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kinda thinking of maybe going to golf smith and look around the used rack to find a cheap set maybe till next year just not sure yet winter is getting close and it is a really busy time of year for me so might just wait till next spring to try and do anything
well came into some money issues and regretfully I had to sell my really nice set of callaways. so I'm goin to have to take a break for a while....hated to have to do it but didnt have a lot of choices. so hopefully next year about spring time ill be able to get back on the course again
was at Dicks Sporting goods today and bought a 15' ball retreiver 
the clubs I bought used from a guy that had only played 9 holes with them. they are callaway diablo edge irons the wood is a diablo wood razr hybrid and diablo octane driver I do need to post a video of my swing I know just haven't got it done yet. I know I have some major problems with my swing which is normal for a new player I know but I'm trying to work on it as I go. I do plan on getting some lessons here soon from the local pro at our country club and hopefully cure...
a question I was wondering today. when I bought the set of clubs I have I got 4-pw irons driver 3 wood and a 3hybrid also what I was wondering is would there be any huge benifits for me to try and pick up a 5 wood? the hybrid I really don't seem to hit well at all I slice it worse than about any club in the bag so I was thinking that Iight try and pick up a 5 wood but thought I might get some opinions from you all on it. the 3 wood I have I hit pretty decent much better...
biggest goal I have this year with what little season I have starting out is to play some full rounds of 18 so I can start to see where my game needs the most ammount of work. might seem like an odd goal for some but with a family of 5 with 2 of those kids 5 years and younger as well as working nights it makes it really hard to play more than 9 holes at a time
went to lowes today and you all that said check there for the fiberglass driveway marker rods were right I got them for less than $2 each so I got 4 to use for alignment rods and also found a site other than the tour sticks rods website to find drills to use the rods for. this will hopefully help me a lot in a lot of diffrent areas of my game.....at least I hope so
I ought my entire setup minus the sand wedge off of Craigslist for $500 and is a really nice set of callaway clubs and stand bag that only been used for 9 holes. check on Craigslist lots of good deals on there
bag...callaway extra lite 4.0 driver...callaway diablo octane 10.5* woods..callaway big Bertha 3w hybrid...3h callaway razr irons...4-pw callaway diablo edge wedge...54* sw callaway forged putter....odyssey white ice 2 ball
I did just actually do that yesterday. nice young guy so I'm going to look at doing a few lessons with him here very soon
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