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I was quoting another poster who mentioned buying $500 used set.   But they are out there.  
 I think there were at least one response in this thread that was specific about pricing.   A poster noted their high mark up ($7 item being marked up for $30 - or something like that) price.   That's what I was referring to and see whenever I went to Dick's.   That kind of mark up does not work when most of the items can be ordered through E-bay at lower price.    I can't say much about their non golf item pricing. 
$500 for used set, $30-$35 per round are still a lot of money.    Typical folks in their 20s, 30s can't shell out that kind of money when they are trying to make a living and raise family.  Nor can they spend 1/2 a day to play golf so often.  This effectively makes golf a hobby for a limited crowd (aging/retired folks with some money to spare).   I am generalizing of course but you get the point.    The last economy boom (housing bubble) & Tiger Wood phenomena created a...
After reading the responses, I don't want to be invited to an upscale private golf club .    I did play on a few private golf courses without being invited when they made certain tee times available.   I didn't see any of these stuff that some posters were suggesting (e.g,, $5 tip for cart girl each time?).   Some of the responses reminded me of Caddy Shack movie .     If I ever get invited to play for a private club, I will just be myself (tip appropriately, fix divots,...
 Yeah, you and millions of golfers.   Like Walmart, don't they have lower price on some items if ordered through on-line?  
I do most of my golf "stuff" shopping via E-Bay.   Perhaps, that is contributing to the decline in revenue?   I also think there are glut of products out there.   Who needs a $400 new driver every year?  Why are there 500 different golf balls?     Anyway, I sure hope golf does not go the way of bowling.   Bowling alleys & leagues have been disappearing.  It's now relegated to a place for a 7 year old birthday parties.   Perhaps, there will be some positives.   I need...
Tiger was funny and natural.  Rory looked like a fish out of the water. 
 Looks like you are on your way to join a single digit HI crowd.   It's obvious that you put in a lot of hard work and have been making rapid progress.   You get what you put in.   I need to whine less and work harder but am just too lazy.   Two years ago, I'd hit the range for 2 hours every night.  These days, I find more reasons to stay home to skip the range practice.   My golf slump is probably not a coincidence if I am really honest about it.   I've lost quite a bit...
What do you folks think about a good yardstick that you are about to exit bogey golfer status?   When I was carrying 13 - 14 handicap, I can shape shot from right to left in half way consistent manner.   I am thinking shot shaping comes after you have some semblance of consistent ball striking.   Any other thoughts, e.g. putting with 50% accuracy from 8 feet out, etc?
LW - when I skull the ball, 120 and I average a lot of skulls vs solid shots.
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