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yes good post above so yes make the golfer aware of the error on the practice swing ie hitting behind the ball get them to feel hitting/brushing the ground in front of the ball hopefully the penny will drop, cant think of a more simple concept, as you say poor golfers lack awareness more than anything, on greens i see it time after time just plain not appreciating common sense stuff.
well its helped me im level for my last 36 holes iron play much improved
yes ideally you would take a divot but the green keeper would not be happy, so yes, brush the grass but crucially make sure you brush the grass in front of the ball, where it should do.then step straight into the shot trying to recreate the late hit this should help to reduce fat shots.hope this helps.
just something that may help, I think a practice swing concentrating on finding the bottom of the arc in front of the golf ball is vital, just thinking about divot in front ensures that the hit is at the correct moment ie at the ball and beyond, far to often the hit is too early resulting in fats and pulls, my routine is take a few practice swings to feel the correct bottom of arc position this trains the brain, then I move straight into the shot the body will repeat the...
maybe do some gym work, but I do believe that length of the tee is generally god given, im sure you can get a bit longer but not much, just my opinion I will probably get shot down in flames but that's my opinion.
take it you've gone down the route of being properly fitted out ie clubs, balls, shaft launch monitor stuff?This will get you 30 yards.
I do have a swing on facebook how do you get it on here?
I don't have a video, its a bit furyk like but it works luckily, I shot 68 yesterday, my god he has worked hard at it but he just cannot time the move correctly like I say sometimes he does sometimes he don't but his misses are big both ways,
well lets concentrate on the crooked bit that is something we can fix.Please don't try to work too hard on being a bomber, get some teaching, look at a video of the swing, think about your missed shots, try to understand whats happening.
Me and my mate started golfing when we were 13yrs old currently 42, we have hit millions of balls, studied books, watched swings, and both had some lessons (not many), we both understand the swing, both good at sport, ive gone on to have many par and sub par rounds, my mate has a better swing hits it a tad farther but has only broke 80 twice in 100s of rounds, we know the problem, we understand the problem but cannot fix him, he just cannot get his sequencing correct at...
New Posts  All Forums: