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I truly hope the rumor is true about Tiger getting his edge back. Nothing wrong with seeing Tiger joking and laughing in his PCs back in January, but that's the Tiger I want to see when he's 50, not 39. I want to see the Tiger who is determined and has that "Swagger" back in him. Someone who's serious about getting his game back and winning tournaments. That Tiger's been missing for a long time now.
 I think his health is not the only issue. I think his confidence is as well. I think fitness and confidence need to be good to go in order for him to play. I think his practicing right now is not only to test his body, but also to try and build his confidence, particularly with his short game. He's not going to play Augusta if he can't chip a golf ball. While Tiger wants to win, he also doesn't want to embarrass himself and shoot 90. He's not going to tee it up if deep...
 Jimmy's game is suited nice for Augusta. Question with him is can he win a big event. A lot of his wins are in weaker fields. Even the Texas Open field I would characterize as just "okay." That being said, he's very overdue.
haha nice. Usually when you play against the greatest of all-time, you're not going to come out on top.
I would be really surprised if Spieth is not in the thick of it next Sunday. You need to be able to consistently make 3-5 footers at Augusta and Spieth is really good at those length putts. That's my worry with Rory is he has really struggled with those putts at the Masters. He tends to be aggressive with his putter, and on fast greens, that's a dangerous game to play. He's shaky with the short ones   My sleeper pick at Augusta that I'm putting a couple bucks on in Vegas...
 G-Mac's been off all year. Just something not right with him. So not surprising he has an injury.
 It's during football season. They're not going to increase the interest no matter what they do. A lot of people don't even follow the FedEx Playoffs because it goes up against the early part of football season and the end of MLB season. I guarantee you that most people don't know who Billy Horschel is. Of those that do, probably over half of them don't even know he won the TOUR title because they didn't watch it. I'm guilty of that as well.... I was watching football...
 Rory's putting has been his achilles heel at Augusta. I remember in 2010 when he couldn't make a 3-5 footer on that last day. He's had similar problems the last couple years there as well. I can't remember if it was last year or the year before he had something like 5 3-putts during the week.
  He came pretty close last year. Went to the 8th hole with the lead on Sunday. And I believe he's a much better player now than he was then. He's won three tournaments over the last few months. One thing I'm willing to bet at least is that he'll be on the leaderboard on Sunday. Seems like every tournament he's in he's given himself a chance, and I don't think Augusta will be any different.
 Not doubting his iron play or his toughness. And I'm not saying he's a bad golfer by any stretch. He's in contention more times than not. But to get to that next level, he needs to close more tournaments out, especially against guys he should be able to beat out. For a guy of his talent he should have more than 5 PGA wins and no majors on his resume. Just like Jim Furyk should have a heck of a lot more than one major on his resume. The comparison between the two is they...
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