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Something definitely off with Rory. Might force him to play more tournaments before Augusta if he continues to struggle.
 Justin Thomas is right there with him. But great win for Paddy. Glad to see him back in the winner's circle. Plus he gets to go back to Augusta.
Good to see Phil playing well. And last week we had Singh and Goose turning back the clock, this week we've got Paddy. These old guys ain't dead yet.
Dufner just doesn't look like Dufner. He's too damn slim now and he's got short hair. It's like Rick Vaughn losing the Wild Thing Haircut and glasses.
 Good comparison. It's a shame with tennis, too, because men's tennis has probably never been better with the Federer, Nadal and Djokovic rivalries and their domination but most people don't have interest because it's not Sampras vs. Agassi.
I always love the transition from the West Coast swing to the Florida swing because you get a totally different crop of players on the leaderboard. The difference in the California courses and Florida courses are complete opposite. You'll see players Padraig Harrington who stunk out West but is now playing great in Florida. Different style of golf and dealing with more of a seabreeze wind, bermuda rough and bent greens.
Even if Rory were to win 14 majors....and I honestly do think he can do it......he's still not going to move the needle like Tiger did. I think he needs a rivarly with someone, kinda like Jack had Arnie and Watson, to really push the game more. Like iacas said, I don't think it'll ever peak to where Tiger had it and we'll never see a player dominate like that again when he was in his prime, and if anyone is waiting for that to happen, they'll be waiting into their next...
Golf just needs an American player to step up and dominate. There is really nobody right now that's an American that is even close to being a dominant figure. Rickie Fowler has the "pizazz" and likability, but one tournament win is far from dominating. Jordan Spieth shows flashes, but just hasn't broken through yet. Kuch, DJ and Sneds are already in their 30s and they're just not going to be those dominant players.   If Rory was an American, it'd be a totally different...
Honestly, I think Tiger needs to pick one or two guys to listen to right now and that's it. I think part of the problem is exactly what Azinger said...he may be listening to "too many" people close to him and they're all telling him different things and that only makes things worse. Everyone's trying to be a "Brandel Chamblee" out there and tell him to do this or do that and it's not helping the situation any. Taking some time off and re-grouping is the best thing he can...
 Majors will still hold their weight because ESPN has them and will hype them up, although with the US Open on Fox now, I expect the ratings for that major to take a big hit. But the regular Tour events are struggling without Tiger or Phil right now.
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