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I played my 1st tournament (not a serious one, a 2 day event with 90% handicap given) as if I wasn't playing in one.   I.e, I was quite relaxed although I was tad nervous about 1st few short putts (less than 3 feet).  I ended up finishing 2nd out of 40+ players and I think playing "relaxed" helped quite a bit.   Since then, I could never replicated that success in 6 - 7 tournaments.   I was trying to win those .
The worst case scenario ... he will end up being good at a game that he can enjoy for the rest of his life.   Other fringe benefits - it will keep him focused on a goal at an age that is vulnerable to getting into trouble.   He will learn discipline through practice, become wiser (about dreams and reality), and may even find a future job in golf industry.   I.e, after giving it a thought, I don't see too much downside for his pursuing his dream.   BTW, he has better odd...
1/19/15   Last Friday, I had my 2nd swing lesson in 2 weeks.  Was it the swing tweak?  My ball striking results were worse than ever and I failed to break 100 in the subsequent 4 rounds of play.  That does not happen often but it did.   If the new clubs and their added length supposed to give me better scores, it didn't in the latest 4 rounds.  Thanks to the poor showing, my HI has gone up to 23.     I have 3 unread golf books.  The only one I read cover to cover (3...
Do you know the worst of vanity cappers?  It's the ones who try to make up their vanity HI by cheating when tournament time comes around.   I ran into one in match play and managed to beat him, cheating and all.  In the next round, I lost to a suspected sand bagger (who eventually won the tournament).  
 And many more are clueless on what it takes to be a world class athlete in any sport.   Tragically, many of those are pushy parents who grossly overestimate their kids' talent.  
I'd like to believe it is more of a mindset but in my heart, I know it is practice, practice, practice until you can swing consistently well without thinking about it.  
 I know what you mean.   I have been there with a course handicap ranging from 19 to 20.  Looking at it from the other side, 19 'capper have easier time staying under 20.   Once I went from 19 to 20, it was harder to come back down. My course has a mix of sandbagers and vanity cappers (and I suspect not too many in the middle but I can be wrong).
 Thanks. 1/11/15 I had a slightly better than an average round.  That's two rounds in a row since I played with full set of new clubs.  In terms of differential score, the two rounds represented 1.3 point/round improvement but the sample size is too small to reach any conclusion. It's encouraging, but nothing special. 
 I have not read LSW but read How To Break 90 book.  I either hit to the middle of green, or try to hit short to avoid downward putt.   1/10/15 This is the 1st round that I played with all new fitted clubs including the iron set.   When I hit the new irons at range, it wasn't evident how much yards I gained.  Today, I confirmed that the balls are going 5 - 15 yards longer.   Particularly, I am impressed with 6 & 5 irons.   With the older iron set, the longer irons didn't...
Sure, the links are public knowledge.  In fact, I got them from a google search.
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