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Wow !!   Thanks for your reply, its  the best  I could have wished for !!  I really appreciate it..... I could sort of tell these had good history by the look and feel.   They do feel really good, but you're right about the lies,  and the grips are thinner than those I'm used to.  I guess I got a bargain for £29.99 ( about 48 bucks)..... Just need to get the set up right.   Thanks again for giving me the background and advice on a great  set of irons.
  Just purchased a ( rather inexpensive) set of 3 - SW   Orlimar forged blades and wondered if anyone had any experience of them.   I'm looking to use them as an intro to using blades and I'm wondering if they will give me a true feel of playing bladed clubs. Any advice /info greatly appreciated .
Hi, how do you find the Orlimars play?   I've seen them going pretty cheap on auction sites, wondered if they are a good intro to using blades....
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