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The last time I checked, Hispanic votes were not all or nothing for the Reps.   In 2014 election, 36% of Hispanics identified themselves as Republican.    That's not going to hold for 2016 election, I'd imagine.   I also believe, with Trump's mouth, he will offend and alienate more voting blocs before this is over.  
 In that case, a disqualification or two may be in order  before his behavior changes ....
With the divorce/rape story that broke out yesterday, he may have lost some women votes.  Getting Palin on his side may get a few of those votes back .   But this is a moot point since he already lost the Hispanic votes which cannot be overcome in the general election. 
@bigwave916, I am relatively new to tournament scene and ask questions during tournament rounds when in doubt.   Others who sense that I am new have given me "tips" on what not to do during tournament rounds.   Those tips (or friendly warnings for some cases) are much appreciated.    I think you should try letting them know during play.   Properly delivered "tips" should do the trick.  
(Sarcasm mode on)   We should have the dentist and lion square off in a closed area.   Dentist should be armed with a bow & arrows to even his chance against the lion.   Lion should be starved for 48 hours to have motivation to eat the dentist.  Lion should be trained to just wound the dentist, and let him hang on for 40 hours (same amount of time the dentist tracked the lion down for kill after shooting him with arrows) and eat him alive.   If the dentist wins, he moves...
Beyond iconic.  Per study done, there is only 25000 - 30000 lions in the world.   40 years ago, it was estimated to be 250000.  It should not be in the hunt "menu" at all.   The dentist may not have broken any law but his two guides are reportedly being arrested/investigated - heard it on NPR news today. 
Today, I've carded a 93 (72.3/119, 6772 yards) on a course I never played before.  The streak of beating my HI on 1st time course continues.  This streak continues to affirm that my home course plays a few strokes tougher than it should.    I am happy to report that I needed only 28 putts (Aimpoint, yeah!), and came back with vengeance after poor front 9 (52).  Back 9 was 41.  I struggled early b/c I didn't get to warm up - no range shots, no putting practice - coming...
Apparently, Trump's comment on McCain didn't hurt him according to the latest poll.  
It's a huge advantage for transgender (male to female) to compete against women, much more than the effect steroid would have.   I don't think it should be allowed.  Rather, they should have their own competition.  
Yes, sir.  Hopefully, before your visit up here.  If I can't "get" it until then, I will take you to my old home (muni) course . No issues in hitting irons to its distance.   E.g, a solid PW hit = 115+ yards.  2 x that = driver average for most golfer = 230+ yards.  <--- I just don't get that from my home course.
New Posts  All Forums: