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Hi all, got to share this with you, have always been a very good driver of the ball which has made the game far easier, however my main weakness has always been my iron play, far too many fat shots the main culprit, having seen my swing I knew the culprit poor weight transfer on the downswing leading to a flip release, fine off the tee all sorts of problems off the deck, browsing online found a simple tip from Michael breed which I gave a go, the tip was place a ball...
I think so, not really thought about it, I just set up naturally so id guess that the hand position would be the same relationship to the hips.I am 6ft 2 and a flat swinger my irons have not been fitted I was thinking this may have something to do with it?
no difference with set up, only clue when I ease up and hit three quarter shots with the wedge it really does get close to the toe.
Can anyone solve this mystery please, im hitting it great with my woods striking it dead centre of the club face (can see the ball imprints) however the short iron strike is off the toe, how does that work, long irons just off centre toward the toe, any theories fellow golfers?
my ball striking in the last few weeks has been the best ive ever achieved through the bag, I put it down to a minor tweak at address, I was catching the ball of the toe with my irons and  ive always rolled the club open to start the backswing, the change I have made has helped cure both faults.I became aware that I was reaching for the ball with my arms at address this was causing the roll, creating also a very flat backswing, simply allowing the arms to hang vertically...
hi I think your swing is excellent, but wow look at the bow in the shaft at impact, maybe this is affecting your consistency?
cheers ms256 for your feedback hope that cold snaps not as bad this time for you americans
yeah that's the one, im sure most people understand that the legs should start the downswing, I just thought that telling them to start the action a fraction before the the backswing completes will ensure that the swing remains fluid and prevent the hands and right shoulder snatching from the top.
yes totally agree just posted to give some golfers a tip that may work for them, thanks for your feed back anyway all your comments I take on board.
the width helps because if your narrow the club will cast from the top of the backswing, I think having a mental image of the swing ie cracking the whip is important, im sure it may help people understand how the swing should work, far too many golfers cast from the top robbing the motion of power and accuracy, picturing how the shaft should flex is also a great way of making people understand the downswing action.
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