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 I just re-signed up with Netflix to watch UHD programs on my Samsung curved 65" UHD TV (2014 model, I think).   There are more UHD programs on Netflix than before but very few I like.   I watched Smurfs, II (just b/c it was UHD, no other reason) and the picture quality was stunning.  My wife and I loved the movie, too .   Crouching Tiger was a huge disappointment from UHD perspective and after just 5 minutes, we stopped watching it.  
I will do a few select ones I am having trouble with.    The rest will have to be a best guess effort.
 More importantly, how did you play?  How are you coming along?   Are you going to "peak" at the right time?    Remember, you are my pick and I expect you to bring me my driver!  
Belated welcome to the forum, @Gator Hazard!   100+ posts in 5 days ... I love it.
Yesterday, I finally took my digital level to my home course and charted few holes, whenever the group behind fell behind.  I think my "feel" guesses were about 70% right, and 30% wrong.   I don't think I can get that 30% right.  1% or 2% slope is hard to "feel."   Charting things out is the only sure way to take the full advantage of Aimpoint. 
   No, but the next day, I forgot to bring a rubber tee again (well, left it on the mat on a previous day) and the guy recognized me and loan one for free.    
 It will just be a side show.  Any VP candidate would be.  The main show is Trump.  The latest news flash .... Carson and Trump is a dead heat in the latest Ohio poll, with Fiorina coming in at 3rd.   It's not a good poll if you are a career politician.     
  Even some of them don't provide the rubber tees.   Once, I had to buy the dang thing for $1 at the shop.
Trending better - HI, chipping, bunker (renewed practice), ball striking (lesson), course management (LSW) Trending worse - putting, pitching, mental breakdown after a bad hole   Status - firmly in bogey golf land.
I meant to say one term limit (emphasis on one) of 6 years (can be 4 or 8, not so sure) for both Congress & Senate seats.   After that, they need to look for another job, and come back for 2nd run 6 years later if he/she chooses.    Even for POTUS, it can be a one term limit job.  China has one term limit of 10 years (I think).   Korea has one term limit of 5 years.    And don't get me started on gerrymandering   .    Is Trump in favor or against?  
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