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totally understand...there is thousands, ..I have no problem shelling out the cash!...If i feel its an improvement!!!, Like i said in the first thread...I didnt have that with Scotty's...some do and thats what they use!
I prefer the mallet design
Not really any weaknesses... per say, just looking for insight on different one, or where to start...in the end the putter chooses you really.. nothing against the Cameron's, but had the studio's and the red x, and never really seen enough benifit to justify the extra $$, awesome clubs, and impectable craftsmanship and attention to detail---but just not my choose- what else do you need to know about my game etc...let me know and I will answer it.
Hello, I'm new to the site, but the game!, I purchased a Wilson Kirk Currie III, about 6_7 yrs. Ago, great putter, lots of adjustment to it...I am looking for input of a new putter..what do you suggest? I am a 38 yr old,male, with a 9 hand I cap, and have just recently got back into the game from some time off from it. Going to sell the Wilson for $50, with all the weights and tool
Hello, Dale here from michigan, I am looking to take my game to the next level and looking for any info on where to look?, Planning to play in the Michigan amateur tour next spring, but want info of what to look forward too etc...Im sure somebody is out there that was in my shoes once, where did you go?, what did you do? how did you get to where you are today in this game? ETC!!!!
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