I never know if I'm suppose to hit down onit the EXACT same way as a ball laying in a fairway or if I'm supposed to swing it so the face is level to the ball since it's heighted a little bit. All I've been doing is giving up and just hitting it from off the ground the entire time and while I guess it works I know teeing it off would be a...
I guess my other problem is when I hit a bad shank or I mishit the ball I'll just want to smack everyone on the range with my 7 so I just end up putting a ball wherever the hell I see an open space. Patience Patience Patience Patience 
I always end up noticing I have alot of room to draw into a right sloping fairway and I have alot of room for error. At least thats just probably at the specific courses that I play at. I think room for error would probably be the biggest one.
I really tried setting the ball up right behind the divots but for some reason no matter what I do it gets frustrating because the ball will just fall in the divot and i'll just get super annoyed. I know I'm a terrible person.
What advantages do you guys think we have over righty designed courses ?
I'm 6"0 and 23 years old and after swinging a while I've noticed i have random back pain on the bottom sometimes. It's like a pinching pain that I end up getting from arching my back wayy too much in the follow through. I'm guessing this is because of some bad habit like my weight is transferring but my body is still back I'm not sure . I'm definitely not trying to help lift the ball. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Lol absolutely I've never seen anybody describe the divots like that in facti work at my mini I'm always on the range during downtime and I never see anybody hit their divots like I should be doing. Guess I know now!
I'm eating in n out it's awesomeThat's exactly right
New Posts  All Forums: