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My bet is Mayweather will outpoint him for a unanimous decision win.   This fight should have been done 5 years ago.  This lessens this fight quite a bit although both will make tons of money by waiting this long. 
 Copyright infringement is different than patent violation.  You don't have to financially benefit to get in trouble with copyright infringement.  Patent is an intellectual property.   You are using IP incorrectly in this thread.
 If materials were copied for use in the "stolen" sessions, there would be a legal case for copyright infringement.   
We all have taken classes, lessons, seminars, etc..  Nothing wrong with sharing what your learned.   It happens and we have all done it, explicitly or unknowingly.   However, if the intent is to recreate what you learned to others as close to the lesson itself so that others can save money is (I am searching for the right word ... a few minutes later) improper.   There are people making a living off of teaching to others.   It's their livelihood and taking their "teaching"...
Now, I am at 65-30-5.   I spend least amount of practice on putting, and it is still the best part of my game, relatively speaking.  
 When I was 30 HI 5 years ago, I didn't have such shot.   My costly miss happened with just about any club I had.  So, often, I went with the longest club to get the distance at least.   But your partner may have a shot that is more accurate than the rest of his arsenal.   It wouldn't hurt to ask what it is.  The hard thing would be to make him utilize that shot over others despite the urge to do otherwise. Force carry?  That's a tough one for 30 HI golfer to overcome even...
 Is it possible that your club is hitting ground first on fairway hit, and lifting it clean at tee box? 
 Welcome back, Lihu!   Where the hell have you been?   I've been posting on these forum for both of us and was just about to run out of things to post. 
http://thesandtrap.com/t/77399/i-am-calling-you-out-as-a-non-golfer-if thread has more than ran its course.   Everything there is to say about the topic has been covered IMO.   I am opening a sister thread to "non-golfer" thread to cover the other end of spectrum.  If there has been a similar thread, this can be merged or closed but a quick search didn't return one close enough.     I will start:   If you ended up in divorce b/c you neglected your family duties b/c...
He can't fix his ball striking/long game fast enough for the trip.  At that handicap, course management really doesn't play a key role in saving strokes.  He is likely to OB with hybrid tee shot just as much as he does with driver.   Even laying up with a  short iron can end up in hazard area.  Rather than messing with all those, I'd recommend looking at his short game - putting, and chipping.   He won't likely get any GIR and will have to scramble on most holes.   IMHO,...
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