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Thanks guys. It's cracking me up that I had my worst round in a long time just a couple of weeks ago. For anyone who is struggling, know that high points could be just around the corner, so try to keep your confidence up and trust the swing that you've worked so hard to build!
Just careered it to shoot 68 (-4). Having not broken par in more than a year (only -1 twice previously), I'm stoked, but this sick game always leaves you wanting more. Burned a couple edges that kept me from a ridiculous number and there's still a lump in my throat from my 3 putt on 18. I have a whole new respect for those guys on tour, who have WAY more on the line than I ever will. Anybody else shoot their best ever and choke while closing it out?
Dr. Bob Rotella books. If I recall correctly, "Golf is a game of confidence" is one that centers mainly on routine, which would be helpful. Quick summary: find a pre-shot routine that you can trust and stick with it. Even if you're partying and unfocused on the course, you can put that on pause and find your zone for a few seconds before you hit your shot.
Just got back from the shop, where they confirmed that these are real. Called in about the serial number and also concluded that someone had just done a poor garage reshafting job and possibly even a bad attempt at a paintfill. Glad to know they're legit. Thanks for your help guys! I'll add pics of the serial and buttstamp just for a future reference in case anyone else has similar questions as I did. [IMG]
Totally agree vinchenzio, that and the crappy epoxy job were the things that piqued my interest. Other than those though, everything seems pretty legit. They're gonna go to the shop tomorrow for further inspection.
TJ, thanks for the help. I may end up pulling a grip off this afternoon or I'll go try to find some PX satins to compare.
Tried the magnet test and discovered that the magnet would stick to the insert, but I believe this is only because it was attracted to the face. When I put the magnet close to the face or hosel, it slides off of the insert, over to the chromed metal. Anybody every seen PX shaft bands like that (no flex listed)?  
Trying 2nd pic again - it doesn't appear to be working.
Something about these feels very fake to me. I bought them second hand from an individual, so who knows. The serial number is seven digits and only on the 6 iron, and the shafts look like they've been a very poor install. I know that a custom set is supposed to have a serial on each head, but I'm wondering if someone might have just reshafted these with these +1/2" in their garage and possibly did a very poor job. Thoughts on authenticity?[IMG]
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