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I can't stand the head covers that come with the clubs so I purchased classic knit headcovers from http://www.classicheadcovers.com/
Here's another GHIN question, why the heck isn't Arizona listed when I go to post an *away* score online?
Admit it, you stopped because the Bucs stink...... ;) I kid, I kid........
DTB is awesome! When I first saw him he was like 13 in '92 w/ the ABB in Sarasota, FL. Kid ripped it up. Didn't think much about him till maybe 10 years later and I picked up Joyful Noise and have been hooked since. There's a video of the '02 or '03 Jammies in NYC and he's on stage with Robert Randolph & the Fam Band & John Mayer. DT holds his own and Jams, but JM couldn't keep up.......it's pretty funny.
We have a trip out west planned for early April and have 4 courses lined up: Club West Golf Club Sanctuary Golf Course Sunridge Canyon Golf Club Las Sendas Golf Club Anybody here play these? Are they good for the $$? I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get a TPC on there, but that's for next time. Any advice on night spots (for the 40+ crowd) or things to do is appreciated as well. Also, what kind of weather to expect April 7-11th? Thanks in advance!
oh well. I prefer the actual date.hopefully vBulletin will let that be a user setting in future releases.
Is there a way to actually view the post date, rather than 1 Day Ago? I've looked in the forum settings and can't seem to find it. Thanks
10 years 7 months 25 days for me.
Lob Wedge.
I have an '87 JD 216. That Kohler just keeps a runnin'.
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