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Masters: Spieth - Big year for the kid US Open: McDowell - Always plays the US Opens well on the West Coast British: Rory - He's gonna destroy St. Andrews if weather is kind enough PGA: Fowler - Finally gets his major
He has a very long way to go. First thing he needs to do is win at Augusta and complete the career slam. You can't even talk about him in the same breath as Woods until he at least does that.   Anxious to see how Spieth does this year. The last 3 weeks he has showed domination and the ability to also stand out on the world stage. It was a question this past year if he can learn to close out tournaments and win. He's learning how to do that.
 ESPN is tied to NBC with the US Open. The NBC crew does the telecasting mixed with ESPN guys and ESPN does Live From shows. I don't think ESPN's coverage of the British is all that great, either. But some of the personalities on there at least have a lot of experience, like Tirico, Judy Rankin a few others. Fox has a lot of first-timers. I remember the days of ABC doing the US Open and NBC's is a lot better, IMO. True, Miller and Hicks will do other telecasts but the Open...
 The NHL struggled a lot without ESPN for a while. It's still not as popular as it was back 10-15 years, but I admit, it's recovered some. But still not as popular a game as it once was. I may end up being wrong on this, but I think it was a mistake to leave ESPN and NBC. We'll see what happens come June, but I just don't like the change. I'l flat out say it....l miss Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller calling the US Open. I thought they were excellent at what they did. I'm...
Watching the Franklin Templeton Shootout on Fox right now....just not the same. They're using the same music and graphics that the NFL uses.   Bottom line is the USGA went for the $$$. I think NBC/ESPN would promote the tournament better and give it better coverage. They've always marketed it really well. I've always said any sport needs ESPN, whether you like it or not. Fox is thinking this Fox Sports 1 is going to be the new ESPN, and they used that as a selling point...
An article in Golf Digest I read recently said that Corey Pavin, Juli Inkster, Steve Flesch and Shane O'Donaughue will also be joining the Fox Golf team.
This used to be more of a star studded field. Used to love this event. Seems like the big names are staying away from it now.
The ONLY change I would make would be to make the Captain's picks later in the process. It would have benefited the US a lot to wait til at least after the BMW to make their picks. I would like to see one pick after the Duetsche Bank, one after the BMW and one after the TOUR. The three picks were the best choices at the time, but all 3 of them then played horrible down the stretch in the playoffs and didn't exactly bring their A-game to the Ryder Cup, either.
Odds are out as to who will captain the 2016 Ryder Cup.   On the US side, David Toms is the 7/2 favorite, followed by Stricker at 9/2, Azinger at 4/1 and Couples at 5/1.   For Europe, Darren Clarke is a very heavy favorite at 1/4. Miguel Angel Jiminez is next at 5/1 followed by Thomas Bjorn at 10/1.
A girl and a guy date for 13 years....they break up and start dating other people....then one of them breaks up and wants the other back who's still dating someone else. It's like a normal relationship.   I just think Stevie is still upset the way things ended and wants another shot to caddie Tiger. I think that's the bottom line. However, I don' t think Tiger gives him another shot. I think too much damage has been done. But then again, I don't know the inners of their...
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