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 Good choice on the irons, got mine September last year love them.
Best i have ever had was 10 and I normally average around 3-4 per round
Just played my first qualifer comp of the year, went fairly well came in with 88 (-2 for handicap) so going to lose 0.8 of my handicap. Played very consistant throughout the full round, did not get a great deal of pars but had a large amount of bogeys. Looking forward to the next comp already.   Round Stats - Score: 88 (+19) - FiR: 6/14 - GiR: 3/18 - Pens: 1 (Drop From Bush) - Putts: 33 - Par 3 Avg: 3.75 (4,4,3,4) - Par 4 Avg: 5.15 (5,5,7,4,6,5,4,6,5,6,5,4,5) -...
On your bog standard run of the mill course the top tour players would rip it apart if they played half decent. I would guess if they had a couple of practice rounds they would be breaking course records with ease.   I know they would on my home course, the course record is 65 (-4). The course is considered one of the harder courses in the area. What I would consider a tight tee shot these pro's could hit it blindfolded in a practice round without millions of people...
 ''Wanna sack this off Ricky, Dufner is in a mood cos I wont go two's up with him on that midget prostitutes again??"
Played my home course yesterday after having a few average rounds on it in the last few days. Yesterdays round went exceptionally well was having a great day with my approach shots and short game.   Round Stats - Score: 83 (+13) - FiR: 5/14 - GiR: 10/18 - Pens: 2 Both OOB - Putts: 32 - Par 3 Avg: 3.00 (3,3,3,3) - Par 4 Avg: 4.75 (4,4,5,4,4,6,3,4,6,5,8,4) - Par 5 Avg: 7.00 (7,7)   Playing again today last practice round before first qualifier comp of the year,...
 Great work, if you can keep your tee shots up at this level you will be giving yourself great chances on GiR
Had a great round yesterday, finished 83 (Par 70) (was +3 after 9) hit 10 GiR, 6 FiR and 32 Putts. Could of had my first sub 80 score but had 2 balls out of bounds. Went for a lesson after the round and golf coach was happy with how my swing has came on since he last seen me, said I mainly need to work on keeping my left wrist flat through impact as I am breaking it quite often. Hopefully can have a round like this on Saturday is first qualifier comp of the seaon.
 I tried playing with a slightly higher tee last round, driving was alot better so hopefully this will stick.
I actually ment the padding. The floor boards underneath will have slope in them as there are not flat. I will get a photo see, if you can give me any advice on them.
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