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Thats what I learned today^ Also I need to apologize to you guys for my math skills. I entered my score into excel and got a pleasant surprise = 98. As mentioned earlier, my chipping and putting really saved me today, 33 total putts
Today I went to Bethpage (the blue Course) things went well... It was back to the real world for me. First tee shot awful, I apologized to my playing partners, ended up shooting a 7 on the first hole. Things got going in a positive direction, nothing great, but nothing bad, till 7,8 & 9 where the wheels came off the bus for a 55 for the first nine. 10-18 nice = Nothing great (okay my Putting saved me) 3 pars, 2 bogies, 3 double bogies, 1 triple bogie (10th) my a solid...
Yesterday was bad, regressed to 110, ugh   Today I backed off on my driver, kept the 3 wood in the bag.....    My short game has been okay (for me), I've been getting complements "for a guy thats only been playing a year you have a nice touch inside of a hundred"   Okay I was "bombing" the greens today (for me) with my irons, I'll say 6-8 shots from 60-100 yards that just were awesome   Added it all up and I slayed my dragon today = shot an 89. Not  typo, I shot an...
104....  4 penalty strokes on the front 9 =UHG! Montauk Downs is a wonderful place
Will do! Have an 8am tee time at Montauk Downs tomorrow
I started playing golf last year at the age of 51 and play the game of golf for the enjoyment of the game, I don't keep score. It's about being outside and enjoying the experience. Went golfing yesterday, on a whim I kept score.  Played okay for me, when all was said and done added up the numbers = 104 for a par 72.    Now I'm on a mission! The score was with two 9's, one 8 and included 3 penalty strokes.   I'm on vacation next week, time to have at it
Perky is nice
Played 9   First hole was bad plus a bunch. First two shots okay, then put the third in the water, then the meltdown = An honest 10   After that a couple of knocks around the greens but okay.   Only lost the one ball, finished with a 56. More good than bad, so I'll take it
How far away from the target when using your driver?
Yesterday on a short par 3, elevated tee box, waiting for the group in front of me to clear.... I found what I believe to be the secret birthing grounds of golf balls 20-30 yards in front of the tee box.   In under 2 minutes found (about) 40 golf balls. Titelist, Callaway, Bridgstone, Nike, Slasenger, etc, etc.   I will no longer be buying any golf balls for quite a while now
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