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You shot a 90? Lol
I gasped when I saw some neighborhood kids hitting balls off the green with some old oversized irons. They ran when they saw me but I knew them, as they were former students from the school I used to teach. I went over to their backyard and calmly told them that the green was only for putters not irons. I directed them to a nearby field where they could play without destroying the course. They were happy to learn about the course and probably relieved I wasn't scolding...
Merry Christmas!
After a round a Shock Top or Blue Moon is pretty refreshing.🍺🍊
This movie was on the Golf Channel last night. It was pretty cheesy, reminded me of The Karate Kid. I give it 3 "oh brothers" and a "give me a break".πŸ˜•
They were being absurd to make it comical. I'm sure they know.
Please...She's no match for Jessica Fletcher.πŸ˜‰
😏I and if someone is putting on furniture I wouldn't either.
If they weren't in the money probably no one would have cared. But no one knew there was a team of five until afterwards. The team that came in fourth should have been third and they were bumped out of the money. One of the fourth place guys sent emails to all the members that were in the tournament and want them to ask for their money back. The money isn't important. It's to send a message to the Head Pro. This is not the first time he's done something similar to this.
I'll try to answer all of the lingering questions. This was not a charity event. There were 22 couples and each couple paid an entry fee. The head pro received half of the entry fee as he always does. Gift cards for the Pro Shop were paid out to 1-3rd place. Head Pro gets a percentage of profits, for what's sold in Pro Shop. So the prize money goes right back to the Head Pro. The Head Pro told my husband that our team was Too competitive and we could have our money...
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