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congrats excellent achievement
 I've always struggled with my left wrist braking down I do try and focus on keeping it flat but does not alway work.
I took some footage of my swing while on the practice ground today at my local club. Sadly some of the footage is not very good as I did not have the camera far enough back to see ball on some swings but I have uploaded the best of what I can salvage from it. Schoolboy camera error :D   I am still working on key 1 but after any little pointers people can throw at me, Thanks Anthony.     Driver Side View   Driver Back View (Sorry For Poor Video, Cut Ball Out By...
played at my friends home course yesterday and could not hit a ball at all, finished on 98 (+9) for my handicap :(
Played my first round in 3 weeks due to being away with work. Was expecting to be rusty and get 0.1 back, played my best round in comps to date. Finished with a net 62 (-7) play got suspended for 1 hour with 4 holes to play but went back out and came in without dropping any shot on my net. Should lose a minimum of 2.4 :D
  Played a new course (Branshaw Golf Club) today in a stewards day event, Found this course hard as there was around 14 blind tee shots which was very strange and hard to judge and often ended up playing my second shot from some thick heather. Was nice course and I played very mediocre, getting off the tee as always is my biggest trouble.
  Played 2nd Major of the season at my home club was going well (-4) then I just had a nightmare over 3 holes and lost my head.   9th - Took wedge from greenside down back and thinned it turning a 5 into a 7, should of just used my putter. 10th - Power hooked 2 balls from middle of fairway after a good tee shot and made a 9. 11th - Missed green on wrong side then left ball top side of green with down hill chip resulting in a 6.
Just out of curiosity are you using the British congu handicap system??    I am in a similar position to yourself with having inconsistency in my rounds, My good rounds can be 6-8 shots below my handicap and vice verse with my bad rounds. Often my playing partners will only moan about my good rounds, like yesterday I had the game of my life and got a new personal best of 81 (+11).    Personally i think the problems lies with the congu handicap system, as your handicap...
Just played my best round ever finished with 81 (+11) which is 9 shots under my handicap, driving, chipping and putting was great just need to do it in a comp now and get my handicap down  
3w then 5/6i lay up for me, as I dont have the ability to shape the ball at will as I am a novice :D
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