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You may be right about perception vs real result.  I haven't really recorded any of the data.  I "feel"  85 for me is a full wedge shot I can repeat easily.   40 - 70 yards are partial shot that I don't feel I have a consistent swing for each of 40, 60, 70 yards.   Next time, I will see how much I actually miss them by.   What I know for sure is that I feel more confident with 85 yard approach shot than the others.  
 Not many but I have one that applies to me.  I am not good at shots for 40 - 70 yards range.   I'd rather be at 85 yards to the green than trying to land it close from 40 to 70 yards.  
  Exactly.   We get into circles and "hard" discussions when people make absolute statements and try to defend it.  
It's easier to make a free throw in basketball if one is standing two feet away from the basket.   It's easier to make good on penalty kick if one is shooting from 5 yards away.  It's easier ....     Back to the OP folks.  The question is really on how important is distance for amateur golfers.   How important is it for you now?  
 I agree with much of your post except for the last line.You are assuming a golfer who suddenly added 30 yards to his distance will use the same previous clubs for every shot.  30 yards added distance means a golfer can play with easier club (2 - 3 lengths less, e.g, 6 iron instead of 3 for long approach shot) for every shot before he suddenly added 30 yards to his club distance. There is no argument against added distance improving golf.   The OP's question is really on...
Great idea!    My wife and I were playing with son and father pair the other day.   The father must have been in his 70s and can barely drive 150 yards.   Between my wife and him, they rarely missed fairway.   BUT ... if they continued to walk the way you described above for another 70 yards, many of their fairway hits would have landed in trouble.   Hopefully, the added distance on accurate shots will more than make up the lost scores due to OBs.
I have clubs that are on the average about 8 or more years old.   If I get a custom fit new clubs with all the improved technology & marketing (yesterday's 3 iron is today's 5 iron), I can get 20 yards out of it and a two stroke improvement?  
Here's a proven data point for me based on my home course score history.  Currently, I have 19 HI.   6270 yards blue tee (71.2/128) average score = 96 5640 yards white tee (68.4/124) average score = 92   About a 4 total stroke difference for 35 yards longer distance per hole.
 As a bad golfer,  I can attest to it.  I am on a fast playing side. In my home course where tee time interval is 10 mins, and marshals do a good job (well, majority of the times) in keeping the pace to < 4.5 hours, here's what I see. The worst offenders (course is short but challenging with lots of places to lose balls, OB areas) Company, or similar casual group tournaments - aarrrrrgh!  A lot of beginners or players who haven't played in a long time show up.  Tournaments...
Again, no argument there.  That's just common sense.   I am only objecting to the argument that distance is the most important thing to every amateur golfer regardless of what the circumstance is for the golfer.   Can you see my point without putting words in my mouth as if I said something contrary to "distance is important" for amateur golfers?
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