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This used to be more of a star studded field. Used to love this event. Seems like the big names are staying away from it now.
The ONLY change I would make would be to make the Captain's picks later in the process. It would have benefited the US a lot to wait til at least after the BMW to make their picks. I would like to see one pick after the Duetsche Bank, one after the BMW and one after the TOUR. The three picks were the best choices at the time, but all 3 of them then played horrible down the stretch in the playoffs and didn't exactly bring their A-game to the Ryder Cup, either.
Odds are out as to who will captain the 2016 Ryder Cup.   On the US side, David Toms is the 7/2 favorite, followed by Stricker at 9/2, Azinger at 4/1 and Couples at 5/1.   For Europe, Darren Clarke is a very heavy favorite at 1/4. Miguel Angel Jiminez is next at 5/1 followed by Thomas Bjorn at 10/1.
A girl and a guy date for 13 years....they break up and start dating other people....then one of them breaks up and wants the other back who's still dating someone else. It's like a normal relationship.   I just think Stevie is still upset the way things ended and wants another shot to caddie Tiger. I think that's the bottom line. However, I don' t think Tiger gives him another shot. I think too much damage has been done. But then again, I don't know the inners of their...
 The Euro team in 2008 wasn't all that great that year, either. No where near the talent of this team. Guys like McDowell, Rose, Stenson, Garcia and Westwood are much better players now than they were then and more experienced.
 Kirk and Billy H would have been better options IF the picks were after the BMW or TOUR Championship. At the time the picks were made, they really hadn't done much to be much more than a blip on the radar.
 I think Nelson's too old. Couples vs. Clarke would be great. I think they're two great minds and they're two guys I think the guys would play really hard for. Plus, Couples is good friends with Azinger and would prolly use his formula, and he's more of a player's captain. He knows how to win. He's done it before on the Presidents side. Plus you'll likely have Tiger back next RC and Couples knows how to handle him.
 Webb only played two matches and halved against a guy who was 4-0-0 in singles, so I'll give him at least that. I thought Bubba played really bad and Rickie had a terrible last two matches. I also thought Keegan played very poor despite a good last few holes on day one. Today was winnable, though. There were matches out there that we could have won and given ourselves a chance. If Spieth wins that first match and Furyk and Mahan don't choke as bad as they did, it changes...
Wow....and Mickelson fires the first blow. Not saying it would have made a difference....when you lose 16.5-11.5 it's a matter of one team simply being a lot better.....but I do think Mickelson is frustrated and makes some valid points.
 Same was said about the Webb Simpson/Bubba Watson team who had success in the past. Tom Watson eluded to that in his picking Simpson and yet they pulled the plug on that duo after just one match. But at the same time, we all sat here and debated the Captain's picks after the BMW and most were on board with Mahan/Simpson/Bradley. Of course we would have all changed our opinions after the TOUR and so would have Tom, but after the BMW, there was no one outside of the top 10...
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