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I think if Bernhard played the PGA Tour on a regular basis, he'd be something of a Jim Furyk...maybe not as consistent as Jim, but showing up on leaderboard and collecting top-10 finishes here and there. He played at Augusta and finished T-8 there. He'd do well on some of the shorter layouts where it's more about precision golf than power golf.
Only question I have is Tom Watson taking into consideration who is going to watch across the pond back at home or is he more worried about trying to bring the Cup back to the USA? I just don't see Tom Watson as the kind of guy who will pick Tiger Woods based on tv ratings. Some captains might....Tom doesn't seem like one of those guys.
 As long as Zach makes the team on points. If Zach slips out of the top 9, then I think he and Phil get 2 of those Captain's picks and you need to decide between Keegan, Tiger and everyone else for that last spot.
Ryan Moore? Eh.....I'd rather have Tiger at 50%. Moore has no experience and he's proven to be able to not play well under pressure. Seems like he's always on the leaderboard and disappears at the end. Heck, the British is a perfect example. He only has one top-10 in his career in a major and that was a T9, so he's not proven on the big stage. I'd take Stricker or Mahan over Moore.
 I think the key is really Zach Johnson. I think Zach is a lock for the team. If he makes it on points, that helps Tiger Woods' chances out because outside of Phil and Keegan, I don't see anyone right now making a push for that last spot. If Zach falls out and say a guy like Reed or Todd make it, then you have to use your captain's pick on Zach and Phil, and unless something changes, Keegan's going to get picked over Tiger. That being said, if Tiger plays the next two...
 Thought Schwartzel was up there, too? I think it's safe to say if G-Mac doesn't make the team on points, he's as solid a lock as it gets for a captain's pick.
Nothing wrong with bouncing around. More power to him. Derek Jeter did it.....and people look up to him as a God. Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly, Hannah Davis....the list goes on...
The one weakness I see in Rory's game that seems to give him problems is the fast greens, which is why I'm not sure he's ready to win yet at Augusta. He's struggled with the flat stick on slick greens. You look at the majors he's won and they were on soft surfaces. You look at his record on fast tracks and it's not as good. Outside of Congressional, he's not fared well at the US Open. Struggled mightily on Muirfield's fast surface last year. You look back to that dreadful...
A couple things have helped recognize this as "The Open" and they're all media related:   The main website and phone app that people download and go to always refers to it as "The Open". In a day and age when people can't watch the tournament and have to go to the main website and app, this stands out.   ESPN. They are a marketing machine and have the power to sway a lot of things and they have not once referred to it as "The British Open" in the last, say, 5 years or...
 I could see Patrick Reed now: Reed: "What? I already bought my plane ticket? You stupid old man! Don't you know a top-5 golfer when you see one?"
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