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 Now, I am completely lost.  
A few more TV channels are canceling Cosby reruns.   The recent report may have pushed many non-believers (of Cosby's guilt) to believers.  
Good read.   It's a bit different journey than I took.   2 & 6 helped me improve my game also.   On your giving back few strokes, this is so true in my case.  With full time job and life outside of golf, I can only devote certain amount of time to practice golf.   Like your putting, my bunker shots regressed while I was working on ball striking.   Sigh.
My average is less than median b/c of 2 - 6 slices, pushes, grounders, and shanks per round. 
Congrats on the improvement.   Please share how you improved so much in short time.   That's be an interesting, informative post for this thread. 
I found the ball to be average low end ball.  Ball goes slightly longer on lower swing speed, has less spin and don't hold greens.   When you chip, you have to know how far it will roll.    Feel is ok.   Bottom line, nothing stood out for me.   For the same price, Bridgestone E6 is proven better for me.  
It's on CNN, MSNBC, and other news channels.  What I don't understand for the life of me is that Cosby still has family and throngs of fans who completely believe his story of being innocent.  
I think 220 is absolutely minimum to make it to a scratch golfer.    It will be extremely hard.   Incidentally, my solid drive average is 220 .   Supporting data point - Ji Aye Shin & Ai Miyazto had 230 yard dive average when they were ranked #1 in the world.   And they were probably +4 handicap (per couple of The Golf Channel Host, In Bee Park , currently ranked #1, is playing to about +4 handicap).   IMO, as LPGA tournament courses got longer, Miyazato & Shin stopped...
107 rounds was a fluke - something I can't explain.  It happens in golf and I accept that.   My wife really hates the bad morning round b/c it means we are playing a late afternoon round.  But she is a trooper and will often join me for the 2nd round .    The biggest contributor?   The constant stream of scores in 90s are due to 1 - 5 errant shots that end up being OB, ball not found, or ball in hazard.  In fact, I can tell what my score is by checking how many balls I...
Golf cost was $1560 but the ride alongs were free, right?   As is, it can be read as the ride along for 3 wives cost $1560.  That would be a costly ride.
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