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Started today's round with a @Quadhole.   That was even with a range warm up prior to the round.   By the end of the warm up, I thought I was a good enough @BallStriker to start the round with a ball in fairway.  Didn't happen.  Maybe, I should have @Stretched.  But I am proud that I took @No Mulligans.   I did, however, almost made @Fourputts on hole #8 after reaching the GIR.   I am hoping to do better on @saturday.  
 Sorry to hear that, Yukari.  I wish we can move some of your rain to CA. Carded 96 on a windy day on 71.2/126 CR course.  Wind was "unplayable" according to a playing partner.   It cost me about 4 strokes in my assessment, probably more.  Had 35 putts, 8 out 14 FIRs, 4 GIRs (all on front 9 when wind wasn't much of a factor), 5 pars (ditto).   Same wind forecast for tomorrow but I can't complain.  Golf with wind is better than no golf due to rain. 
5/23/15 Wind factor, Aimpoint/Edel putter update, Taylormade service   Carded 96 today.  There was 15 - 20 MPH wind on back 9 and I lost probably 3 - 4 strokes because I couldn't negotiate the wind.   E.g, being mindful of strong cross wind, I hit a draw on a 165 downhill par 3 shot.  (Yes, I am beginning to hit intentional draw shot again)  The ball almost immediately straightened up and keep drifting right.   The wind blew it to right at least 20 yards.  What appeared...
Practiced pitching to driver before a round.   Reviewed Aimpoint lesson, practiced more pitching, hit smash bag, The Punisher drill.
Did more indoor practice of chipping, putting, pitching, and iron shots.   Am becoming really comfortable with pitching 40 - 70 yards.  I am hitting green consistently from 70 yards in but need to get closer to the hole.   Focused on back of my left hand pointing to target at impact.  Hopefully, these daily practice will pay dividend in this weekend's rounds.  
My potential will be getting better if I can find a way to give up on a hole .... 
 You guys made me google these stuff b/c I couldn't even spell them.   My golf bag is too heavy (I carry 14 clubs + extra hat, 9 balls, 4 ball markers, towel, ....) to carry them.  To MyrtleBeach - Sorry, you may have missed my sarcasm in my posts.  Friday before a long weekend made me do that.   No need to sell your clubs for a bullet proof car windows.   
 Sounds to me it is a must feature according to your description of Myrtle Beach.   I recommend you to sell your golf gear, and return the club membership and invest in a good bullet proof windows on your car.   Your safety first before your golf.   If you can't afford the bullet proofing your car, with so much crime in the area, I strongly recommend that you don't play golf with strangers.  Who knows what criminals are frequenting the same golf course, and they may have...
Even better.
Did some mirror work at the company gym. Checked that back hand of my left hand is facing target at impact.   I wasn't getting this right in the last few range sessions.
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