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After reading this, I really want to try out both the Spyglass and Pebble course! Here's to hoping I'll get the opp next year.   Any pics of the courses @Clambake? 
Great question. Like all sports and games, you don't want to be intimidated or be predictable. @sabram - wholeheartedly agree with you, there the perfect golf course offers room for challenge and ease!
My golf goal would be to... - To take professional lessons, - To get lower my handicap (an obvious resolution) - To golf in the Ocean Course in the USA - will be a testament to my skills!
So many destinations to choose from in soo little time! If you're a fan of consistently good weather, why not head on over to South Africa?   A lot of the golf courses are locations with distinct landscapes and there are plenty of diverse activities to do beside golf. We currently rent out golf clubs to people holidaying in South Africa. We've heard a lot of good things about the golf courses there.   But if you don't want travel across the globe, there are...
New Posts  All Forums: