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Agree especially in football. It's hard sometimes. For example I'm a Bucs fan but am going to have a really hard time pulling for Jameis Winston. I hate him with a passion but have to pull for him this year.
No anyone that did what he did, whether they be famous or not, is scum. But the way I feel about him off the course and on the course is different. I'll admit I find it hard to pull for him because of the way I view him off the course, but I do my best and keep telling myself "it's good for the game." And I do respect him as a player and what he's done for the game, I truly do and I think he's the second best ever to play the game as of now and best I've ever seen in his...
Agree 100%. While I think Tiger Woods the person is scum, Tiger Woods the golfer is one I respect and he's good for the game when he's in contention. It's better when he's in contention and winning.
Tiger got a pass at 21. Come on now. Don't be a moron. And Tiger's temper tantrums and whininess were a lot worse than what we see from Jordan. My point is simple....you make no sense because the reasons you cited you hate Spieth are the same reasons why you like Tiger. It makes no sense. But whatever. It's no big deal. Just trying to figure you out, that's all.
Well when I said earlier this year he has more potential than Spieth, I didn't expect Spieth to do what he's done. That's hard to do. Spieths exceeded my expectations. But I think he could be something along those lines in a couple years....maybe not winning 2-3 majors a year but definitely winning a few tourneys a year.
Watch out for Schneiderjans. Been saying for quite some time now this kid is going to erupt and erupt fast. May have more potential than Spieth which is scary to think.
Dude you make absolutely zero sense.
But he throws hissy fits on the course worse than Spieth and hes just like Spieth with the media? I don't get it. But whatever....you're a bit of a weird cat.
That's all fine and dandy. But puma said he didn't like Spieth because he was whiny on the course and "thinks" he's different in real life than he is with the media. Well, if that's the case, he must hate Tiger. If not, then color me confused.As for Tiger, I still miss the old swing. I miss the way he used to attack the ball on the downswing and the force he used. But if this new swing works, then all power to him. I understand with the back surgery he just can't swing...
Nah I doubt it but it's good to see him playing well for one day. A welcome sight. Just not sure he can do it for 4 days straight.You must be angry. If you don't like Jordan Spieth you must hate Tiger Woods. If you don't then you really are an anomaly.
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