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maybe do some gym work, but I do believe that length of the tee is generally god given, im sure you can get a bit longer but not much, just my opinion I will probably get shot down in flames but that's my opinion.
take it you've gone down the route of being properly fitted out ie clubs, balls, shaft launch monitor stuff?This will get you 30 yards.
I do have a swing on facebook how do you get it on here?
I don't have a video, its a bit furyk like but it works luckily, I shot 68 yesterday, my god he has worked hard at it but he just cannot time the move correctly like I say sometimes he does sometimes he don't but his misses are big both ways,
well lets concentrate on the crooked bit that is something we can fix.Please don't try to work too hard on being a bomber, get some teaching, look at a video of the swing, think about your missed shots, try to understand whats happening.
Me and my mate started golfing when we were 13yrs old currently 42, we have hit millions of balls, studied books, watched swings, and both had some lessons (not many), we both understand the swing, both good at sport, ive gone on to have many par and sub par rounds, my mate has a better swing hits it a tad farther but has only broke 80 twice in 100s of rounds, we know the problem, we understand the problem but cannot fix him, he just cannot get his sequencing correct at...
I reckon ive hit more practice balls than 99 per cent of golfers im 42 now, I definately think hitting loads of balls does you little or no use, I play better without beating balls I think you just try to overhit the ball on the range, my tempo and rhythm on the course is far better, to improve you need a qualified pro watching you to tell you how to improve go away and think about what the pro has said, I mean understand the swing, understand what hes telling you, just...
give yourself a head start start with the feet open, similar to Trevino, turn onto your left foot then hit hard with the right side allowing the weight to flow forward, allow the head to turn to face the target early similar to stenson, duval and sorenstam hope this helps.
no way should you fight nature in my opinion, if you try to stretch the takeaway and swing wide I think that causes all sorts of problems, I hinge the wrists very early as did seve as does danny willett, tiger swings wide adam scott wide, top players do it there own way I don't think its a massive issue to focus on.Timing, tempo, rhythm far more important, weight shift important, your mate may bomb it but that's natural talent you cant teach that, youll never match him,...
Hi all, got to share this with you, have always been a very good driver of the ball which has made the game far easier, however my main weakness has always been my iron play, far too many fat shots the main culprit, having seen my swing I knew the culprit poor weight transfer on the downswing leading to a flip release, fine off the tee all sorts of problems off the deck, browsing online found a simple tip from Michael breed which I gave a go, the tip was place a ball...
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