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I have been hitting the Cobra Amp Cell for the last few weeks. I'm sold on it !
LOL yep, makes perfect sense for a Buckeye fan to hate the entire SEC. Urban Meyer should get you on track. He is a proven winner. The same philosophy worked wonders for Alabama.     I hate the NY Jets. That are a completely dysfunctional band of knuckle heads. I have zero respect for Rex Ryan. I hate all of MLB. I quit watching baseball years ago. I've been burnt by MLB too often.  It's not the same game I watched as a kid. I hate Lance Armstrong. Everyone knew he was...
Who is this ugly chick with the flat billed cap ?
Hmm. I don't know, but this line scares me. "100% brand new and high quality, shipped with headcover and gift from the OEM factory located in China."   I'm not giving them my CC#
Often I'll play with this 8 clubs setup when I walk. If I'm on the cart I'll grab 14.   Driver 5w 5h 7i 9i pw sw putter
Spend a few bucks on a lesson. Have that instructor find what is off in your driver swing. It's really worth the $40-$50. Get a shorter driver shaft. Once I started using a 44"- 43.5" shaft I was hitting the sweet spot much more often.
Chip shots, most often 9i. It really depends on how much roll i'm looking for.   Good explanition of chipping vs pitching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puHg3QrhoPI
I voted nay. It's not my style. Just take the tags & stickers off of it please.
Our local Par 3 sells recycled balls to support the ForeKids program. They group them by brand at $5 for a bag of 25 balls. Thanks a hellova deal for as I was experimenting with different ball types.
I recently inherited a Cobra Amp Cell driver from my father. The standard shaft length is a whopping 45.75" I have been playing my Razr Fit at 43.5 with no added swing weight and its doing great. I love the consistency with the shorter shaft. Trimming the Amp Cell 2.25" from the butt to get it to 43.5" seems like a excessive change to the swing weight though. Any thoughts besides a glob of lead tape ?
New Posts  All Forums: