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I love my wide Callaway Del Mars
Adam Scott -10 Ernie Els - 10 Kevin Stadler -10
I've always been of the mindset if you have an option to putt, you should
Because there are numerous other coefficients that affect distance, not the least of which is launch angle, wind resistance, humidity, etc.
don't like it at all...but sounds like just another in a long line of Bettman miscues to drive away the traditional hockey fans.  This is very minor comparatively...so why not? 
a cold six pack in the cart will help too
Giving serious consideration to ditching my 60 when I get my next set of irons, and just going with 54 and 58.
No problem putting out those 10", unless when you look up into the fairway, you see the next group waiting...then its not ok. You're not on tour, and if you want the practice from 10" out, there's more than likely a practice green readily available
I'd let her use my putter
Beautiful looking course, need to get myself out to Utah
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