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This is an awesome post. I hate speed golf as much as slow golf but I will admit I hate watching slow golf in front of me more than anything.
Charlotte must be different than where you guys live. Not sure I have seen a course in a while where someone is going to shoot 120+ and not hold up groups. Heck I had a 4.5 hour twosome round the other day on a Thursday behind 3 groups of hacking twosomes and had a foursome waiting on me for the last 7 holes. I am a strong believer the range makes you better. Not sure if you guys spend time there but an hour before the round and/or after the round and just the range once...
96. 44-52. Just awful. Started off with 4 GIRs in a row and three 3 putts and a birdie. Greens were quick and tough pin placements and I just changed my putting stroke so I could live with that. However after that just fell apart. Need to get a camera to do a my swing video because I have a better swing than 96 and sometimes I feel so awkward on my swing I think I could just cross hand swing and feel the same.  
Honestly I am not trying to be mean but I cant imagine watching someone shoot 130s. Everybody was a beginner at some point but why bother playing every hole out. My wife has only been playing for about 2 years or so and doesn't play often. She understands if you have taken 3-5 hits and still way off the green and you are going to shoot a 120+ just pick it up, if you want to practice on the putting put it on the green and try while people are lining up their putts and then...
I usually round up. So if my drive ends up 240, I figure most shots I have wind in my face even if it is too high for me to feel it is affecting my ball and it may look downhill from the tee box but when I got to my ball the ground was clearly slanted slightly up hill. Then I factor in that I don't think I hit it as solid as I can and I easily drive the ball 300+.
That looks quite uncomfortable. But newtogolf is right, slow people would still be slow. I've seen a foursome where both carts go ball by ball. Also the conversation in the cart after the hole or between shots when no one is hitting is an absolute time waster and a lot of high handicappers do it. I am somewhat patient but nothing gets to me like looking at a group in front of me and no one has hit a ball for 2+ minutes. Someone should be hitting AT ALL TIMES. 
I vote golf lessons. It's the only one of the three that will lower your scores.
Still Srixon Trispeed at 2 dozen for $45. Just love that ball. Also enjoy the Taylormade Lethals. I think ProV's are overrated. Maybe if they sold spin, touch and feel for my swing at the store I would care how much a ball spins or how soft it is around the green but until then not worth the price.    On a side note and I hate to just dog any brand but all Nike balls suck to me lately. 20xi and One RZN are like hitting rocks and make the worst sound off my club head. One...
  Haha, this reminds me of my uncle in bowling. We are on a team together and he is a 195 average and I am working on it. So he tries to help me and the best I can explain it is he says "First you got to line it up like this and then you go zzzzzziiiiiiiipppppooowwwww bbbaaaammmmm!!!!!!!! Strike!!!!!!!" And all I can say is "That's not nearly as helpful as you think but you keep saying it."
       I find this hilarious for some reason. Makes me chuckle every time I read it. 
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