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I don't think and said it is an epidemic.   As I said in one post, I see 1 - 3 WDs per tournament on both PGA & LPGA tours.  My point was that there should be a stronger penalty (hefty fine, mandatory suspension) to deter injury fakers to quit when they have a poor showing in early round.   I agree that it can penalize honest players with real injury but it can actually prevent injured players from entering a tournament, or come back too quickly (with a mandatory...
 +1.   It's hard to defend 7 WDs in 144 player field tournament.   These guy are trained to be fit, and in the prime of their lives.    I suspect the wind & poor score injured a few of these players' egos enough to WD.  
 Hi, Dkolo.   You are not saying all injury claims are legit, right?    Valero - 7 WDs out of 144 players.  That's about 5% of total participants.    I think the only other sports that may approach that high injury rate are a few of the contact sports. 
 Chuckle.  Good point, one I wasn't aware of. How about fans who bought tickets to go see specific player and he drops out b/c he had a questionable injury after an 81 round?   I am sure some fans bought tickets to see Molinari, Bae, and McDowell.
 Injury can happen any time in the tournament and does not discriminate between a player who was playing well vs was playing poor. 
 I've been keeping track of LPGA & PGA WD numbers.  There seems to be several WDs per tournament, almost like a clock work.   I played about 800 rounds and I can't remember a round I quit b/c I was injured.   I probably played through some pain here and there but can't recall walking out of the course with an injury.    My point is, golf, unlike other contact sports (boxing, soccer, basketball, ...) is not a sport that injuries occur at the rate of 1 - 3 players WD'ng from...
 I doubt it if a guy gets cramps and quits due to injury scenario would happen a lot.   If you or billchao and others have ideas to entertain to deter "fakers" from WD'ng, I am all ears.   No rules is going to make everyone happy, or be fair to all.   So, I understand if your idea may not be fool proof but share what you think may work.   I assume you all jumped to this thread b/c you care about excessive number of WDs on the current tournament, no?
 I like that option, too, except, many players (good ones) skip 2 - 3 tournaments in between anyway.    How about making it 30 days for 1st time offense, 45 days for 2nd time within the same season, etc..   If one is truly injury prone, the player would need all of that time to recover, get back in shape, etc..     (   In boxing, may orgs have some variation of the following rule: if one gets knock down during a fight, it's automatically a 30 day suspension to protect the...
 Maybe so.  But I doubt if a player is really injured, he will continue to play through injury to avoid paying hefty fine.     Most of them we care about WD'ng are millionaires many times over.   Even the rookies get 6 figure sponsor endorsement.   (IMO) Most of them are not gonna risk their career by trying to play through their injury.   But if the tour can select the right amount for fine, it will give the fakers some incentive to finish the tournament.   Perhaps, no...
 I fully agree.   There must be a hefty fine (big enough to deter players from faking injury) or automatic "injury" suspension (e.g, out for 30 days). I noted in another thread ("Valero") that we don't see players in the lead or near the lead WD for injury.  Even if there are legit injuries, those players in or near the lead will opt to grind it out.   Fans lose out on these WDs especially if they bought tickets to follow/see specific player who WD'd.
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