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 The 6711 yards one.   It had a few blind tee shots which,in one, all of us put our t-shots in hazard area unknowingly.   The course and length didn't strike me as hard but I was probably playing a few strokes better then than now.
 I played the Brookside golf club two years ago and my record shows I hit 80% of fairway that day from blue tee.  It was a good round for me, a 93 on a course I played for the first time.   Anyway, my recollection was that the fairways were of pretty reasonable width.
 When you measure it, be sure to use right equipment . Tragic but funny story .... Twice already my range finder was accidentally set to meters instead of yards.   So, for several months in both instances, on every shot that I used the range finder, I was about 10 - 15 yards shorter.   Of course, I blamed my slump, aging, muscle loss, and all kind of other things.   Thanks to my wife who checked the range finder, now I find my good shots are going the right distance.   I...
 FYI, average recommended fairway width for PGA tour event is 25 - 30 yards.    I don't know what course you play but most public course fairway width will have wider berth than 25 - 30 yards on average.   That means, if you are a PGA tour player with 5 yard dispersion on your tee shot, you will be hitting 100% of fairways.  
 I am with billChao on this.   If I can hit fade or push that goes consistently 5 yards to side with any club, I will be playing single digit golf (probably even a lower end of single digit).    I have 61% fairway hit rate and average miss on those "hits" are about 15 yards from the dead center. 
 Not really.  I think only ill informed golfers may assume the bold above.  Student of golf should know that there are two types of balls moving left to right.  One is a slice, and the other is a push.   Most of my balls going left to right is a push with a slice mixed time and again.  I graduated from hitting slice early on but can't seem to shake off the pushes. 
I think it is worth fixing slice instead of "going" with it.  With slice, you lose distance.  With the spin that comes with slice, it's hard to predict where the ball is going to end up when it lands.   Moreover, IMHO, it isn't that difficult to fix, relatively speaking.  
5i is my longest iron but I can deloft it and play the same shot.   In fact, in similar situation but under a short tree where I can't use a long club, I grabbed a PW and deloft it to kick the ball out 30 yards.   The ball never flew above 3 feet.   It works - I have a lot of experience of  doing it, unfortunately.     I am going to try same strategy on par 3 elevated (about 100 feet) holes, often windy..  The greens are surrounded by danger and  I normally hit 3H.  Too...
 I need to apply the strategy more, from shot #1 and not just from duffed 1st shot.   I don't apply the strategy consistently.  E.g, if I have been hitting 3W well, I will use it after the said duff shot.   The right play is probably go with something shorter.    If I have not been hitting 3W well, I try to go with a safer shot.    The other strategy that I often don't apply is hitting away from trouble.   I do way too many pin hunting instead of hitting the approach shot...
 Agreed.   When my playing partner plays from White, I use that excuse to play from White as well.    Hmm, perhaps, I should suggest a similar concept to my club's handicap committee.  
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