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 I was the same way.  My 1st 9 hole scores were worse than back 9 where I played fully warmed up.   Now, it's the opposite.  Is it mental & muscle stamina due to age?   I hope not. 
 I felt that counting 9 hole course scores lowered my HI undeservedly.   It's easier to get hot for 9 holes, not so much for 18 holes on regulation course. 
 I don't count 9 hole scores b/c of complication of what scores to count.   9 hole rounds are practice rounds for me.    I record scores for rounds that I played at least 13 holes.
That's great!  Looking forward to your first tournament report.   About keeping official GHIN ... it seems there are 3 types of golfers based on my brief experience: 1) one who sandbags - one's mileage varies on how (from subtle to shameful)2) one who records everything, accurately (you, me - )3) one who artificially keeps very low HI (only records better scores, generous rule interpretation)
 This should have read "what your official handicap index is.  Start with the last score." 
It'd be interesting to see what your official score is.   Start the the last score. 
Took out 4 iron and re-inserted 3W in my bag.   5i is the longest iron I carry now.   Time to work on 3i, 4i at range before putting one of them back in my bag.   My clubs are taking turns in going bad, the latest being the driver.   I had 65% fairway hit rate last month and it plummeted to 40% in the last 3 rounds.  I am using 3H to tee off more and  more.  Played terribly (+10 net score) on a tournament b/c of the driver woe.    I am in danger of getting kicked out...
 ... which is why someone like her needs real talent.   Those boobs gonna sag one day.   But I have a feeling she will do ok.  
LOL.  Very true.   Based on majority of responders on this thread, it should read "better" on overseas TV ....
 Look at all the weather women on TV these days.   It has became an eye candy show with women dressed up accordingly.   Worse on overseas TV news programs.   Those mini skirts can't go much higher. 
New Posts  All Forums: