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Two good rounds in the last 30 days will push down my HI below 20 in the next GHIN report tomorrow..  It's good to be back under 20 HI.   In reality, I had no real improvement over the same period.  My short game got much better but that was offset by sudden onset of pop ups with driver.   Driver stayed in my bag for of the last 3 rounds.  
 I line up a laser level (bought from Home Depot) to point at a wine bottle 25 feet away.  I putt 35 balls along the light.  I used to hit the wine bottle about 62% of the time.  When I started practicing again last week, I was hitting only 43%.   It's no wonder I wasn't making medium to long putts lately. In kitchen, I do a similar practice except my target is a flat block about hole wide.   I putt from about 7 feet.  If I hit it dead straight, the ball comes back to me....
I am back to practicing putting in my room: putting short ones on kitchen floor, and long ones across my living room.   Did 31 putts yesterday on a "away" course, 2 putts below my current average. 
Not really.   It does not take a genious to figure out Dicks can't compete with on-line business unless they have something special to offer.  I must have walked into Dicks at least 10 times and don't remember buying anything worthwhile.   BTW, are you just picking on me?  Others have made similar observation before me in this thread and/or claims that are subjective at best.  What do I owe for you to reply to me two posts in a row?   Do you have anything specific to add...
I must be lucky with my golf club.  There, everyone is treated fairly well, and in equal fashion.   The amount and frequency of tips don't seem to matter much on how one is treated.   And I fully expect that from any service organization.   If you must tip more generously than others to get special treatment, what does that say about you and/or the golf course? 
I was quoting another poster who mentioned buying $500 used set.   But they are out there.  
 I think there were at least one response in this thread that was specific about pricing.   A poster noted their high mark up ($7 item being marked up for $30 - or something like that) price.   That's what I was referring to and see whenever I went to Dick's.   That kind of mark up does not work when most of the items can be ordered through E-bay at lower price.    I can't say much about their non golf item pricing. 
$500 for used set, $30-$35 per round are still a lot of money.    Typical folks in their 20s, 30s can't shell out that kind of money when they are trying to make a living and raise family.  Nor can they spend 1/2 a day to play golf so often.  This effectively makes golf a hobby for a limited crowd (aging/retired folks with some money to spare).   I am generalizing of course but you get the point.    The last economy boom (housing bubble) & Tiger Wood phenomena created a...
After reading the responses, I don't want to be invited to an upscale private golf club .    I did play on a few private golf courses without being invited when they made certain tee times available.   I didn't see any of these stuff that some posters were suggesting (e.g,, $5 tip for cart girl each time?).   Some of the responses reminded me of Caddy Shack movie .     If I ever get invited to play for a private club, I will just be myself (tip appropriately, fix divots,...
 Yeah, you and millions of golfers.   Like Walmart, don't they have lower price on some items if ordered through on-line?  
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