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Thanks I watched the video. I like him but still don't see much that makes this more than a gimmick that won't really improve someone's game. If you want to go over your round and look at your shots I guess that would be a cool thing. Like I said before, I can on an app for free. I keep track of fairway hits and if not where I missed plus ball flight, putts, score and scrambling with 5 button presses in 20 seconds. If I was giving advice I would suggest most golfers from...
So does this really have a chance to make anybody better or is just a gimmicky way to track stats? I know it might be slightly more convenient than a phone app but I don't find it very hard to click on a couple of buttons on my phone when I get in the cart. As far as club tracking it doesn't seem like it would work too well. For instance when I am 100 yards away I choke down on a PW and shorten my swing, doesn't mean I hit my PW 100 yards. Also what if you chunk or thin a...
Doesn't seem to me like a "too good to be true" deal overall. Maybe just for people similar to you because you have some weekdays off/time to go play at those times and don't mind walking. In my eyes the course is probably trying to drum up business for what is their slow times on course and is targeting people like you with the deal. They probably also assume a lot of people that take the deal will ride which gets them more money. Just my opinion though and it isn't my...
I just do it mentally just like putting. I am counting paces in my head. With a chip/pitch shot withon 20 yards or so I walk to the edge of the green in between my ball and the hole and estimate paces to my ball and to my landing spot. Probably could walk it off in the same time but I don't want to eliminate the feel from that part of the game completely.
87, 44/43. 6520, 71.7, 133. I am stuck between shooting sub 78 rounds from 6100 range and shooting mid to high 80s in the 6500+ range. It's getting frustrating. I am not super long but I got the shots to move back but it seems like my swing struggles when I do.
I believe there's a thread on here about secondary access tilt. Check that out. Sorry I am on a phone so not going to link it. I don't feel squishing a can or bug though I feel like my hip bumps out. Everybody is different though.
75, 34/41 on a 35/36 par 71. Had 2 double bogies. 1 was just a bad double the other I earned with a bad tee shot. 95+ degrees I hit a brick wall on the back. So disappointed.i could have easily gone par or even maybe in the 60s today with my ball striking. 10 girs and I missed 3 out of 4 par 5s which is usually a strength. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Win on starting page 704!!!!!
Can you get 2? Hahaha.
So just to clarify because I am new at this and pretty funny if I get my approval today may post my first score today with this issue if I can tonight. If a par 4's fAirway is shut down so they turn it into a par 3 then you locate the difference in yards from the scorecard on the chart and then subtract the course and slope differential that is listed? Does this sound right?
 I might be interested depending on when the draft is and how many money leagues I end up in. 
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