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Okay thanks Mike!
In this swing your coming up and out of it a decent amount (losing your spine angle and toosh line pretty noticeably). I would try to quiet down the feet especially the right foot before and at impact.  Also it looks like your takeaway involves a lot of wrist hinge, i prefer to set the hands more towards the top of the backswing. Good luck with everything
What do you guys prefer out of the rough with little green to work with?  I use a flop shot from time to time and I'm either money with it or it's a poor shot.  I also use a pitch shot with little roll (not hinging my hands).  I find this is the safer play with a bunch of decent shots but hardly any gimmies out of tough positions.   I specefically say out of the rough because I think using a  flop shot out of the fairway is not a great idea. Too much of a high...
looks like a solid athletic swing. One thing I see at first glance is a little too much knee bend. I would take some of that out.
It feels good, feels like I'm letting my body do more of the work(hips and shoulders) rather than the arms. I picked up 5 yards on all of my irons too.  Next I'm going to try to work on my weakening my ultra strong grip.  I'm semi reluctant to do this because I am hitting if fairly straight. Do you think changing my release(go ahead and release the hands sooner) along with weakening the grip will produce the best results mike?
Thanks Steve, I'm going to work on my grip next. The most success I am having with changing my game is working on one thing at a time. A super strong grip is def a tough thing to change too haha, i'm finding that out the hard way
Shot 74, 2 over today Mike, heres the adjustments I made (at the range prior).
Thanks a lot Mike I appreciate it!  I learned more from you on here than I learned in a few lessons. I will be putting this to work ASAP.
Thanks for taking a look Mike. I will do this and let you know how it goes. Sorry for all the questions, but when you saying turning rate do you mean amount of turn and the speed at which I turn? so more degree of turn and a faster rate?
Here's the link to my swing I started a few weeks ago Mike. http://thesandtrap.com/t/68838/my-swing-stb5089   Some of the videos aren't great quality. My weaknesses are flexing my right elbow way too soon, strong grip (I have had zero success changing it), and loss of toosh line causing my right hip too crash towards the ball. Strengths : hand eye coordination lol, I played pro baseball at the minor league level. I'm currently working on a hip turn on my backswing bc...
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