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Over the past month, I have been working hard on looking at the front of the ball, but for me it's to cure fat shots. I had never heard this advice before, but it made sense to me that my brain is trying to ground the club where I am looking. I have especially found this useful for chipping and pitching. Contact is so much more consistent.
Putter chippers are legal as long as they only have one face. The double-sided ones are illegal.
So I just took my new Tour Striker out to the range for the first time, and I was hitting it about 10-15 yards farther and with a higher ball flight than my MX19 7 iron. The TS has a stiff shaft vs the regular flex in my irons. TS was going 160-165 and my 7 is pretty consistent at 150. Has anyone experienced this? Or is it time to update my irons? Could the shaft flex make this much difference? I don't spend much time hitting new irons as I play 1" over length (I'm 6'5")...
Do you take a divot or pick in clean when you miss like this? My guess is it was hit thin and the ball only connected near the bottom groove or leading edge of the club. When I miss like this I've lifted my body out of position and don't get back down to the ball, so it's hit thin with no divot.
When I shank it seams to stem from turning my left hip towards the ball on the back swing. This gets me too close to the ball on the downswing. To fix it I focus on turning my right hip on the takeaway and initiating the downswing by moving my left hip left and back (diagonally towards left field). I'm sure there are lots of shank causes, but this swing feeling seems to work for me.
I have the RZB HT with the adjustable shaft tip. I play the stock 13* loft, but in the upright position. I'm really happy with the driver. I have a fairly low launch angle with drivers, so the extra loft helps me out there. Have hit my longest drives on the course with this club (270 yards).
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