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I'm the 18 under par vote but I could probably take it back and just say no because if I shot 18 under par I would probably wonder why I didn't eagle more holes. To me golf is about never being satisfied and at the same time taking joy in little victories. Putting better In a round, chipping better, making solid contact with the irons every time, working a tight draw off the box or whatever I may be working on. This games is humbling and unless you are real good and you...
Golflogix but not sure if it is on android but it's free. Just have to pay if you want to use club tracking. They should probably pay me by now.
My post was under the assumption someone was shooting scores in the 88 to 90 range and trying to break 85. Of course long ball and approaches are important and that's why I said what I did about tracking stats. You have tracked the stats though so I guess I am inclined to say you are probably right. But only using my perception, and admittedly I have only play with 50 or so golfers, but I can't think of one person I have played with that was a bogey golfer because of tons...
This title should be changed to "The haters thread".
End of watch birdie? I can't see how the cartoon character bad guys could get that movie anything more than a bogey. Worst acting ever unless they were told they were supposed to be a parody.
 How exactly does a swing look wimpy? Please let me know because I am going to work on this at the range today. 
Golflogix on the iphone. Love the app. And it's free. You download the course at the beginning of the round, takes me 30 seconds tops, it has gps although I don't use it at all with my scope now, and you can keep your stats. I turn everything off except for score, FIRs, GIRs and putts. So when I am done with a hole I hit the pencil on it, put in the score, put in if I hit the fairway or if I pulled, hooked, pushed or sliced and then how many putts and it marks whether I...
Par 5, straight dogleg right. Water hazard runs along right and left of layup area and across the front of the green. 2 small bunkers behind the green and thick tree line within 15 or so yards of a horizontally thin green. I have played this hole many times and go for it always because I hate to lay up lol. I bail out a lot to the right side landing area but have been everywhere on this hole except the green. My playing partners always ask me why oh why. Had my tin cup...
I pretty much only have taylormade in my bag. The R11s is the only club I never want to give up though. Everything else is just a club. I like them but will replace them eventually.
If someone averages 90 that doesn't mean they shoot 18 over every round. So the variables would be a lot more than you are saying here. Also an average in golf is in constant flux especially if you are using the handicap system. Any round can be below or above the average and the first hole only truly affects it as part of the overall score of that round. Other than mentally of course which is what I am sure most people thought you were going with this originally.
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