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Now you mention it, it may have been on a slight downslope. I'll have a look at some Youtube vids about that. I guess at the range I could put something (like a rubber tee) under the mat to change the gradient, do you think that would be allowed (and more importantly, work)? Thanks  Will try this too Thanks
I've been going to the driving rage with my woods and irons, and only played a bit on a pitch and putt course (80-110 yards)   At the range, I can usually get a solid hit with my irons, they go pretty straight, and more importantly they go high into the air. Last time we went to a different range, where you could hit off the grass. From the bays before, I was doing well. As soon as I got onto the grass I was either hitting the top of the ball knocking it forward a bit,...
  bought 'em last week I contacted the place I bought them from (european-golf-online.com) and he said he will send another one out to me pretty good service
    yeah, sorry. I counted 13 at first and when you said "can't decide on a 14th club yet" I thought "putter!!"   didn't mean it in a bad way
  lol hope this is a joke 
Do you think this was a one-off then? Should I stop worrying about the same thing happening to my other clubs?   btw here's what it looks like inside (incase anyone wondered)   it's thin metal with some weird material (to absorb impact... badly) and some plastic tubing     and here's where it snapped (if by any chance it indicates what I'm doing wrong or why it snapped at all)    
it was just a cheap Dunlop iron and my first time using it. I may have hit the ground once or twice at the driving range, but then I hit the ball straight on and looked down to see myself holding half a shaft and the other half (with club head) on the ground. I have other Dunlop clubs I've used for a while and they haven't snapped, but for the rest of my basket I was holding back because I thought the others could snap. is this because I hit the ground, a one off or just...
How about using it like a hockey stick then?   One hand on the grip and the other half way down the shaft? Should give you more control and keep the putter steady?  
If you haven't seen it, it's from 0:32 in this clip   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU_xIu_Od3w   It's a putter shaped like a hockey stick, and he holds it like one too (one hand on the grip, one half way down the shaft)   I assumed it would be legal, just impractical, but as they're banning belly putters I wasn't sure
If you can hit one of your irons 120 yards, and you're 110 yards away from the whole, do you just use less power, or do you, or do you keep the same swing (always) and just switch to a shorter iron? I find it difficult to know which club or how much power to use
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