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I'm gonna change things up and work on lag, lol. I am calling BS that it happens naturally. I have read this all over and it just doesn't work like that, at least for me. I have a late flip so now I am going to work on making sure my shoulders rotate through the shot, I finish rotated big time but maybe I am cheating it and just don't feel the stall, and rotating my arm from the top. If those don't work I may just bend my right hand back and never let it go. I guess if I...
With your swing speed senior flex would be right. The problem is, depending on how long you have played, if you aren't older or have limitations that keep your swing speed down, you might start to swing faster the more you play and the better you get. Which means you will be buying new clubs sooner rather than later.So I am no expert by any means but to sum up my thoughts, if you are older or have played for a couple years than that eBay deal you posted looks good. Just...
A little bit of a thread hijack here but Heck yeah need to get a nc/sc outing together. Lots of good courses around here to choose from and can't beat the lack of an offseason. If someone gets it going and enough interest we should do it.
Choose to hit 5 iron as highest. Just took the 4i out of my bag just not enough height off my 4 iron.
Not one bit. 
I absolutely love mine. I am a Titans fan and that's what my ball marker is. $5 for the hat clip and marker and it is truly one of my favorite things I take to the course with me. I did notice PGA pros don't use them. Maybe the weight throws off their perfect swings, lol. 
Welcome. As a 10 a month in you're already ahead of a lot of people. Where you at in NC? Where do you play?
$10-$15 plus the new pair of pants? Lol no thanks I am married.
 Check the impact on the clubface with tape. Maybe you are topping it? Someone mentioned possibly being too steep but I think it would be the opposite. I take small divots with my 3 wood and my ball goes way up. 
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