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My 22º Taylor Made Rescue with senior shaft that I got by mistake!
If I was to buy a 60º wedge, what would be the recommended bounce?   I really don't get the concept of bounce, but what would you say it's easier to play?
Thanks everyone!   Although Yes won the pole, I'm gonna wait and buy it next winter.   I really almost never use the 56º, so I'll probably end up using the 60º even less...   It can wait!
Details: :)   -I have a 24,5 handicap and have been playing for a 1,5 years   - Titleist 910d driver - Taylor Made RBZ stage 2 - 5 wood - Taylor Made BBZ 4 rescue - Taylor Made Burner 2 irons 4-PW - 52 and 56º wedges - Odissey White Hot putter   Started shooting in the 90's not too long ago.   Not much more to say I guess.   Thanks
I'm not sure I need it or not.   What would you say?   Thanks
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