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If you don't spend most of your work day on thesandtrap.com no matter how many times they have threatened to fire you.   And I am still a real golfer since I switched to ProV1s about a month ago. That one almost got me. Not that I need a list to validate it. My wife and I went golfing yesterday in a light rain the entire round, CPO and we were the only ones on the course when we started and finished. After that I can't possilby lose my 'real golfer" card. 
What if it's uphill?You're not a real golfer if you leave your wedge by the side of the green. Amateur move. Sure buddy I saw your wedge, it was right by the green back there in the same spot it's still at.You have to always borrow another club from somebody's bag. Oh you want to use my 4 hybrid again? Well why the hell do you have a 4 iron in your bag then? (This does not count as far as trying out friends new toys)More serious, you don't rake bunkers, fill divots or fix...
What if you wear the watch on your ankle?
 I need a thumbs down button. 
 If light and whippy creates more clubhead speed with no downside wouldn't everybody play with light and whippy? Lol. I can see it now "Man I hit that drive 350 yards but it doesn't count because the shaft was light and whippy" Also as I stated in my earlier post I switched to these from the burner 2.0s recently and I don't really feel like it's whippy and I did not add yardage at all. Do you have proof of that somewhere? I am not doubting they may because I had my pro hit...
Well I just got them and a couple thoughts on your post and a question. I hated the sound and at first but after 5 rounds and range session I don't even notice it anymore. My ball flight went down with them versus the burner 2.0s. That probably had something to do with learning I've been playing my irons with a wide open face for years and changing that recently but it came down a lot. As far as feelin mishits I've never played with blades so don't know exactly what...
Probably not a good idea. You need to engrain the swing on the range. I don't even take practice swings unless I am waiting and even then they are rare.Now on a regular swing for sure. I will take a huge divot right in front of a groundskeeper. Don't care. But I will fill it if they provide me sand. It's the way I play the game and is completely acceptable. I don't care what they think.On a side note even on the range you need to make sure you know how to hit. Which is as...
 Is she aimed that way? Body and/or club? I'd take her to the range and put a club down her toe line and down the outside the club and see where she is aimed. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. 
 We need an update in like a week. I have finally found the secret to my golf swing 15 times in the last month. 
 I have shot a low score and came away feeling like I played like dog poop. Of course scores is what we judge by but different things can raise or lower scores. Hit like crap but get up and down a lot...lower score, feel like worse golf. Striking the ball really well but 36+ putts...higher score, feel like better golf. I only say it that way because I think a lot of people judge their game based on driver and approach. 
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