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I just think the motivation factor for Rory can't be very high after playing three big tournaments like that and winning. I think he'll ramp it back up the last two Fed Ex events and The Ryder Cup.
Will be interesting to see if Rory has the motivation this week like he's had the last few tournaments. My guess is he may save his best for the Ryder Cup and TOUR Championship. No matter how he does these first few FedEx events, he will win the FedEx Cup if he wins at East Lake.
 Depends how you define "streaky." Nick Watney went 22 straight tournaments without a Top-10 and 35 out of 36 without a top-10. He went through 2 separate stretches where he had 8 MCs in 13 events. That's what I mean by a whole other category and why I'm worried about him being in consideration for a CP.
 Which category? Being streaky......or the Nick Watney category? Because there's a difference. When Watney is struggling, he literally drops off the face of the earth.
 As of today, yes. But two more weeks...things can change.
My only issue with Nick Watney being a consideration for a Captain's pick is he's too streaky. When he's hot, he's hot. When he's cold, he's as ice cold as they come. And you just don't know how he'll be towards the end of September. A guy like Simpson and Snedeker are more steady and more likely to be in solid form.
 Love that commercial. The way Watson looks at him and says "Sneeedeker" is Priceless.
Looking at potential captain's picks, you have to think the way Snedeker's playing, he is starting to become one of the top choices. His finishes have been very solid of late and he's currently sitting near the top of the leaderboard again this week.   I think Snedeker really wants to play for Tom....the two are good friends from what I've heard and Sneds has always said how much he idolizes him. He even said a few years ago that he wore his hair like...
Don't like them moving The Match Play to May. I thought it was at a good time in the season already. Now you're putting it back to back with The Players where players will have to go all the way across the country to play. Don't know why they just didn't keep it with The West Coast Swing.
 Talk about a man who couldn't handle the pressure of being in the final group? That reminded me of Brian Henninger in the '95 Masters.
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