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It just occurred to me.....professional golfers must hit between spectators all the time!  Here I am worrying about a stupid window, and pros must deal with the consequence of an errant golf ball seriously injuring a spectator.  I don't know how they do it.  Thank God I'm pathetic at golf and will not need to worry about such a fate.
I must further confess I put down an eight on number five despite the fact I didn't hole out (I used equitable stroke limit).  After I heard the smash, I wasn't about to hit a provisional.  I wonder what the rule book would have to say about that?  Perhaps we need a rule that should a player hit an errant shot into an expensive window, the player has two options, be honest and inform the owner of the property that one has damaged it and is more than happy to pay for it,...
If they can afford to live in a house that luxurious, then they ought to be able to afford insurance for such damages - I can't although I will pay the deductible.  That would be the fair thing to do, but they would insist I pay for the entire cost of replacing the window.   I know I'll eventually confess and tell them I broke their window.   At least my dad has money - God bless him.
Today I played well, relative to my handicap of 21, I shot 92 (with five three putts).  I'd love to be happy, but I sliced badly on hole number five  (on which course specifically is irrelevant) and I heard a smashing unlike anything I've ever heard before. It was a large expensive window on at least a five million dollar home.   The people who live in such houses, so they say, cannot obtain insurance against golf ball damages because such a thing it too expensive.   I...
I tried sliding my hips towards the target on the downswing  - doesn't help at all.   I photographed my swing and clearly my club is very steep and vertical at the top.   Does this help clarify what's wrong?
I'm off to the range right now to try shifting my weight to the right; now that I think about it, I am hanging back.  But when does this weight transfer happen and how?  Is it done at the top of the swing or during the downswing?  In another thread, there is a movement (i.e. a slide), of the hips towards the target like Nick Faldo does in his swing photographs.   See, http://thesandtrap.com/t/29616/the-biggest-secret-slide-your-hips   I can hardly wait to see the...
I'm in a real golf rutt.  All my shots are chunky and the divots all point to the left for a righty golfer.   Is their a simple solution for this?  Please share.
It's just no use! It's just no use!      No matter what swing thought I implant into my mind, I couldn't hit the ball straight today.   It's a fine line between laughter and tears.
Depends, had your friend been seriously hurt, breaking out in laughter would be very inappropriate; instead a more Stoical approach (grace under pressure) is needed.  I carry my cellphone in my golf bag for golf course emergencies.  After a trip to a hospital and suppose he's okay, laughter about the incident should be archived into the club's history.  For example, when I was only ten, I managed to get my hand stuck in a cigarette vending machine at my club.  At the time...
Why don't we just wrap up this thread with that - God Bless you All 
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