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I am calling BS that all you find in the woods are ProVs unless you play really expensive courses and that's all people are playing. People look for those. I see a lot of "lost" topflights and won't even pick them up.To the OP why would dicks stop making their balls?(which honestly I didn't even know they did)
Yeah I was just kidding around. Pretty sure at that point I would just do whatever I wanted.
I voted no because it's not really easy to measure unless someone has the same exact swing. I have gained distance but in the last year to year and a half I have seen my driver swing speed go from 90-95 to 107 last time I measured it. I assume my iron swing speed has progressed along with that. This is due to lessons and diving into everything golf and learning as much as possible. So do I have newer technology? Sure. Do I hit it further? Sure. Is there a correlation? I...
 This is kind of funny. Not to go all off subject but I just got the speedblades and what exactly makes them for high handicap golfers? I will admit I went for blades but ended up getting these. Do folks just feel cool hitting blades? Is it because pros use them so it makes them feel closer to a pro? Don't go with the workability factor either because I can hook my speedblades as hard as my driver and slice them as much too. Not that I try to because I would rather shot...
Cool video, thanks for sharing. I believe he is supposed to proceed as a lost ball and take a one stroke penalty and replay the shot from the previous lie.
 Off topic but uhhhh......TheSandTrap.com › Golf Forum › The Practice Range › Member Swings › Help horrific shank can't shake it Although he didn't follow the posting rules. 
There will be a lot of hate towards them just because they are Taylormade obviously.   I will check them out but I just bought new irons of theirs (speedblades) so won't be buying them. They did make the Speedblades drop $100 which was within 30 days of my purchase so I was able to go back and get that refunded so I like them already, lol.    My whole bag is TaylorMade except for 2 hyrbids and a Cleveland wedge but I don't like the idea of a technological advance that...
9.0 from 9.9. I guess it helps to play 7 rounds since the last revision. One round really brought it down but it was inflated from a couple bad rounds so I guess it evens out. 
 Do you think they will give a refund if someone can send them the approximate location of where they can locate the 12 balls? 
I know it's closer to the hosel than the toe but I thought a half inch seemed a little close.
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