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I figured most of it would be in my head or over swinging so I'll keep some of the things mentioned above.   I'm going out to play 9 holes tonight and will probably keep the driver in the bag but we will see how it goes. I'll post an update after.
Well the 3w was my dads, he purchased a new one, so I took it off his hands. I went to the PGA superstore here in Dallas to get fitted for a driver and the guy that fitted me said the stiff shaft would be good with me. My dad changes clubs like underwear and he has the same driver I do but with a regular flex shaft, So maybe I can try out that club and see how it goes.
Driver is a RBZ Stage II with a stiff shaft and the 3W is a RBZ with a regular shaft.
It will be interesting to see who Red Bull chooses to fill the seat of Mark Webber, maybe Kimi or Toro Rosso's Ricciardo?   It's amazing how Ferrari has been in the back of the pack for the past few seasons, Force India is starting to put pressure on them during races.   Like you said, if Vettel keeps winning like he has he will be a 4 time (in a row) champion.
I will play around with it at the range and see where I start to make better contact. Sometimes it's closer towards the middle of my stance. Maybe try moving it back some and see what happens? 
I played some golf and Saturday and ended up keeping my driver in the bag and used my 3w off the tee.  I was consistently making better contact and driving it further with the 3w. Every time I tried to use the driver I was pushing it right. I was playing with a buddy who is a great golfer and he couldn’t give me a reason on why I was doing that. Y’all have any ideas on what my problem might be?
I feel the same way! I feel it's best if I go to the putting green first so I can at least work on some putting before I start swinging some clubs. That is a long time at the range! I usually am only out there for about an hour or a little more.
TJ, have you ever played at Augusta Pines? My gf's family is really good friends with the family that owns it. I might try and play it next time i come down there. 
  What are these wall drill you speak of?
I do not have an alignment aid, I just put down a club sometimes. That might be a good $4 investment though. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: