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Our course attendants when they are not busy doing other things wash our clubs at the end of the round.  Once in a while, I will washed them myself to get dirt out of grooves.  Less often, I will regroove my wedges.  I practice and play so much, keeping any club like new is a futile exercise.  I love playing golf but not the equipment.    As for covers, I got rid of my putter cover b/c I am too lazy to cover/uncover up to 18 times per round.  Someone gave me iron cover...
 Ouch.   If I had a dime for every time I think I finally got it ....  I will try the drill among 1/2 dozen ones I am trying now to rid of my flipping.   My hands are almost even with the ball at impact now.  
I suspect that also.   My weight move is weak and that is one of the swing changes I am working on.   During the improvement spurt, number and severity of topped shots have gone down too.  Instead, I got a lot of low trajectory screamers.   The results weren't bad as they rolled forever on fairway.  
3/4/15 Finally, a victory.   After two months of struggling with new clubs, new workout routine, and swing change through lessons, I am finally declaring victory.  New fitted clubs & golf specific workout increased my ball striking distance by 5 - 25 yards, wedges to driver, respectively.   But the scores didn't improve for the 1st two months.   In fact, my HI went from 21 to 23 during the span with an average score of 102.  Then, things came together in the last 5...
Won one, and lost the next round (quarter final) to a single handicap player (5 ish).   Both scores were 2 & 1, and nail biters.   When match was tight, they kept "complaining" about all the strokes they are giving up to me.   LOL.
I hope Joe wins!     I played two match plays against much better player last year.  Guess what?   They were nervous about playing against me b/c they can't get it out of their head that they are giving me so many strokes (100% handicap event).    Bet something and make them think about their would be losses .   Good luck!
 What's the odd of that happening?   Probably, astronomical. But this is the only sport that a 297th ranked player can win it all.  I don't know of any other sports which that can happen, and certainly, never two in a row. Was rooting very hard for Harrington.  One for the underdog and over 40 golfer.  
Yeah, it's good to have a high ceiling.   I am using gopro hero4 to record my swing.   This has reduced number of range sessions I have per week and saving me money in the process.
I use a bucket of plastic balls that I hit from one end of family room to the the other end of a living room.  Plastic balls don't damage furniture, or walls.  But I had to be careful with my swing. 
I also found the ads to be funny.   It made me laugh out loud.  Hope to see more (I think there were only 2 or 3).
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