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And they're rarer than hens teeth. So that's also why I really would like to grab this one.
I don't intend on buying any more putters. I know some people may buy several but I intend on sticking to just one. I do like it a lot yes. But I have never picked one up as of yet. I've only ever read about it and seem pics of it. But yes I must admit, $142 is still a lot. And also, if I'm honest, I doubt I have yet developed my putting swing just yet. Right? But it just looks so badass and the reviews have ALL been very good.
Ok so what you guys are saying then about the Nike putter is that because it has only 2 degrees on it it will send the ball further right? And then what you are saying is that that could be too much forward roll, so that has to be counteracted with less follow-through????
Is two degree a lot or only a little?How will it affect the roll of the ball in your opinion? According to reviews of the putter it creates very good ball roll and little hop.
  The shop I am buying it from has small putting mat to try it out on. Why do you advise not to press forward with the putter?   Thanks.
  I am getting it at a discount because it is used.   It is $142US. The shop has a 7 day trial period where I can take the putter, use it and then return it if I am not happy with it.
  Well I'm 5'6" so thought that a 33" putter would also be more suited to me. What do you think?
Hi there,   I have been going to the range for years but only recently bought myself a set of irons. I managed to get some second hand ones from a friend.   I am also currently borrowing another friend's Odyssey Tri-ball SRT which I personally find so so. Having played only 4 rounds of golf so far I haven't always enjoyed playing with it.   I need my own putter anyway and have seen great reviews of the Nike Method Midnight range. I can get the 006 in a 33"...
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