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Problem for Spieth is motivation. After the run in the majors, this tournament doesn't have a lot of bearing. Still gonna be in prime position no matter what he does the next couple events.
That's a great way to put it. I couldn't agree more. The game needs its stars to be up there. Ratings are important for the game, whether you like it or not. We want to see our game marketed and covered well so more people watch it and are interested. No ones gonna be interested if Scott Brown is dueling it out with David Hearn down the stretch.
I think golf is far from being on the decline. I actually think it's on the upswing, but it's gonna take consistency from Rory and Jordan and majors with them duking it out to grow the ratings to where they were at the height of the Tiger days. It's just not gonna happen overnight with a new star or stars. It has to evolve with time. If Jordan has another year next year like this year, the viewership will continue to rise. We're still too close from being in the Tiger era...
No doubt he still moves the needle. He's one of those guys whether you like him or hate him....you watch him. Like A-Rod....a lot of people hate him, yet they still tune in when he's at bat. Talked to a buddy that works at ESPN this weekend who said he hates Tiger, but at the same time, he roots for him to be in contention every week because it's good for the game. I think a lot of people feel the same way....myself included. When he's on, people watch.
Wow that's shocking about Kaymer. I thought his Players win in '14 would give him a PGA exemption. That being said, he will still play in all 4 majors, all the WGC events and Players, so he'll still be playing in a lot of big tourneys on Tour.
Not sure if this has been posted, but Woods apparently had been playing with a bad hip. If we were playing the Operation game, add another part of the body to the list.
Already said Phil from 95-15. Just making a prediction.....is that not allowed?
No I mean for 1995-2020. I think Rory talent-wise and major wise will surpass Phil. Eventually I think he'll pass him in tourney wins worldwide but that'll take longer.
Id say Phil but In 5 years, my answer will probably be Rory.
Very true. He played very aggressive today. Gave himself a lot of downhill putts and left nothing short with the putter. Nothing wrong with that kind of style though. Would rather see that then playing scared.
New Posts  All Forums: