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Perky is nice
Played 9   First hole was bad plus a bunch. First two shots okay, then put the third in the water, then the meltdown = An honest 10   After that a couple of knocks around the greens but okay.   Only lost the one ball, finished with a 56. More good than bad, so I'll take it
How far away from the target when using your driver?
Yesterday on a short par 3, elevated tee box, waiting for the group in front of me to clear.... I found what I believe to be the secret birthing grounds of golf balls 20-30 yards in front of the tee box.   In under 2 minutes found (about) 40 golf balls. Titelist, Callaway, Bridgstone, Nike, Slasenger, etc, etc.   I will no longer be buying any golf balls for quite a while now
I went out Saturday and did well for me = 103   Went last night, what a train wreck.... stop keeping score after the fourth hole   I'm going after work tonight, want a rematch
  Agreed, like you said its a situational thing, I'm not putting through 5' of fringe, so thats a "chip when you have to" deal.   My chipping is at the Jekel/Hyde stage, sometimes terrific, other times its an exercise in frustration.   A bunch of the fringes here are cut at 3/32", so for a guy like me I can minimize my liability by pushing the "easy button".
Yep. I found this to be great, got it from the local pro   Paraphrasing:   "Putt when you can, chip when you have to, pitch when you must. Any time you put the ball in the air the penalty for failure dramatically increases"   Disclaimer; I'm new, but this^ advise has helped me
51 year old rookie here.   This year my wife asked "what do you like for fathers day?" I responded "Golf Balls"   (didn't have clubs yet)   Having fun, learning, hoping to break a 100 this season.   Looking forward to the nonsense here.
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