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I have never been a CC member but can tell you that CC initiation fee & membership cost have come down quite a bit here in Northern CA.  As mentioned by a few others, a family membership, especially a large one, can get their money's worth.    Monthly fees I've heard were in $500 - $1000 range.   But I understand that it is still tough to get your full initiation fee back when you have to sell it.    I prefer a membership without initiation fee, which rules out most CCs.
I don't care how long or short my shots are.   If they go straight (plus or minus a club length difference), I will be crying with joy.  
 Yeah, I've learned  quickly where to park my car on couple of courses.   Their parking lot is next to 18th green.    Just behind my home course's 18th green is a cafeteria with outdoor seating.   If you make a good approach shot, the lunch crowd will applaud.   No applause for a bad shot - they know their golf .
 Come to think of it, I, too, hit PW 160, more often than I intended . 
It's a guy thing (mine is longer than yours syndrome ).   I measured my driver distance recently for one round.   With good & bad ones combined, it averaged just over 210.   The "long" hitters I've seen hit about 250 on average.   I rarely see someone who averages > 270 yards.  
I don't think anyone mentioned the following.   The fairway appears to be very "fast."   I'd gain 20 yards off tee just on rolls.   And for a bogey golfer like me, I am used to scrambling my way to green (i.e, GIR+1, GIR+2).   With very few OB areas, I just need to avoid hazards, and play conservatively (forget GIR) to have my usual game ... until I reach green where I expect to do 42 total putts (8 over my average). 
 I fit into both category and I fully agree.   It looks like most of my big numbers will come from "around the green" after doing my usual GIR+1 (or +2).  I didn't notice this in previous years.   It seem like the only way to make this course play hard for today's players (long off tee, wedge into green) seems to be by tricking up the greens ("concrete" surface, difficult hole location).   
 I saw a few 4 putts (dang!) and numerous 3 putts.  Pros struggling around green was worth watching The Masters on TV.  Otherwise, without Tiger, and not much drama on Sunday, The Masters felt flat.  
 Happens more often than not.  Once, a guy drives into my fairway, picks up my ball, drives off to his fairway, AND gives the ball to his golf partner.   When I finally caught up with him (he could not hear my yelling at him from my tee box), his explanation was that his partner hit an errant ball to my fairway and he was doing her a favor by retrieving it.  It turned out to be true.   Other times, they were just picking up what they thought was a lost ball.    
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