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It's been my natural shot for my whole 'career' I like it so much more than a draw because I feel that if I just swing agressively through the ball, it's gonna go somewhere near straight. That's been my main swing thought with the fade, 'hit the ball hard over this spot'
Drop in a dry spot in the bunker, no penalty. Call it unplayable, use that rule. Play it out. I'm sure Erik will come by with the numbers for the rule.
He is 6'3" and 190 pounds. He isn't a tiny dude, in fact, he's a big dude.
Paddy is going through those swing changes.. Tomorrow depends on if they hold up under the pressure.
Best ball with a friend, We both shot -4. I had two birdies and an eagle. Luckily we never both had red figures on the same hole, so we shot -8
Hahah. Sorry, I can't agree. I aim at every pin, I go after my birdies. I go for every Par 5 in two, for the most part I want to have a wedge in my hand on Par 4's, so I hit driver. I don't know, I guess I don't understand yet.
Titleist is such a cool company. Anything you see from them (pretty much) you can call them and buy. I always get a little nervous when I go to Dick's for anything golf related, not to be elitist, but it's just like buying something from a little shack.
You'd be surprised how fast you transform into a ninja when a shank is coming your way. You get out of there REALLY fast.
I've gone 69-82. Yeah, I choked on the lead Haha
Oh my god. Does it really matter?
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