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I realize that now, I didn't post in here originally, I made a separate thread for it, and my post got moved here.
I have plans on playing Sunday afternoon around 3:30, but only because that's our normal time, nothing to do with the Open.
I recently saw a commercial for the Garmin Approach series of watches; does anyone use these or know anyone who does?   They seem to be pretty cool and they appear to have a lot of potential of being useful, but I don't know if anyone has had any great success with it actually helping their game.
Hi all,   I've  been reading some threads on this forum for the last couple of days and I figured that I should make an account and add my two cents in when I have the chance.    A little bit about myself: I'll be a junior at the University of South Carolina, otherwise known as the real USC. I just started golfing about two months ago, maybe a little less, and I've definitely been bitten by the bug. Any general advice that can be given would be great, I'm still...
New Posts  All Forums: