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My 2006-2007 USGA rule book which is sitting right in front of me states absolutley nothing about modifying the rules for local clubs to authorize measuring devices. Mentions modifying the rules to accomdate local playing conditions but that has nothing to do with any sort of yardage measurements. Maybe you both are all for modifying the official USGA rules when it suits you? Why have a rule prohibiting the devices if local club rules can superscede them? Hell, why have...
As far as a supposed "local" rule goes, what difference does it make if a club breaks the USGA rules as opposed to a player or group of players? It's ok for a club to allow "cheaters"?
per the USGA rules book they are illegal. 14-3 The player must not use any artificial device or unusual equipment: a. That might assist him in making a stroke or in his play; or b. for the purpose of gauging or measuring distances or conditions which might affect his play.
measuring devices are illegal per the rules, are all the courses utilizing GPS carts in the wrong? How about people with Skycaddies? Following ALL the rules is fine if you have the game, unfortunately a lot of us aren't all that good. Sure we get a few decent shots here & there & hopefully & eventually may develop a decent game. Until that time what's so horrible about something such as leaving the flag in? I play a lot of rds by myself & don't pull the pin, just don't...
A $20 Wilson putter from Walmart will work just as well.
I currently don't have a standard 3i, only my hybrid which I absolutlely hate. Can't hit that club nor the 4 hybrid yet I love my standard 4i & utilize it all the time. If I can find a decent cavity backed 3i I will snag it asap, haven't looked yet.
Wow impressive Ever hear Brad Paisleys song "Online"? Reminds me quite a bit of these average drive yardage topics.
Wouldn't a "scratch" golfer who supposedly averages 83 actually be somewhere around an 8-11 handicap depending on slope? I thought your handicap was your average score which means a scratch player obviously will shoot some rds in the 60's while others will be mid 70's? The chart makes no sense.
Anything has to be better than Greenshire though
Ever play Shepherds crook in Zion?
New Posts  All Forums: