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Keegan Bradley just isn't a draw for me anymore. I'll be honest...that incident at the Match Play really changed my perception of him in a negative way. That's the way it is sometimes with players. Like Billy Mayfair....I thought he was a nice guy and then I saw him scream at a marshall like a jerk one time for something so silly at a tournament and completely changed my view of him.
Yeah, I'll be watching the Irish Open, at least the first couple days as I'm anxious to see RCD. If the leaderboard is "meh" like last week, I'll probably tune out by the weekend.   Byron is usually a boring event for me, but Spieth is playing and if he can get in contention late Sunday, I'll probably be watching.
One discussion I always have with my friends is the fact that very few golfers are able to win tournaments and contend every week in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The golfers who come to mind in the modern era who were are Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Davis Love, Fred Couples, Vijay Singh (although he bloomed in his late 20s) and a few others. One thing those guys have in common, though, is that they all have pretty easy going swings. That's why I think Jordan Spieth is built more...
I think people who know sports but don't necessarily follow golf would know. I hate the NBA and don't follow it but know MJ has six rings. Just one of those numbers in sports that most knowledgable in sports would know. At least I would think. I could be wrong.
He would definitely have to adjust his swing, but I'm not sure it would be a major adjustment. He'd just have to put in a lot of work to adjust to it but I think he'll be fine. Only time will tell if he'll be as dominant. A lot of people said Tiger couldn't compete again, either, after his knee problems and he had to take a lot of torque off that knee. He was able to do that and still win a lot of tournaments, even if he hasn't won a major since his two knee surgeries....
 I've had this discussion a lot during the World Cup. Soccer will never be a big sport in the US because the game's best players are from other countries and they play in other countries. We have the MLS in the US which you could argue stands for Minor League Soccer. If you brought the Premier League over to the US and the world's best players played in an organized league in our country, the interest in the game would go up a lot. If the world's best players were also...
 I agree it has hurt the LPGA Tour a lot. I don't even watch women's golf anymore unless there's a good looking woman on my tv. But I don't see that happening to the men. Too global a game, much moreso than the women. Plus the men's game relies more on power, and this is an area where the Asians have struggled with.
If Spieth could have one shot back it was the tee shot at 16. No need for a 7 iron there.
I have nothing against Kevin Na, but damn, he is one weird and wacky guy.
Reminds me of the Honda Classic with Poulter. Put him at or near the top and the shots go wayward.
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