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Thank you for the explanation and drill mike, much appreciated!  Will be working on those turning rates especially at the beginning of backswing/takeaway.  Hopefully this can alllow me to clean up  the head movement on the downswing as well.  I'll let you guys know the changes being made.  
Thanks slice, appreciate it.  it sounds too easy but i concentrate on staring at the golf ball on the backswing while rotating my shoulders around.  Spine and head should feel anchored, while body moves around that point. 
  Got the feet turned outward (more toe out)  Also got more hip turn.  Still have some flexion in the left arm at the top though.
Thanks iacas and mvmac, I'm gonna try your advice !! hopefully ill get some video evidence of improvement up soon!
haha sorry about the camera.  Thanks.  normal ball flight is straight or a small cut.  My bigger misses are an occasional pull hook, a handfull in 18 holes.  Working on cleaning up posture and increasing turning rates.   Haha sorry i promise it wont happen again!  Im still struggling with this mvmac,  thanks for the video. I don't like how i have some left arm breakdown and the right flexes a little too much.  Whats the best feeling to stop this?? Also in the video my head...
  3 short irons and a driver swing. hope to get some feedback! thanks everybody
Sorry I do not.  I'm traveling for work this week.  Will post something this weekend though!
      It's been a year since I updated my swing on here guys.  I worked on cleaning up my setup and increasing turning rates this summer.  Recently shot 80, 72, 77 in my club championship.  Any help or criticism offered on my swing is appreciated. 
Okay thanks Mike!
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