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Early on.... yes. It was ALL about looks. Now.... not a chance in the world. The putter has to be about feel and confidence. For me, looks gives me neither of those things.
What's a ball sharpie? I just use a regulator sharpie.
I will be in Prattville, AL and will have time to play two rounds. Should I play the Judge, Senator, or Legislator? (Select two and tell me why)
Any pictures?
Do you prefer a blade or mallet?
For years I have used a brass wheel to clean and get the shine back into my irons. Anyone have a better or different technique?
A putter is such a personal choice. We need to know more about your game. Of course, the easy answer is, "get a Scotty Cameron." (The last bit was a joke... kind of)
Young Bros. Stamp Works. It's what the Vokey Team uses.
Letter stamping is EASY. There are several very good YouTube videos that show how. There is even one from the Titleist tour bus.
I only have one set. Once I get comfortable with a new set I give my old ones away to a new golfer. It helps them get into the game quicker. I always tell them they have to return the favor for someone else one day. For all I know there are some 1990 Lynx blades still tearing up the course somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: