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Okay, weight forward and hands forward at address and at impact.  I can hardly wait to try these ideas, however in Canada our groundhog messed up seriously and we aren't going to be playing until at least May.  It's sad but true.
It depends on one's school of thought.  I've had some instructors tell me they believe keeping the head still is a bad thing, while others say the opposite.  However, while watching the professionals on television, if the background consists of stationary objects such as trees or spectators and the like (i.e. not the sky), any movement of this kind can be detected by a shift in their head position relative to the background - this is called parallax.  Davis Love III's head...
Can stupid be fixed?  Probably not, but there is nothing wrong with being stupid - is there?
Okay, no problem.
  Oh, how keen and clever you are :)  But think about Newton's first law, a body at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.  When I first heard this in high school, I thought "well duh"
Okay, so now I'm convinced it is the momentum of the club-head or swing speed that is important ( F = m v / t ).  But then, how can the club start motionless at address (zero net forces acting upon it), to something moving at say 90 miles per hour?  The club-head must accelerate in order for it to change speed, thus the players body must be applying force on the club in accordance to Newton's second law that force is directly proportional to the acceleration of an object...
Oh, wait a minute, I see.   The club head traveling with uniform speed shall impart a force on the ball for a brief duration of time, as given by the equation F t = m v   In other words, the momentum of the club-head, imparts a force on the ball for a very brief interval of time and this causes the ball to accelerate off the tee even though the club-head is traveling with uniform speed.   Now that I think about it, the time is so brief, the amount of force...
I think you're right.  All my divots today were facing left or "over the top." Thank you kindly!
Science must be universal, it applies to everybody. I become so frustrated with monthly swing theories, printed in magazines, that never work.   Suppose we want to write something about how to fix slicing, then, for all true slicers, it should apply to all of them and remedy all of them.   Maybe, there is only one true way to golf or perhaps some people are naturals and others are not - sad but true.
In any event, is there anything science can say to improve ones game that is simple to understand?   For example, what results in more consistent shots?  Science is broad in subject matter, it should have something to say about this.
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