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 A little better, but this still is going to be the toughest major for Jordan to win. Jordan's won the first two majors on fast surfaces (even if Augusta's greens were slower than normal). This major's going to be more for the ball-strikers if the weather remains soft and wet like predicted, similar to Liverpool a year ago. I still think Jordan will contend because he's in contention every tournament he plays, but I think he's going to have a tougher time coming out of the...
 It's definitely going to be more wide open if Rory's not in it. Not to take anything away from Spieth, but I think he'd be better on a faster track. He's a strong putter on quick greens. Looks like it's going to be wet and slow. A slow St. Andrew's favors the better ball strikers like last year at Liverpool. I like Scott only because of Stevie Williams on his bag. He hasn't done anything all year, but Stevie's on his bag at Chambers, and he finishes 4th, and he's been in...
 I think he's joking. He wouldn't be that big of an idiot to call soccer "not a real sport." If soccer wasn't a real sport, then neither would basketball, baseball, football or really anything else for that matter.
Rory's odds are still on the betting board but they have dropped to 9/1. Stinks because a lot of the $150 I won on Spieth for the Open I was going to put on Rory at the British.   Current top odds now are Spieth 5/1, McIlroy 9/1, D.Johnson 12/1, Rose 14/1, Oosthuizen 20/1 and Stenson 20/1. Tiger's moved from 40/1 to 25/1 with his play over the weekend.
Well he wants to do something he enjoys doing. These guys don't go out there thinking "what if I get hurt?" You can't think that. He's probably done this a million times before and didn't get hurt. It's just bad luck, that's all.
Right ankle...maybe. Not left. Plus they're not riding carts. Hardest part would be walking the course.
 Why dumb? He's not allowed to do anything but play golf? He's not allowed to have friends and do activities with them? It's unfortunate, but it happens.
 Yeah, it's a shame. Rory had the potential to destroy that place. I don't think Jordan will. Will be interesting to see what his form is like this week at John Deere, not that it's ever been bad, but his putting was a bit off at the Open, even though he still won. But I think this opens things up for a guy like Dustin Johnson who I also think can take advantage of this course. Watch out for Casey, too, who was in the final pairing with Oosthuizen at St. Andrew's in 2010.
Well, there goes my British Open and PGA pick. What a shame. Two courses that suit him so perfectly. Finished 3rd in both of them in 2010 as a young kid. In a day and age where you're trying to catch Tiger and Jack, these were two he could have had...and now he won't (assuming he's out for PGA).
If the weathers nice and it is soft as predicted, I think Rory could destroy the place like Tiger did in 2000. Rory is best on soft tracks....his track record shows that. I think Jordan will play well, but I think this is going to be the toughest of the 4 for him to win. As for Tiger, I expect a good showing but he doesn't have a chance if Jordan or Rory bring their A-game. Not many do. It starts with those two guys, and if they're off, it opens up the door for others to...
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