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To the OP the guy was an idiot. No instructor is going to point out that many things to you for a reason. Guys like that I would probably just try to tell him what I was actually working on to confuse him and make him walk away. Maybe ask him what the ball flight laws are and laugh when he gets them wrong and tell him to go research somewhere.I had a pro at a range come up to me one time and give me advice on how to fix my push I was hitting. He quickly walked away after I...
Should've played a ProV. Nice shot.
On your direct question I would say B but that could just trade off for a snap hook or pull/slice depending on your swing path. However, to me the more important questions are what is the ball flight of the miss? What is the ball flight when you hit it well? Do you know the ball flight laws? Are we talking driver, irons or both? Is the clubhead set up open?
 Yeah I caught that. 
 Does the LPGA not allow beards? Can you point me to where that rule is listed. Also, the last 2 posts prove my point. If the PGA allowed short and the LPGA did not, you could bet your house there would be a huge stink about it. What if they said all the LPGA had to wear skirts? Not that I truly care what they can wear on the PGA until I make it there but it doesn't make it not sexist. Again though it's just the wrong side of sexism for certain groups to care. 
 The Yankees still don't allow players to have beards. I do find it sexist that because the LPGA allows skirts they also allow shorts but the men cannot wear shorts. I guess it's wrong way sexism though so it's cool. 
Speedblade irons. Not sure why. Buyers remorse here. I can stick them though but should have gone away from CBs and offset. Oh well live and learn. Lesson is DO NOT BUY IRONS WHEN YOUR SWING IS OFF. I will sadly put up with them for 9-12 months and look for something else lol. 
I voted several strokes higher but I am probably in between that and a few strokes higher. To me it isn't the speed. That I can adjust for. What you cannot adjust for is when your ball loses it's momentum on mid to long putts when approaching the hole and starts to bounce off the punch holes and off any short of "readable" line. Also you cannot account for short putts through punch holes. I watched someone on Sunday putt a 2 foot putt that hit a punched hole, hopped in the...
 Thank you. On the second part is that even if they were the biggest, deepest holes ever and completely covered in tons of sand? I think  I would still post on aerated greens but both were the same course and these things were rough. I thought as long as I declared it a practice round prior to the round I could play without posting. Normally I wouldn't do that without good reason but when the greens were in that kind of shape I thought it wouldn't really reflect my actual...
8.3 is my first official handicap. But I "only" played 7 rounds in the last 16 days. Not counting a 9 hole and 18 hole rounds that I played as practice rounds because the greens were punched and sanded really bad. I think I can do that. No wonder my body feels like I am old as heck I may play too much golf lol. 
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