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driving is the thorn in my side always, i've only been playing 18 months so hopefully it will get better over time
I am not too sure how much I understand the ball flight laws to be honest :(I do have a swing thread although my videos are not the greatest. I am still working on key 1.http://thesandtrap.com/t/74213/my-swing-royster1984#post_1026423
Hello all,   I am having a little bit of trouble with my ball flight. I was hitting a draw / hook and over the last 2 weeks It's changed into fade/slice. So i am trying to work out why and fix the flight change.   My grip is naturally quite strong but even with a strong grip I am still often hitting a slice with my woods/long irons. I do swing a little bit from out to in, which i am trying to correct but this was the same when i was hitting draw/hook before.   With...
ah right thats awesome thought i was going to have to convert to it somehow but can stick with my own style
I am having some issues with putting alignment using the marked line on ball technique.    When ever i try to use this alignment technique I tend to take to long to get it lined up and then not trust my alignment.   Watching the pro's it seems 99.99999% of them use a line to aid alignment, so I was wondering if anyone had any secrets to making it faster and more successful??   Thanks Anthony
just had a really crazy round 1 eagle, 2 birdies and i played that bad on other holes i was still over par for my handicap +2 :(
congrats excellent achievement
 I've always struggled with my left wrist braking down I do try and focus on keeping it flat but does not alway work.
I took some footage of my swing while on the practice ground today at my local club. Sadly some of the footage is not very good as I did not have the camera far enough back to see ball on some swings but I have uploaded the best of what I can salvage from it. Schoolboy camera error :D   I am still working on key 1 but after any little pointers people can throw at me, Thanks Anthony.     Driver Side View   Driver Back View (Sorry For Poor Video, Cut Ball Out By...
played at my friends home course yesterday and could not hit a ball at all, finished on 98 (+9) for my handicap :(
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