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  What bounce to play with?
  Also, is that a big gap between 50º and 56º when I have a 60º to hit most shot within 80 yards
I've always read that but the last time I was at the range I was practicing full swings off the grass and I always went way under the ball with that much bounce. Are there any adjustments to be made with a high bounce?
I've always shy'ed away from using my SW from anything but a bunker but I'm beginning to think I'm missing out on some good opportunities.. specifically anything around 100-80 yards. How many of you use your SW from the fairway or rough from around that distance? What bounce do you have on your club and how does it come into play?     I have the following wedges:   46º/8º Vokey PW 50º/8º Vokey GW 54º/?  TaylorMade R7-XD SW 60º/8º Vokey LW   Wondering...
There seems to be quite a discrepancy between players.    For all of you that use 54º or higher. Are you trying to chip it or pitch it? 
Maybe a better question should be, what loft do you use to chip? How does bounce come into play?   Out of the following, which do you think I should practice my chips with:   - 46º w/ 8º bounce (Pitching) - 50º w/ 8º bounce (Gap) - 54º w/ 14º bounce (Sand) - 60º w 8º bounce (Lob)
What is you default club to chip with?   PW? GW? Iron?   Thanks
Thanks.   I already play a 60º Vokey LW so I decided to buy a 50º GW and a 46º PW to replace one that I just lost. 
  How the **** does this help? Price was never an issue
  Huh? Not following.
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