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 Looks like Swing by Swing may not be around for much longer: http://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/12393/swing-by-swing-golf/p3 Does anyone have any recommendations for scoring apps for iPhone that work with the Pebble Smart Watch? I was looking at Golf Pad, but they want a $9.99 annual subscription to use the watch app.  I like some of the other features included with the subscription, but am curious if anyone else has experience using scoring apps with the Pebble Watch...
If I win I'll choose the Blue PURE DTX Midsize to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage!   Miguel Angel Jimenez -5 Martin Kaymer - 7 Jonas Blixt -6
I have been using Swing by Swing (free version) for over a year. It is quite good for score keeping and some statistics. You can look at your stats on the computer and link friends so the stats go to their account if one person is keeping score. I think they have both iOS and Android versions (I use iOS). I bought a Pebble watch recently and look forward to trying that out with the app this weekend. Their video on the Pebble integration looks pretty cool.
Thanks for the recommendation. I played the Academy Course this morning and really enjoyed it!
Not to hijack this thread, but I was looking for a place to play and walk 9 holes as a solo golfer on the morning of the 4th holiday while visiting family in the Bridgewater, NJ area. Seeing this thread, I have been looking at Neshanic Valley as a potential place. The green fees on their website states the Academy Course for 9 holes, but that doesn't match the names of their three courses. If anyone can help me out on that or recommend some other courses in the area...
I have the Sun Mountain Hybrid bag and like it a lot. If you use a pull or push cart though, it fits well only on a Sun Mountain cart due to the size of the stand lever. I use it with a Sun Mountain Micro Cart and it is a great bag. It fits nice on a golf cart as well with a clever strap pass through.
If the cost doesn't bother you, you can go to your local Ping dealer and get new replacement i3 irons made directly from Ping. I splurged on a U wedge for my i3 O-size set this past summer. Ping made a brand new one for me with the same serial number of my set. Just bring a club with you or record the serial number and bring it with you. It may not be the best cost option out there, but if you really like the clubs, it may be an option for you.
I had an issue with an older Sun Mountain stand bag and found them very responsive.  When I received the help with my issue (older strap broke), I had called them at the number listed on my bag.  Even though my bag was quite old, they sent me the strap for free.  I understand that they have a repair service as well for more complex bag issues.   I suggest giving them a call and see if they can help you.  The number on their website is (800) 227-9224.   I hope...
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